Recent trends show that most internet users do not completely type in website URLs. However, what the majority of us usually engage in is tying all of our queries both URLs and search entries unto a search engine box. So whatever results the search engine brings out first is what we consider most relevant and what we will most likely click.

Consequently, a website that ranks higher on search engine results will most definitely have a high conversion and engagement rate. This is the reason why you must optimize your website as a business owner in order to see a continual increase in traffic, sales, and relevance.

One of the fastest ways to build traffic towards your website is to make sure it shows up on the first page of Google search results. Business owners who own websites and internet marketers must also learn how to stay ahead of the curve as the algorithms that determine how a website will be ranked are frequently being updated. SEO software market is evolving alongwith the new search engine algorithms. In light of this fact, we have gathered the most simple and effective SEO tips to enable your website rank higher on Google search engine.

Here are the 10 most simple and effective tips

But before we outline these tips it is of utmost importance to recognize that the number one thing that matters when it comes to search engine results is the fact that as a search engine, the sole purpose of your existence is to give your users the best possible quality results irrespective of brand name, popularity, and affiliations.

All that matters is what the user needs (relevant data) at the moment of searching and the faster and smoother it can deliver the most valuable result to the user the better it is.

Now, to our 10 tips;

Create engaging, valuable and longer content

There is no excuse for this tip, whether you run a business based website, a blog or a forum you should be creating engaging and valuable content. The more valuable your content is the more engagement you will get and the more engagement you receive the higher your site will rank on Google. In addition to this, if you run a content-based website, you should also try to focus on creating longer content. A site with more word count will rank higher on Google search results

Increase your website speed

How does speed affect Google rankings you ask, well if your site is slow you will most likely have very low user engagement, people are generally impatient and for good reason too, nobody will wait for a site that takes a decade to load properly. Users will leave your site, bounce rate will be high and your ranking will drop simply because Google is only seeking to offer the best quality sites to their search engine users.

Use the right words in the right tags

If you are an SEO expert you probably know what a head tag is and how to optimize text for search engines, will this tip will do just that. Focus on putting the keywords and spelling out the main benefit in the text contained in the main header tags, H1, H2, H3 and the first set of paragraphs.

Improve the mobile and user-friendliness of your website

Everything is going mobile and recent reports show that more than 60 percent of internet users access the web through their mobile phones. This and many other similar data suggest that people will most likely access your website through a mobile device and if the user experience on mobile is poor you will lose traffic and bounce rates will rise to reduce your website rankings on the Google search engine.

Make You URL Ubiquitous In a Good Way

This tip is not suggesting you spam your URL across the internet as doing so will entirely defeat the purpose and reduce your rankings, what you should however do is to build up your link on relevant websites (guest posting, commenting and site features) preferably websites that publish a similar content to your website. Doing this will boost traffic and engagement metrics and increase your Google rankings.

Avoid Plagiarism

Avoid plagiarism at all costs, make sure before you publish any content make sure you carry out the required plagiarism checks using relevant plagiarism software. A High level of plagiarism will drastically reduce your Google rankings. Try as much as possible to be original.

Build the Right Kind of Traffic

A website that has a ridiculous amount of online traffic will have a very high ranking on the Google search engine irrespective of other factors. This is largely predicated on the fact that;

  • High engagement equal high SEO rankings
  • Low engagement equals high SEO rankings

Use relevant keywords

Use the right keywords, every search term a user enters is a keyword, be on the lookout for which terms are boldened when your website appears on a search engine. Also, be on the lookout for keywords that similar web pages utilize to improve their search engine results.

Make your site secure

You have got to be using HTTPS not HTTP. Google generally prefers HTTPS as it is more secure and allows for the seamless transition of data over web servers.

Oh, was that nine here is our final and last one

Stay ahead of the curve

Search engine optimization is not a onetime gig. This is because the algorithms that ensure the right results are being displayed are constantly being updated. As an SEO expert, it becomes imperative to learn how to ride trends and make use of every relevant update with algorithm change for the best results when it comes to search engine rankings.

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