5 Reasons on Why You Should Use a VPN as a Blogger

With cybercrimes and breaches of data happening each and every day, it comes as no surprise that VPN has played quite an important role in offering protection to both small and big business alike – more so, in today’s times, and anyone who uses or plans to use the internet, it’s quite important to use a VPN.

And that goes for bloggers, too – use of a VPN is quite important for bloggers since it protects them from the fraud activities of hackers and cybercriminals. As a blogger spends most of the time online, so, it makes sense to make use of a VPN or else, you will be exposing your sensitive data and details to hackers.

So, what is a VPN?

A VPN is a ‘Virtual Private Network’ is a connection service that lets you hide your identity while you go online, along with hiding your sensitive information. It adds a layer of security to your online activities so that they remain private and restricts anyone from snooping on you.

Don’t think that just because you are a blogger, you are not going to need a VPN – better be safe, then be sorry later on, and filled with regrets.

If you are still not convinced, then, take a look at the following reasons on why should you use a VPN, despite you being a blogger.

It offers you protection against hackers

If you are a blogger, then, you should know that there will be times, when you will have to work outside of your home – and if you end up traveling, then, you will most likely work at coffee cafes, airports, and even hotels; and it doesn’t need a genius to figure it out that you will be using the free WiFi that they offer.

But – do you know that these public WiFi spots are extremely unsafe, and what’s more – they can and will even expose you to cyber attacks. Worse – you can even get attacked in your own home without a VPN through odd redirects, ransomware messages, and encrypted files.

Use a VPN – they will encrypt your sensitive data when you use the internet and will protect your blog against hackers and any cybercriminals.

It offers protection in exchange of files

If you are a blogger, then, you must know that one of your main activities – apart from writing content – is to upload and download of files; and if you don’t use a VPN, then, you can be sure of the hackers taking control of your system and adding a corrupted file to your download queue and then, altering them.

Make use of a VPN – it will encrypt your data and hide your location while creating a secure path for you while you blog, and upload and download your files.

It allows you to bypass geo-restrictions

If you are a blogger, then, you need to have full access to the content on the internet – but sometimes issues occur, and in the form of ‘geo-restrictions’.

Today, cybercriminals try every way to hack into your system, and that’s why, many website owners have blocked access to their website, and most of the time, it is usually based on the user’s location. Having issues with digital censorship laws, prevention of hacking attempts or simply business decisions such as online shopping platforms or viewing platforms such as Hulu or Netflix, are a few reasons why there’s geo-restriction on many websites.

And this becomes a problem for the bloggers – as a blogger, they will need resources, but due to geo-restriction, you are not able to access the content.

This is where a VPN comes in handy for the bloggers – using a VPN can help the bloggers to access the content in which country they are not geo-restricted.

A VPN service has many servers in many countries – and opting for a VPN will help you to browse the internet in your chosen region by circumventing geo-blocking for you, even if you are not in the region physically. Using a VPN will help to hide your location and will make you appear as if you are in the region.

It helps you to stay safe

Being a blogger doesn’t simply imply that you will write content – sure, you will do that, but on times, you will need to express your opinion on sensitive topics such as political and controversial matters; and doing that – while not intentional – it is bound to invoke reactions in people, who have different views on the topics. The reactions can take the form of online hate comments, defacing your blog, or even stalking and attacking you.

To make matters worse, issues such as this prompt the government to take action, and they will do that – spying and generally making life difficult for you, and who knows, you may even be put under investigation or surveillance.

Opt for a VPN before that happens to you – it will not only hide your UP address but the government spies won’t also be able to track your activities either online or offline and create havoc on your life and blog. Plus, you will also get freedom on how you comment and post online while hidden from online haters and snoopers.

It helps you to be secure in your online transactions

Of course, it’s internet, so there’s bound to be happening – exchange of money that is, and all the time.

You are a blogger, so, of course, you will pay for a blog theme, hosting services, and what not – you may even be selling your services or an eBook, and no matter what you do, these are common for a blogger, and that’s where you need to be conscious.

Activities such as the above-mentioned ones – they are some of the most common sources of online thefts.

Opt for a VPN – it will encrypt your sensitive data while keeping the online transactions private – of you and of your customers, too, from being stolen by the cybercriminals.

All in all, investing in a VPN is a worthwhile investment for a blogger. Today, it’s the 21st century, and while the technology is advancing, so are the illegal cyber activities, and trust us – you don’t want to get included in the list, do you?

Getting protection from a VPN – it will be one of the best decisions of your blogging life if you get a VPN, and with the above-mentioned reasons, do you need any more, as to why a blogger should opt for a VPN.

No, you don’t, right?

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