15 Best JavaScript Game Engine to Learn

15 Best JavaScript Game Engine to Learn

JavaScript game engines have changed how developers develop games in several ways. First of all, they no longer have to rely on third-party plugins to render 2D or 3D graphics regardless of how sophisticated or complex they get. Equally important, game development no longer has to start from scratch, thanks to the frameworks. Consequently, creating … Read more

33 Best Gaming YouTube Intro Templates

33 Best Gaming YouTube Intro Templates

An introduction is a key element for any content, whether it is audio or video. Intro gives an overview of the content. If you have an attractive intro, then there are more chances of getting quality audience engagement. If you are a YouTuber, who is more focused on creating gaming content, this article is just … Read more

Mailstrom vs SaneBox – Which one is better?

Mailstrom vs SaneBox - Which one is better (2021)

Email overload is one of the major causes of stress these days. Our inboxes are filled with all these spam and unimportant mails that it’s difficult to deal with the important ones. With all these unread emails, most people dread looking at the sight of their inbox. If you have thousands of emails waiting in … Read more

15 Best Xpadder Alternatives

15 Best Xpadder Alternatives

Xpadder will simulate mouse movements and keystrokes through your controller, even controls prepared for vibrations. Finally, it is worth highlighting the possibility of configuring multiple player profiles and support for lefties. Thanks to this program, you can play almost any game with your keyboard and mouse. One big advantage about this is that you do … Read more

25 Best Free Productivity Apps for Mac

You might have been working very hard but are not getting fair results. This is because of the minimal loopholes in your work and they can cause you long-term issues. However, using productivity applications can reduce the impact of this crisis and you can enhance your productivity in a very quick time. We have mentioned … Read more

12 Best Text Summarization Tools


As we know most of the documents require a summary at the end of them. A summary is short, meaningful, and covering the key points of the articles in few words. The longer the text document, the critical is the summary creation. Writing a summary for bigger project documents is not an easy task. With … Read more

5 Best TextBroker Alternatives You Must Know


TextBroker is a platform that specializes in writing articles written by freelancers. What this website does is simply act as a subcontractor, between the companies that request or need an article on a certain niche and the editors accepted by the platform who are looking for work. But there have been many opinions saying that … Read more