About Us

Who is behind WebTopic?

Founder – Sudipta Gupta

Sudipta Gupta started WebTopic when he could not find proper answers to many tech-related questions. Although there are many tech websites, still a lot of tech topics needed easy explanations. Being graduated with a Master’s degree in Computer Applications and having 20 years of experience in various software and web technologies, he decided to start writing about tech topics in a simplified manner so that everyone can benefit from them.

So in the year, 2018 WebTopic is born. He selected a few like-minded tech enthusiasts with a decade of experience to write on various technology topics and share them with the community.

Our Team

Content Writer – George Debbarma

Content Writer – Priyam Lohan

Content Writer – Roxana Acosta Sosa

Web Designer/ Writer – Winnie Muriuki

Freelance Writer – Amatullah Saifee

WordPress Expert/Writer – Pooja Sahal

Our Mission

To bring expert knowledge and tons of useful technical and design resources to the community.

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Please send your suggestion or feedback @WebTopic