Top 12 Free Flutter Resources for Rapid App Development

Want to craft high-quality native interfaces for iOS and Android apps?

Then, you are right – you have to use “Flutter” – it’s the mobile app ‘Software Development Kits’ of Google and one of the best parts about Flutter is that it works with existing code, and is thus, used by organizations and developers around the world.

What’s more – it’s free and open source.

That’s said, if you have been looking to learn Flutter and see for yourselves as to why it’s awesome, then, rest assured, there are a whole lot of resources for you to dive – you know, to get started in Flutter.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best resources that the internet has to offer us – plus, they are also free!

What else do you need?

1. Fragmented Cast – Free Flutter Resources

Free Flutter Resources

Before you decide to dive headlong into coding Flutter apps, here’s what we suggest – go through the following two episodes – Episode 118 and Episode 119; they will enrich you with the much-needed knowledge – of what Flutter is and how it came into being and most importantly, what it’s capable of.

Want to know the “how” and “what” of Flutter, these two episodes should be your starting point.

2. Google CodeLabs – Free Flutter Resources

If you are a beginner and want to know how to build great Flutter apps, then, this is the source that you should go to. For the beginners, this is a great source – it provides a tutorial along with hands-on coding experience.

Want to build a small application or maybe you want to add a new feature to an existing application – Google Developers CodeLabs will show you the way, plus it also helps that they cover a wide range of topics from Project tango to Android Wear to Google APIs on iOS and many more.

3. Flutter Docs – Free Flutter Resources

Of course, it doesn’t need to be told that the official documentation of Flutter itself is too detailed and thorough, and something, that you are truly going to enjoy.

Besides the documentation, they also provide simple examples that are easy to grasp – and that’s not all. Say, if you are an experienced developer, no matter what field you major in such as iOS, Android, Web or even React Native, you can easily find documentation that relates to your current knowledge.

4. Udacity – Free Flutter Resources

That said, if you are looking to learn Flutter from the experts, then, we suggest, that you take an online course, taught to you by seasoned experts.

Taught to you by Matt Sullivan and Mary Xia, and with the help of James Williams, this online course is a must, if you want to learn Flutter to develop high quality and interactive apps for Android and iOS devices.

To go through this course, it may take either two weeks or two days (if you are very enthusiastic) – trust us, you will have a much better understanding of how Flutter works and some of the best practices for coding Flutter apps.

5. Flutter Weekly – Free Flutter Resources

If you want to know the latest happenings in the world of Flutter, then, your best go-to source will be “Flutter Weekly” – it’s a newsletter that will bring you the latest news on Flutter including blogs, posts, and even tutorials, and that too, right to your inbox, every week.

All you need to do is to practice throughout the week and learn from the latest resources that will be provided to you.

6. FlutterDev – Free Flutter Resources

This is actually a Twitter account – or more precisely, a Twitter bot that everything from the Flutter subreddit (r/FlutterDev).

Here’s what we suggest – they update quite regularly, so, you should turn on the mobile notifications on the Twitter account.

7. MTechViral – Free Flutter Resources

If you are more of a visual learner, then, how about ‘YouTube’?

There’s a YouTube channel known as ‘MTechViral’ – it provides tutorials for mobile apps and as such, it has a playlist that consists of Flutter tutorials, and the good news is that the tutorials are quite good with a new one coming up quite frequently.

8. Flutter Podcast – Free Flutter Resources

Being actively managed by the Flutter community, this podcast is hosted by Hillel Coren and is known to feature some of the great developers from the Flutter community.

Want to know about their learning experiences with Flutter? Then, you should listen to this podcast – it’s a great learning source plus it also offers a lot of valuable information for the Flutter enthusiasts.

9. Flutter Tutorial by FreeCodeCamp

Want to learn the concepts of what makes up Flutter?

Then, we suggest, you opt for this Flutter course created by FreeCodeCamp – in this course, the instructor, Nick Manning will teach you how to get up and running with Flutter quickly and effectively.

Being a Flutter engineer from 2017, Manning has boiled down the entire real-world knowledge of Flutter into a clear-cut and realistic step by step achievable course.

10. Flutter course by Traverse Media

Want to know about how to set up Flutter?

Then, opt for this course by Traverse Media – it will show you how to set up Flutter, plus you will also get an idea of about the build-in widgets along with the stateful and stateless widgets, routing, and many more.

11. Flutter and FireBase App Build

Created by the Net Ninja, this is a YouTube playlist, and if you wanted to use FireBase in your first application, then, we suggest you first go through the videos in the playlist. Not only this playlist is comprehensive, plus it will also give you an idea of how to integrate this tool with Flutter.

12. Reso Coder – Free Flutter Resources

This is also a YouTube channel and – you guessed it – it’s dedicated entirely to Flutter. You will find a whole lot of tutorials that give a very clear explanation of how this framework works, plus, you will also come to know of various tools that you can use with Flutter and how you can integrate with them into your project.

What’s more, this channel even has multiple channels on code architecture, if that’s what you are interested in!

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