Top 30+ Free Ping Submission Sites (All Working)

Top 30+ Free Ping Submission Sites in 2021

Introduction to Ping Submission: Ping Submission is the method of sending automated notifications in the form of textual messages to engines spiders.  They’re kept updated on the progress of crawling. Ping Submission helps the website owner know the number of people who visit their site through the generated backlinks. Benefits of Pinging (Submitting Ping): It helps … Read more

8 Best Ways to Detect WordPress Plugins?

8 Best Ways to Detect WordPress Plugins

Introduction WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the internet. Since WordPress powers over 445 million websites today, there is no way you won’t come across one. WordPress uses plugins to provide you with functionalities and features on your website. You may often come across websites with intriguing features and designs and … Read more

Top 10 Best SimilarWeb Alternatives Compared

SimilarWeb is one of the most popular business intelligence tools that helps business owners and digital marketers to get various insights of the business including website traffic, customer engagement. Using these insights, brand owners can create a digital marketing strategy to take their business to the next level. Even some of the bigwigs in the … Read more

10 Best SERP Tracking Tools for SEO Enthusiasts

10 Best SERP Tracking Tools

SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) is the page displayed after you enter a search query in Google. The first page of search engine results displays paid search results, organic search results along with Pay-per-click (PPC) ads too. Generally, the listings on the page will be based on keyword rankings. Digital marketers consider the search engine … Read more

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugin for Syntax Highlighting

Now this article, we will show you 10 Top Syntax Highlighter Plugins for WordPress Website. Separately from pasting snippets on the front-end, there are some good causes for addition highlights syntax inside WordPress Website. Though, for one, particular WordPress text editors. Which may be cumbrous when trying to catch explicit codes – especially on extended … Read more

15 Awesome Photo-Gallery Plugins for WordPress

Modula Modula is an particularly user-friendly WordPress gallery plugin from Macho Themes that helps you speedily make interesting photo and video galleries. With Modula’s range of flexible customization options, you can simply twist your gallery to your liking. If you choose to give Modula a try, you’ll quickly notification that the plugin was developing to … Read more