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What is RSS? How to make use of it?

If you check many blog & news site everyday and find nothing then you waste your time. And RSS is made to prevent you from wasting that time.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication“. It is an ugly code that look a lot like an HTML. RSS is not user friendly because it is not designed for human, it is designed for programs.
You can do a lot of things with RSS, like you can subscribe to your favourite news sites and can also organize them in a single folder as News.

Reasons using RSS :-

  • Privacy
  • Slow typing
  • Slow internet
  • Enjoy podcast & blog’s

To get started with RSS you need something like RSS reader because as we already know RSS is not user friendly due to this reason it needs programs to run.
Feed readers are program which display RSS feeds from websites that you subscribed.

If you go out you will find many RSS reader, some of the popular are :-

Popular RSS reader

Do RSS feeds have any SEO benefits?

  1. RSS feed has no impact on your site’s “Search Engine Result Page” ranking.
  2. It helps search engine like Google, Bing to index the content of your site.
  3. RSS feeds may result in repeat visitors to your site if the content of your site is good enough.
  4. It good to use RSS feeds if your website needs to update its content on regular basis.
  5. RSS feed help search engines pick up all the new URLs from your site and crawl them.

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Benefit of RSS feed to publishers/ blogger :-

    • Easy reach to readers: Using RSS feed a website owner can reach to its readers very easily. You don’t have to waste your time for creating database for your email subscribers & it saves your time too. There is high chance that the visitor will come back if they find your post intresting.
    • Returning visitors: RSS help’s a blog to get the visitors again and again because RSS reader help the reader by providing all the content in one place in a readable format.
    • Save time: RSS feed help you save your a lot of time. If you use RSS feed then you don’t have to waste your time for writing emails to your email subscribers, if you publish new content, RSS reader will managed it ownself. You can utilize that time doing other things.

Benefit of RSS feed to subscriber/ reader :-

    • No more spam: Now a days we have seen many cases of selling email for email marketing. Due to this reason many people get a lot of spam emails daily. If you use RSS reader to get updated with new content from your favourite blog then you don’t have to give your email to them. And in this way you can protect your privacy also.
    • Single room for all new content: In RSS reader you can get all new content in one place. You can categories those blogs also, like Tech websites as different categories and News sites as different categories.
    • Read full blog post: The RSS reader display the headlines of the post and its description. If you goes on checking emails for new content then it will consume your a lot of time, but in RSS reader it provides you headlines which helps to seek your interest.
    • Simple to use: RSS readers are very simple to use you just need to add feed url of a site in your RSS reader & that’s all. When ever that site publish new content, your RSS reader will notify you about that. There is no annoying ads if you use RSS reader to get updated.

How to subscribe RSS feeds:

RSS feed subscribe

  • First of all go to the website you want to subscribe, then click on the RSS feed button.

Go to the website you want to subscribe - Webtopic

  • Now choose your RSS feed reader from that page. (I clicked on Feedly)

Choose your RSS feed reader

  • The login into your feed reader. And a page click this will open. Click on the follow and add it to your feed.

Click on follow - Webtopic

How to Subscribe a blog if it has no RSS feed button ?

If you have any question then fell free to ask us in the comment sections below.

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