20 Best Quirky Art and Graphics Brands and Bloggers Should Use

There’s something about the mystical powers of crystals and gems that beckons us – their beauty and mystery fascinate us, and you know what?

Now, you can add that same touch to your design projects, be you a brand or a designer.

How, you ask?

That’s because today, we have got you a list that features graphic assets that consist of crystals, gems, and stones! So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to it, shall we?

1. Pink agate – Quirky Art and Graphics

Quirky Art and Graphics

This is a collection of textures and illustrations that is inspired by the beautiful swirling patterns in agates and geodes.

This set consists of 10 seamless patterns, various illustrations and non-seamless textures that come in lush pink-gold tones, and is a perfect choice to be used in branding and stationery.

2. Zodiac birthstones & chakras

This set features more than 30 vector images of stones such as amber, emerald, obsidian, and other zodiac birthstones and healing crystals.

It also comes with a beautiful set of moon phases and chakra illustrations that can be used for design projects focusing on package design, blogging, and even branding.

3. Set of geometric crystals

This set features 8 vector illustrations of geometric gemstones and comes in both JPG and EPS formats.

Created by Yulia, the vector illustrations are in pastel color combinations of pink and gold, and with a slight dash of turquoise, and are a match made in heaven for branding and packaging.

4. Spiritual scene creator

Graphic asset, it may be, but this scene creator was made in mind for those brands and bloggers who are looking to create something unique.

This scene creator consists of crystal healers, tarot cards, gemstones, and many more, with which you can create products such as banners, backgrounds, and such.

The collection includes more than 140 isolated crystals (with and without shadows), tarot cards, runes, and other such objects which come in both PNG and PSD files.

5. Crystalline watercolor collection

This set features gemstones and crystals, but what makes them unique is that they are created with watercolor.

Available in both PNG and PSD formats, this set can be used for creating wall prints, greeting cards, and postcards.

6. Hand sketched gemstones and crystals

Created by Larysa, this set features crystals and gemstones that are created entirely by hand and consists of vector illustrations and isolated elements in AI and EPS formats.

This set is perfect to use in design projects that feature jewelry branding, logos, and even greeting cards.

7. Mineralogy gems and crystals

Created by Enliven Designs, this set features various gems and mineral clip art with and without backgrounds, making them easy to be used on Photoshop.

This set is perfect for creating wall prints, greeting cards, and even wedding invitations.

8. Jewels collection

This set consists of beautiful and high-quality images of crystals and gemstones and comes in both EPS and JPG formats.

Perfect to use in branding materials, greeting cards, and wedding invitations, this collection is created by Onyx.

9. Vector outline gems collection

This set gives off a minimal vibe, and as such, it features various images of crystals and gemstones that come in an outlined form.

Made entirely in black and white, this set is available in AI, JPG, PNG, and EPS formats.

10. Prism crystal overlays

This collection can add dazzle and add shine to any design projects.

Photographed using a prism and natural light, the overlays in this set can be edited on Photoshop and includes more than 10 PNG files that can be used in branding projects.

11. Malachite & gold mineral textures

Inspired by the deep and rich greens and golds of gemstones and malachite, this set comes with both seamless and non-seamless textures.

Available in JPG formats, this set when used in wedding invitations and branding projects can add color and vibrancy.

12. Moon goddess magic design kit

Want to add mystery and romance to your design projects?

Opt for this collection – featuring a set of moon and nature-inspired illustrations, this set consists of textures, backgrounds, isolated elements, and seamless patterns in formats such as PNG and SVG for compatibility.

13. Magic woman feminine pack

This set celebrates all that is feminine – featuring more than 80 line illustrations in white, black and gold, this set is perfect for design projects focusing on branding, textiles, wedding invitations and greeting cards.

All the illustrations come in AI and EPS formats along with a PDF file, for reference.

14. Magical and abstract collection

Featuring 150+ illustrations, quotes, clip arts, and isolated elements, this set can add a touch of magic and mystery to any design projects.

What’s more – this set also features seamless patterns and textures and comes in JPG, PNG, and AI formats.

15. Magic hands and crystals set

This set features seamless patterns, illustrations, and textures, whose unique elements are hands with gemstones, magical symbols, and such!

Created in blue and pink tones, this set is perfect to use in design projects that focus on branding and stationery, wedding invitations, greeting cards, and textiles.

The best part is that all the elements are available in PNG, JPG, and AI formats.

16. Modern geode gem crystals

The set in unique in the feature that it consists of extremely high-quality macro photographs of gemstones and geodes, that are lit and well-edited as cutouts in PNG formats, and thus, making it easy to use in design projects focusing on branding, packaging design and simply as wall prints.

All the files are available in both 240 DPI and 72 DPI versions and can be edited in Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

17. Crystal vector shapes

This is a simple and minimal set. It features isolated black and white crystals and gemstones that can be used in branding, wall prints, and greeting cards.

All the elements are isolated and are available in PNG, EPS, and JPG formats.

18. Magic & mystery collection

Inspired by astrology and witchcraft, this set features various line art elements in black, white, and gold tones.

As for the elements, it features crystals, tarot cards, geodes, and gemstones, and can be used in branding, stickers, and textiles.

19. Crystal crush design kit

This is a design kit that features crystal shapes and comes with seamless patterns, background images, isolated elements, and clip art images.

Should it become too much, there’s also a PDF file that is included in the set. This set is perfect for design projects focusing on packaging, prints, and branding.

20. Crystals vector illustration set

This set features various geodes, gemstones, and crystals in vector form, and the best part is that all of the elements are crafted by hand, and as such, they retail the handcrafted look.

The elements are created with pencil strokes and come in black and white tones and are available in PNG, EPS, and AI formats.

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