5 Unusual Blog Niches to Consider Before Creating Your Blog

So, heard that you have a blog, and it’s giving you trouble?

No, not trouble, but you mean to say that you couldn’t find anything to write for your upcoming blog posts?

Well, it’s not new, and certainly, this is not something that you need to be scared of – and yes, this is something that happened because of you, because you didn’t plan on what content should you churn out next.

But don’t worry – buckle up, and get your gear ready because we are going to pull out a big list for you – a list that contains some of the great and unusual niches for your blog!!

Now, you can’t say that we didn’t help you!!


How did you get started in your career? And what obstacles did you have to pass through to get where you are?

Questions like these certainly make for a great blog topic – after all, wouldn’t your followers want to know about your journey? Consider sharing everything with them.

You never know, but you might just nudge someone to achieve their dreams or goals.

Listing videos from your niche

No matter what your niche, you can create a blog post by creating a list of videos – think videos that are helpful and will turn out to be useful for your audience.

Creating a list by compiling blog posts from your niche

This idea is also the same as above, and the only difference is blog posts instead of videos – when compiling blog posts, you can add a short description of what the blog post is all about, and then, share the link.

Did the marketing tips work for you?

Your audience will always like to know what worked and what didn’t work out for you. They are your audience, so, you can consider sharing your what-to-do’s and what-not’s so that they don’t end up doing the same mistakes.


What do you want to learn that you would love to do?

Share with your followers as to what is your learning goal – what is it that you want to learn? It may be a new course, or even a new language – go ahead and try your hand at what it is, and then, share your experiences with your audience.

Hosting up a contest on your blog

Hosting a contest on your blog is a great way to boost engagement amongst your followers – and add to that, a reward, like a free giveaway, and you have a winner (topics!) on your hands.

How do you deal with your distractions?

We all have distractions, and while they certainly aren’t fun, they can be dealt with – and that’s what you can consider sharing with your followers. You can list out tips and advice on how to best keep the distractions at bay.

Compiling/Creating a list of hacks

Did you come upon a few hacks to a certain job or task that you were having trouble with? Or maybe, you know a few tips on how to solve a problem?

Now, wouldn’t you like your followers to know the same thing and make their lives easier? That’s a great topic right here for your blog!!


Do you have a mission statement? If yes, then, what is it?

Want to keep your blog focused and move to your goals? You must have a mission statement in order.

You can consider writing about your mission statement, and sharing it with your followers.

What is the worst thing that you have done?

Yes, and why did you do it? But why? Consider sharing the reasons and what you did to overcome it?

There’s no one who knows that I…

Well, you can complete the sentence, and share it with your followers.

How do you try to stay productive?

Now, productivity is one aspect of our life that we always aspire to improve.

For your followers, you can share the lifestyle that has helped you to stay productive. Plus, you can consider listing out the things that have stopped you from being productive at a point in your life, and what can you do to avoid experiencing them.


How to bring traffic to your blog?

Now, this is one question that we are sure that your followers must be dying to know.

Sharing your top blog posts

You can consider creating a list for your followers by sharing the links of all of your top posts – trust us, your audience will be thrilled about it!

Creating a comprehensive tutorial

Did you notice your followers having trouble with something? You can make them feel special by creating a blog post on how to best deal with that problem that your audience is facing.

Also, remember that the actions must be doable.

Creating a list of online tools

If you are a blogger, then, you must have an arsenal of blogging tools at your disposal. You can consider sharing those tools with your followers.


Went to a conference recently?

You must have, so, why not share the video of your speech at your blog? Your followers are surely going to appreciate it.

A blog post idea like this – it is one of the best ways to repurpose content.

Interviewing an influencer

Want to get more followers for your blog?

If yes, then, interviewing influencers for your blog is one of the best ways – you can even share the video on your blog. Plus, you can also guest write for other blogs to boost your followers.

Answering the questions of your followers

You run a blog, so, of course, you will be asked questions by your followers – you know, that’s a topic right there.

You can consider turning the questions of your followers into numerous blog post ideas. You will also get ideas on one hand, and your followers will also get the answers they wanted.

What books will you recommend to your followers?

There are many books that you have read – think of them, which one’s are the best, and which ones need to be avoided.

This is a blog post idea right here – you can create a blog post and list out all the books that you want to recommend to them, plus also the ones that are not worth it.

Whew – that’s a whole lot of many blog ideas that we have given you.

Now, it’s your turn – go forth ahead, and use these unique blog post ideas; we assure you that no one can stop you now from writing great content.

It’s time to slay the blinking cursor!!

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