25 Free High Quality Leather Textures for Designers

Ever used textures for your design projects?

Of course, they are quite a versatile bunch – you name it, be it web design, pattern design or textile design, you can practically use textures anywhere. They can create a look that can up the crispness and sharpness of the background to make it eye-catching.

It also helps that there are hundreds and thousands of textures in unimaginable categories that you can use in your design projects – though today, we will be looking at leather textures.

Leather textures when used in any background. It gives off a pleasing effect while infusing the elements of luxury and splendour.

So, without any further ado, let’s get ahead with some of the best leather textures that you can have in your arsenal. Oh, they are free too, you know!

Dark brown leather

Dark brown leather Leather Textures

Perfect for website banner or even as a background to any website or say, craft projects, this texture is a beauty. It features the texture of a rugged full-grain letter.

Red leather

Red leather Leather Textures

Looking for the shade of the red leather?

You are in the right place – this texture features the texture of the beauty of the red leather. Along with a bit of perfect imperfection such as minor lines and scratches.

Avatar movie leather texture

Avatar movie leather texture Leather Textures

This texture features the beauty of full-grain leather in dark grey and thus, is a perfect piece to own if you plan to use a dark background on a website. It can also make do as a texture to be used as a website banner. If you are looking for dark backgrounds.

Brown leather texture

Brown leather texture Leather Textures

If you are looking for the texture of the real and original leather that we all so love, this texture has to be it.

It features the majestic beauty of the original brown leather and will be a perfect addition to your design projects if you are in the web design industry.

Leather texture

Leather texture Leather Textures

Featuring the rugged beauty of leather with perfect imperfections such as scratches and lines that only come with age. Similarly, this texture is a must to be used in design projects that leans towards textiles or fabric industry.

Black leather texture

Black leather texture Leather Textures

Looking for black leather texture?

Opt for this texture – yes, this texture features the rugged beauty of full-grain black leather that you can use in any scrapbooking or textile design projects.

Leather texture Pack

Leather texture Pack Leather Textures

Instead of buying a single texture each time you need, you can opt for this pack of leather texture.

It features five leather textures – and a few minor lines and scratches, making the textures look perfectly imperfect.

Leather texture

Leather texture Leather Textures

This is a simple leather texture that features an almost-plain texture. But look closely, you will see minute creases and lines, that are so leather-like.

It’s a perfect fit for any website background, that features light typography.


Leather Leather Textures

This is a leather texture, alright, but what makes it unique from others? is that it features a beige tone and thus, it would make for a perfect fit to use in any textile design projects or even as a pattern for gift wrapping papers.

Black leather abstract texture

Black leather abstract texture Leather Textures

If you are a fan of abstract texture, then, you are going to love this one. This texture features a leather texture. It gives off the abstract vibe, and as such, this texture looks more like an abstract pattern than a leather texture.

Leather texture

Leather textures

If you are looking for a leather texture that shows the sign of ageing, but with a grace that leather is so known for, then, you can opt for this texture.

This texture features a light brown tone and bears the texture that the leather has aged gracefully.

Leather brown

Leather brown Leather Textures

This leather texture is different from the other leather texture that you will find – it features a brown leather – no doubt – but it also has a blackish tint to it, and thus, this leather texture is more at home in design projects that caters to the textile industry.

Texture leather

You are simply going to love this leather texture. It features a brown texture along with a few minor creases, lines and stitches too!

A great addition will this texture be to your leather texture collection!

Brown leather texture

Looking for a bright and vivid leather texture?

This texture is what you ought to be using – it features a dark brownish-red leather texture with intricate details and thus, makes for a perfect texture to be used in any textile-based design projects.

Gentle leather

Featuring four leather textures! this pack of leather texture is a must if you are looking for leather textures that are versatile enough to be used in textile design projects.

This pack consists of two dark-toned and two light-toned leather textures.

Seamless leather texture

Looking for a leather texture to be used as a seamless pattern?

Go for this texture. It features a leather texture with a seamless pattern that can be used in any design projects. Plus, it can also be used as a pattern for gift wrapping papers.

Leather texture pack

Featuring a whopping six leather textures in a variety of colours – black to brown to reddish-brown. Also, this pack is a must if you are dark-toned leather textures for your design projects.

Black leather texture

Looking for a detailed black leather texture?

This texture is what you should have – it features the details of full-grained black leather along with some minor stitches and creases, and these are the details that can amp up your design projects.

Leather texture pack

If you are on the lookout for white leather textures, then, you are in luck. This pack features seven leather textures in a multitude of colours ranging from white to dark grey to greyish black.

It is a perfect match for design projects relating to scrapbooking, textiles or even graphic design.

Texture quilet pearly

If you are such a leather texture that features the intricate details of stitches on leather, this texture is a must.

This texture features a pearl-toned leather texture that has stitches and which goes from top to bottom. Also, it makes for a perfect fit for any textile-related design projects.

Tackled corner leather couch

What do you say about a bright orange leather texture?

We can bet on this – you are surely going to use this bright leather texture in many of your design projects. It’s hard to say no to such a bright and cheerful colour, isn’t it?

Red leather texture

Okay, this colour may look a bit bright, you know, being red and all, but this is a colour very hard to find in leather texture.

Take any design project – be it textile, graphic design, scrapbooking or even use it as a website background, and you will see what we mean.

Taketone fabric

Surely, the name gave it away, right?

You can use this leather texture in a multitude of design projects that caters to the textile industry – just so, you know, this leather texture features a dark reddish-brown toned texture with a detailed criss-cross pattern of creases and lines.

Vintage grungy leather textures

Yellow, brown, beige, red, black – these are the colour of leather textures that you are going to find if you opt for this pack of leather textures.

Oh, and by the way, did we mention that the leather textures feature a grungy look?

Leather textures pack

Featuring a set of ten leather textures, this pack is a must for any designer. Right from black to brown to red, there is no short of colour leather textures that you won’t find in this pack.

By the way, just in case, you are wondering, this pack also features blue leather textures along with intricate details such as stitches, lines and creases, and even a zipper!

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