15 Best Graphic Design Magazines You Should Subscribe

When was the last time you had gone gaga over a good ole’ graphic design magazine? After all, there’s nothing like getting inspired by those magazines!!

Today, we are stopping by to look at some of the best magazines in graphic design – trust us, they will work wonders to get you motivated.

So, without any further ado, let go straight to it!!

1. Communication Arts – Graphic Design Magazine

Graphic Design Magazine

A renowned magazine from the United States, this is a bi-monthly magazine. One of the most redeeming features of this magazine is that the magazine cover of every issue features themes such as illustration, typography, graphic design, and such.

This magazine is such that even if it’s an old issue, it will never fail to inspire you!!

2. Disegno Daily

Graphic Design Magazine

A quarterly magazine from the United Kingdom, this magazine is famous because of its unique perspective on themes such as fashion, illustration, graphic design, typography, to name a few.

Apart from showcasing portfolios, this magazine also focuses on interviews, photo essays, and reportage. As if that’s not enough, this magazine also runs various events such as lectures, panel discussions, lectures, and podcasts.

3. Eye

Graphic Design Magazine

Also from the United Kingdom, this is a graphic design journal that is published 4 times a year.

Many designers globally collect this magazine because of their insightful information in their respective fields such as graphic design, typography, illustration, and such.

4. Juxtapoz

One of the most read magazines, this is a quarterly printed magazine from San Francisco, California. This magazine focuses on pretty much any creative field that you can think of – music, street arts, painting, and of course, graphic design.

This magazine also comes with a non-subscription issue, that costs at about $9.99.

5. Wallpaper

Right from fashion to travel to graphic design to interior design to architecture, this magazine has been making the rounds in the United States for quite a while.

This magazine is published every month of the year and has been dubbed as the best magazine that features upcoming and veteran designers and architects globally.

6. Novum

This magazine first came out in the year 1950, and it has been going on since then – a monthly magazine from Germany, this magazine focuses on topics such as branding corporate design, and other such perspectives on graphic design.

One of the best parts about this magazine is that it is bilingual, and is available in both print and digital versions.

7. Graphic

A South Korean magazine, this magazine has been going on strong since its inception in 2007.

This magazine is unique and unusual, in fact, that it doesn’t focus on the mainstream issues, rather, they focus on hard-to-decode and interpret themes.

Available in both Korean and Nilesh versions, this magazine focuses on only one topic – and the best thing is that even though you happen to come upon an old version of the magazine, their contents will still be just as fresh as it will be today!

8. Slanted

This is one of the latest design journals that is making the rounds around the world – published twice a year in Germany, each issue of this journal focuses on a theme from a country, and the country changes every issue.

Consisting of more than 300 pages, each of the pages is visually appealing and features themes such as design, cultures, and a vast collection of the best essays from previous editions of the journal.

9. Idea

A Japanese magazine, this magazine was introduced to the world in the late 1950s, and the good news is that it is still going on strongly.

Published quarterly, this magazine focuses on graphic design and typography based on Japanese designs. If you are a fanatic of Japanese design, no other magazine will come close to this one!

10. Printed Pages

Want to know about the best design projects and the creative mind behind them?

Opt for this magazine. Published bi-annually, this magazine is from the renowned publishing house ‘It’s Nice That’, from the United Kingdom. Since this magazine is published bi-annually, in each edition, it features everything that happened in the last 6 months.

11. IDN

A bi-monthly magazine from Hong Kong, this magazine is a hot favorite amongst designers from around the world.

Als goes by ‘International Design Community’, this magazine focuses on one theme per edition and features themes such as corporate branding, infographics, minimal typography, and such.

Ask any design agency, and they will readily tell you that they are a big fan of this magazine, and the best part is that this magazine is available in both Chinese and English editions.

12. Form

Available in both print and digital versions, this is a German magazine that is published every 2 months. Ever since its inception in 1957, this magazine has been a darling of many people around the world.

One of the best features of this magazine is that it focuses on readers of all ages and categories, and as such, includes, designers, students, architects, teachers, and many more. This magazine also holds events such as competitions, workshops, podcasts, exhibitions, and even trade fairs.

This magazine is available in both German and English languages.

13. Creative Review

Published monthly and annually, this magazine is one of the leading magazines from the United Kingdom and has been in business since its inception in 1980.

A reader’s favorite, this magazine features themes such as packaging design, photography, branding, advertisement, books, and even music.

Each issue of this magazine focuses on digital content with high-quality articles that are sure to educate and inspire the reader. Even though this magazine is based in the United Kingdom, it has its fan base from around the world, and as such, this magazine is available in both print and digital editions.

14. Holo

Based in Toronto, Canada, this magazine is published bi-annually by Creative Applications Network.

Consisting of 200 pages, this magazine features interviews with top designers along with showcasing design studios from around the world, thus making this magazine an epitome of knowledge and trends.

15. Komma

A brain-child of the faculty of the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim, Germany, the magazine is run by the students itself.

Not only that – they also write the articles as well as publish them. The magazine also includes thesis work for Masters and Bachelors, and as such, also provides theoretical knowledge on design topics.

The best part about this magazine is all of its editions are free of cost – plus, if you also happen to have a design studio, then, you can get a free copy as soon as it’s out.

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