50 Best Photoshop Tutorial You Must Check Out


Learning to handle Photoshop thanks to the tutorials offered both in videos and in blogs, have a great advantage over the manuals: they allow you to enjoy private classes in which experts from the program show how to apply their techniques while explaining them to you. We have selected the 50 best Photoshop tutorials you … Read more

How to Make Background Transparent in Illustrator

By default, Illustrator’s background is shown as white, which doesn’t allow you to see whether some of your objects themselves have white background or transparent. And unlike in Photoshop, there is no background layer that you can turn off or delete to see transparency. You would have to check by placing something with a color … Read more

How to Outline Text in Illustrator

Outlining text can actually mean two different things: creating (or converting to) outlines before sending off for print or making your text look outlined. Creating Outlines A common requirement before submitting your files for printing is converting your text to outlines. This is actually easily achieved in one step. Select your text and go to … Read more