15 Free Flyer Design Templates For Your Next Design Project

When choosing a flyer design, one thing is essential – the flyer design template has to be eye-catching and unique enough, that it can catch the people’s attention at the very first glance.

Also, a point to be noted is that the flyer template can’t go overboard with information – they just have to have the right kind of information, neither more nor less.


Nah, you shouldn’t be – for today, we have brought some of the best flyer templates that you can use for your design projects. Plus, it helps that not only they are free, but they are also beautiful and unique on their own.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at them (there are 15 in the list, so, you will find your favorite one, we can bet you on that!) –

1. School admission template – Flyer Design Template

Flyer Design Templates

Looking for a template to announce the new season of a school year? This template is your best choice – having a minimal vibe, this flyer template is right on the side of presenting the right information.

The flyer template is fully customizable and is 2000 x 2000 pixels.

2. Banner template with hand planting tree

A square flyer template – this is perfect for events that promote our environment, and as such, this template is fully customizable. You can add a logo and photo, and finally, a tag line, and social media handles.

3. Smooths factory flyer template

If you are a brand and looking to promote your products, look no further than this flyer template.

With a square form, this template is perfect for putting the focus on the product; and add to that, a chic statement, and the name of the website, you are done!!

4. Coffee poster template

Heard that you are on your way to promote your coffee cafe?

Why not go for this flyer template? This is an A4 sized template that is perfect to promote your cafe and get heard amongst the people.

Add an eye-catching image of your cafe, and other details of your choice – and just see the magic!!

5. Christmas flyer template

Well, Christmas is still yet to come, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare yourself, right?

This template is here for you, then – with a square form, this template is perfect to promote any event that’s going to be held on the big day.

Customize according to your wish, add your details, and you are good to go.

6. Template abstract classic blue flyer

This is a flyer template but is of abstract nature – which means that you can use it to promote any event.

It has a minimal and a futuristic vibe, and thus, you can use it for events such as music and parties, plus, it also helps that it is fully customizable – right from the color to the text to the design!

7. Flyer template for last-minute travel

On the lookout to promote a travel agency?

How about this flyer template?

With its A4 size, this template sure is eye-catching – you can add your main image, with a tag line, and of course, the social media handles to get others to follow the agency for hot news and updates.

8. MakeUp flyer template

Do you teach students, say, through online classes?

If yes, then, this template is a must for you.

With its A4 size, this template is perfect for promoting your online classes or say, if you want to add in a discount to your classes, then, you can simply add in the discount percentage. After all, this template is highly editable!

9. Poster template for mindfulness

We are all stressed out these days, and as such, we keep on seeing meditation programs here and there, but frankly, we don’t pay them much attention.

Opt for this template if you have to promote one such meditation program – with a beautiful and minimal design, this template is unique, and will catch the attention of the people at first glance for sure.

10. 3D depth and realism drinks flyer

This template is perfect if you plan to promote a new product, specially made for the summer, say, a drink.

The template features a full-sized image and as such, all you need is a high-quality image of your product, add in the necessary details, and the social media handles.

11. Flyer template for the live concert

Want to promote a live music concert?

Opt for this template – it is an A5 sized template that is fully customizable. You can add in the date, logo, and other such details.

Of course, you can also add a large image of the musician to attract fans.

12. Fashion sale flyer template

To attract people for shopping, you need to have an equally attractive flyer.

This flyer template is just what you need – with a square size, this template features an abstract pattern with the essentials placed strategically.

The template is fully customizable, and you can even change the color and location of the abstract pattern as well as that of the text!

13. Modern business flyer with photo mosaic

Have an online store? Yes? So, then, you must be looking to promote the store.

How about with this flyer template?

This flyer template comes in the form of a poster and features 5 mosaics in which you can add your photos. Do that, and add in your tag line and the social media handles, and see, how your online store gets the attention it deserves!

14. Fast food square flyer template

It’s the generation of the millennials – and as such, most of them have started brands.

Say, if you are a millennial too, and have started the restaurant business, we have just the thing for you.

Go for this flyer template – since, the restaurant will be new, it has to be promoted, and taking the help of this flyer template will do the trick.

This flyer template features a square form and is made eye-catching by the full-sized image that makes up the template. Add in your logo, tagline, and social media handles, and you are good to go.

15. Bread flyer template

This square sized template is perfect for those, who are looking to promote their bakery.

All you need to do is to add in a high-quality image of your bakery, the logo, and the social media handles, and you are good to go.

Of course, you also get to add the tagline for your bakery!!

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