35 Best Apps For Unlimited Inspiration and Motivation


Between work, study, and daily obligations, it can be difficult to dedicate time to yourself. At other times, these same obligations can overwhelm us, preventing us from making positive changes. Many suggest that these should be achieved gradually to incorporate them into daily life. What better way than through mobile smart apps? These are the … Read more

120+ Best Productivity Tools Mega List (Updated)

120 best productivity tools

What is the secret formula for productivity at work? Is there a program that can help you increase production capacity? To achieve this, controlling time, optimizing tasks, and automating them can be of great help. How? It is very simple, find a tool that improves productivity and facilitates planning, teamwork, creating mind maps, automating tasks, … Read more

Top 12 FREE Animation Software to Download in 2022

Top 12 FREE Animation Software to Download in 2021.jpg

Computer animation has come a long way since Sketchpad, designed by an MIT graduate, Ivan Sutherland in 1963. Fast forward today, and we have plenty of animation software available for free and commercial. In this article, we’ll explore the various free animation software available to download in 2021 across major platforms including Windows, MacOS, and … Read more

25 Best Futuristic Fonts You Should Know


Selecting a font for your design project can be exciting – after all, they inspire our imagination, and face it, choosing the right one can add amazing appeal to your project. Depending on the type of your project you may want to add a futuristic look by using some of the futuristic fonts available. So, … Read more

Top 30 Free Paper Textures for You


Classy and subtle – that’s what the paper textures are all about. Ranging from light colors to dark ones, patterns to ruling ones, the paper textures are some of the most commonly used textures by designers of all niches. Not only can they brighten up any design projects, but they can also add a great … Read more

15 Best Graphic Design Magazines You Should Subscribe


When was the last time you had gone gaga over a good ole’ graphic design magazine? After all, there’s nothing like getting inspired by those magazines!! Today, we are stopping by to look at some of the best magazines in graphic design – trust us, they will work wonders to get you motivated. So, without … Read more

25 Best Free Inline Fonts Every Designer Should Know


Today, with the way, the design industry is heading, the ‘fonts’ have become the hottest trend – and with thousands and thousands of fonts to choose from, the designers are spoilt for choice. Every day, fonts are being designed, and one such font is ‘inline fonts’ – they have been ruling the scene recently; these … Read more

Top 12 Free Flutter Resources for Rapid App Development


Want to craft high-quality native interfaces for iOS and Android apps? Then, you are right – you have to use “Flutter” – it’s the mobile app ‘Software Development Kits’ of Google and one of the best parts about Flutter is that it works with existing code, and is thus, used by organizations and developers around … Read more

30 Free Carbon Fiber Textures Patterns for Designers


Looking for a texture that can go with all designs? Enter – Carbon fiber textures. Carbon fiber textures never seem to go old, and add to any of your designs, it will give a rough and tough appearance while leaving a lasting impression – and perhaps, the best part is that you can use carbon … Read more