14 Malware Scanning Tools to Safeguard your Website

Malware attacks are on the rise every year and cybercriminals come with new and improvised techniques every day. While website owners give a lot of priority to website design and SEO, security is largely left behind.When we visit various websites and social networking platforms, we provide our personal information many times. Cybercriminals and adversaries employ various unsolicited methods to extract this information.

One such method is a malware attack that helps in gaining unauthorized access to your online accounts. Hence, it is imperative for every website owner to scan their websites regularly for malware and other vulnerabilities.

Here, we will discuss the best 14 malware scanning tools to safeguard your website.

1. Sucuri

When it comes to online website scanning for malware and other security vulnerabilities, Sucuri stands on top of the list. It is also one of the most popular and widely used online security scanner available. It is available completely for free. Hence, you can check your website security status anytime you need.

Sucuri can help website owners in detecting various security and vulnerability issues. They also offer various other services. including website monitoring and alerts, website protection, website backups and speed optimization etc.

Sucuri also provides security recommendations for your website. The best part about Sucuri SiteCheck tool is that you don’t need to download or register. All you need to do is enter your website URL and Sucuri does the rest.


  • Detects malware and viruses found on your website
  • Scans your website blacklist status
  • Detects any out-of-date plugins and software installed on your website
  • Scans for anomalies and other security issues
  • Checks for injected SPAM

Pricing:                Free

2. Indusface WAS

Indusface WAS (Web Application Scanning) provides deep and intelligent scanning for your website. With its automated web application vulnerability scanner, every kind of malware and security vulnerability in your website is detected.

One of the best features about Indusface WAS is that it checks for all of the ten website vulnerabilities in OWASP Top 10. With Indusface WAS, you also don’t get those annoying false positives. A comprehensive report is provided with a detailed remediation recommendation as well.

The scanning tools for all security vulnerabilities including all links in the website, defacement checks. With Indusface WAS, developers can quickly detect any new vulnerabilities due to frequent updates and application changes in the website.


  • Free trial available
  • Pause and resume supported
  • 24×7 support
  • Deep and intelligent scanning
  • Checks for OWASP Top 10

Pricing:                Free trial available

                             Premium Plan       $199 / month / app

                             Advance Plan       $49 / month / app

3. Scantitan

Next on our list of the best 14 malware scanning tools for your website is ScanTitan. It is an all-in-one security scanning tool for website owners as it helps in detecting various security vulnerabilities and malicious content.

ScanTitan offers a free website security and malware scanning tool. If you want to do a quick security check of your website for malware, you can use this tool. But remember, the free tool only checks for basic malware monitoring, whereas the paid plan can provide advance malware and vulnerability scanning.


  • Free malware scanner
  • All-in-one solution for website security
  • Scans all layers including network, application and server
  • Continuous monitoring and vulnerability scanning available with paid plans.

Pricing:                Free

4. ASTRA Security Malware Scanner

Astra Security provides a basic free malware security scanning tool for website owners. The tool helps in identifying all types of malware, malicious links and blacklisting status of the website.

It is a multi-purpose scanner that checks your website for all kinds of vulnerabilities and malware along with SEO spam check and performs a basic security audit as well.


  • Free malware scanner
  • Check for card phishing scripts
  • Detects malicious scripts

Pricing:                Free

5. SiteGuarding

If you are looking for a quick check of your website for malware and other security issues for free, then checkout the malware scanner from SiteGuarding.

Apart from malware scanning, they also provide various other services including malware removal service, free security audits, website protection and secured web hosting as well.

When you opt for a paid plan, the website also provides 24/7 support and protection for your website.


  • Free malware detection tool
  • Checks for other basic security vulnerabilities
  • 24/7 support provided for paid plans

Pricing:                Free

6. Quttera

Quttera is a cloud-based online malware scanner that is available completely for free. Quttera scans websites for various types of malware, malicious links and other security vulnerabilities.

It also provides a detailed security audit report with information on all files affected, list of malicious links along with the blacklist status of your website as well.


  • Free cloud-based malware scanner
  • Provides a complete breakdown of affected pages and links

Pricing:                Free

7. Web Inspector

Web Inspector is an online cloud-based website security scanner to check your website for security vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals come up with new ways of getting unauthorized access to your personal information.

Hence, it is important for every website owner to keep their site safe and secure all the time. This is where these free malware scanning tools play an important role. The Web Inspector scanning tool checks for all types of malwares, viruses, outdated plugins etc.


  • Helps to keep your website safe and secure
  • Detects malware, viruses and out-of-date plugins
  • Blacklist status

Pricing:                Free

8. Google Malware Checker

Google Malware Checker is a free online malware checking tool. If you are in doubt of whether your website is infected with virus or malware, use this tool to find out.

Google Malware Checker helps in securing the reputation of your site and keep it protected from viruses, malware and phishing attacks. The intelligent malware detection helps in finding all types of malware and malicious script on your website.

It is a cloud-based malware scanning tool that provides a detailed analysis and provides a report with security recommendations for your website.


  • Intelligent malware detection
  • Scans media files and plugins

Pricing:                Free

9. SiteLock

Next on our list of the best malware scanning tools to safeguard your website is SiteLock. It is a cloud-based malware security scanning tool to identify various security vulnerabilities with the website.

SiteLock is also a 360-degree monitoring security tool that helps website owners to resolve threats immediately. The free malware scanning tools helps in detecting all the basic spam and other content phishing issues. It also provides the blacklist status of the website.


  • 360-degree safety
  • Protects websites from DDoS attacks

Pricing:                $9.99/month

10. Virus Total

Virus Total is another free online malware scanning tool that helps website owners to detect all kind of security vulnerabilities. It largely helps in malware detection, viruses and out-of-dated plugins.

The intelligent malware scanning tool analyzes the website completely to check for all malware records and malicious scripts in the website. The analysis tool employs various anti-virus scanners and malware types to provide a comprehensive security for your website.


  • Free malware scanner
  • Hash-based scanner
  • Intelligent malware analysis

Pricing:                Free

11. Malcare

Malcare is another popular online malware scanning tool for your website that provides a deep and intelligent scan. It checks your website for more than 100 signals and tracks every change made in your website.

Using machine learning based scanning technology, it provides a comprehensive one-click protection for your website. Since every section of the website is synced with Malcare, nothing ever goes missed with Malcare scanning.

People looking for the best malware scanning tool for wordpress websites can check out Malcare malware scan.


  • Automatic malware removal
  • Login protection
  • Website hardening

Pricing:                $99/year

12. COMODO CWatch

Comodo cWatch is a comprehensive website security solution that provides malware removal services as well. Even though the malware scanning tool is available for free, the malware removal tool comes only with a paid plan.

One of the highlights of Comodo cWatch is that it is one of the few money-back guaranteed malware removal tools available online. Scanning your website is completely free, but you need to provide your details to get the scan reports.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • 24×7 support

Pricing:                $7/month

13. Hacker Combat

Hacker Combat is a completely free malware scanning service for website owners. It provides a comprehensive analysis of your website and detects for all types of malware, blacklist checking, worms, phishing and backdoors etc.


  • Free scan for malware
  • Detects trojans and malicious code scripts
  • Blacklist checking

Pricing:                Free


Last but not least, ForeGenix is a free security scanner for your website that checks for the latest malware, SSL problems and other security vulnerabilities.


  • Checks for latest malware
  • New exploits

Pricing:                Free

Final Thoughts

In this article, we’ve discussed about the best 14 malware scanning tools to safeguard your website. If you think any tool is missed out or if you have any comments, please post it in the feedback section below.

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