Want to Make a Lasting Impression? Try These 13 Bold Fonts!

Impact – sometimes you just need to make it, be it a logo, headline or a poster, an impact, that is – and which is why, today, we have compiled a list of some of the most amazing bold fonts for you to use in your design projects.

Schusse News Poster

Schusse News Poster Bold Fonts

Designed by Typic Schusse, the font ‘Schusse News Poster’ is a headline font – an extra heavy, mind you! – that you can use in your design projects.

Having the appearance of a news-like style, this font is an extension of the Schuss family of fonts that includes slab and sans, to name a few. As if that is not enough, this font also comes included with a set of handmade display kerning (it includes more than 3500 pairs) and variable heights.

Ador Hairline

Ador Hairline Bold Fonts

Heard of the font ‘Ador’?

Of course, you have – it’s a serif font, that’s designed by FontAdor. If you are working in a design project related to logos, advertising, and branding, then, this is the type that you would want.

The font ‘Ador’ includes a whopping 14 italic fonts with 7 weights, thus making the total to 1026 glyphs.

MontMont Bold Fonts

Looking for such a type that will help you in creating bold headlines?

Enter – Mont.

Designed by FontFabric, the font ‘Mont’ is the one that you need to look out for – it’s a sans serif font that includes 744 glyphs across 20 styles along with extensive language support and hence, it’s a perfect choice for creating bold and catchy headlines that is sure to catch the viewer’s attention.

That said, this font also includes support for Greek, Latin, Cyrillic among other languages, and as if that’s not enough, this font includes advanced typographic features such as tabular figures, fractions, ligatures, to name a few.

Zona Pro

Bold Fonts Bold Fonts

Designed by Kostas Bartsokas, the font ‘Zona Pro’ is known as one of the best versatile geometric sans-serif fonts – though this font was released way back in 2013, the font which released in the year 2019 has been updated with additional features. Improved italics, Cyrillic alphabet are some of the new features of this updated version.

This font also includes 18 italic fonts, as well as support for Latin, Cyrillic and Greek alphabets.

RNS Camelia

RNS Camelia Bold Fonts

Dubbed as one of the best strong demi-slab fonts, the font ‘RNS Camelia’ comes with 14 total fonts along with 7 weights.

And the good news is that this font has been recently updated with new italics and weights.

This font is designed by RNS Fonts.

Ultra Pro

If you are looking for such a font that is not only uber-stylish but also uber-bold, then, the font ‘Ultra Pro’ is just the one for you.

Having numerous features such as fractions, fractions, proportional figure sets, this font is a must for the ‘bold font’ lovers!!

NF Ultra

Ever seen a stylish geometric sans serif font? Well, now, you will.

Enter – NF Ultra.

It’s a bold font, obviously, but one, that is a stylish interpretation of a geometric sans serif. The best part about this font is that though it released a few months back, it’s still being updated even today, and of course, if you go for this font, you will get access to future updates as well, and that means, you will get ligatures, uppercase, lowercase, additional weights and many more.


Bold and legible – that’s what the font ‘Kappa’ is all about.

It’s the perfect choice for design projects that need to make a bold headline with small text – being a modern and trendy sans serif font, ‘Kappa’ has the appearance of a narrow structure that is complemented by a large height, and thus, making it ideal when space is abundant.

Kappa is known to be a highly versatile font, and hence, it consists of 36 fonts. That, in turn, include numerous weights, thus making full use of the features of OpenType. Each of the weights that come included with Kappa features small caps, fractions, ligatures, to name a few.

Cooper Black

Yes, you have guessed it right.

The font ‘Cooper Black’ is the updated version of the most-loved font ‘Cooper Black’ that was released way back in the 1920s.

Well, the updated version includes the Cooper’s original font typefaces and the ligatures and includes both the versions – TrueType and OpenType.

Wes FY

Heard of the font ‘Futura’, yes?

Well, then, you must have to have the font ‘Wes FY’.

Designed by BlackFoundry, the font ‘Wes FY’ is a sans serif font that’s inspired by the font ‘Futura’, and thus, it is a suitable fit for design projects related to headlines, posters, and flyers.

As of now, five weights are included in Wes FY.


It’s bold and unique – that’s what will come to your mind when you see the font ‘Manier’.

Designed by Piotr Lapa, this font is unique in the sense that it has the appearance of sharp wedges. It’s a serif font, that makes it a perfect fit for logo typefaces, posters, headlines, flyers, and brochures.

However, one thing that should be noticed is that it is not suitable in continuous text when using this font. As it’s sharp features make it hard to be readable at smaller font sizes.

As of now, the font ‘Manier’ consists of OpenType features, extended support for Latin. Along with more than 450 glyphs and 6 weights.

Ultra System

Just like the name suggests, the font ‘Ultra System’ is an extra bold font consisting of both modern and trendy version of – guess it – 8 fonts together!

Of course, such a masterpiece has to be designed by the renowned font designer Sam Parrett. The font is designed to be versatile in any type of logos, headlines, headers, flyers, brochures, and pretty much anywhere you plan to put your headline on.

As for the 8 fonts, the font itself includes 2 script fonts and 6 sans fonts together. Now, that’s a whole lot of bold fonts for you to make use of in your design projects!


Created by KaranDash, the font ‘Callista’ is a bold one, alright, but what makes it different from the ones. Stated in the list is that – it is cursive and italic bold font.

According to the creator, the font is inspired by M. Peykova and F. Boltana, and thus, it makes an attractive and striking choice to be used in bold and short headlines.

Whew! That’s a whole lot of bold fonts – thirteen to be exact!! And what was your favourite?

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