Top 21 Free and Paid Image Hosting Sites for You

YouTube is a popular website for hosting videos. Similarly, there are various sites that allow people to host images for free and paid as well. People can instantly upload their photos on these image hosting websites and share it with their friends. These image hosting websites allow people to download as stock images for their personal/commercial use too.

In this article, we will discuss the 21 free and paid image hosting websites for you in detail.


When it comes to image sharing websites, Flickr is one of the most popular and widely used website. It is also widely renowned as the best photo sharing and management site.

Flickr provides its users with an easy-to-use interface to upload and share photos online. Members are also allowed to tag their photos, add geolocation details and license information etc. It is also home to more than 10 photo and videos.


  • Share photos securely with others
  • Customize who can view your photos
  • Active community

Price:                Free & Paid


Next on our list of the best image hosting website is the ever-popular Google Photos. It provides a secure storage site for hosting your photos and videos. Users can access their photos from all kind of devices including computer, laptop, mobile phones and tablets.

Apart from allowing users to upload high-resolution pictures, it also offers automatic backup too. Users can upload various formats of pictures including .jpg, .png and .gif etc. Initially it offered unlimited storage, but now it is limited to only 15GB of storage per account.


  • Quick search feature
  • Easily categorize your photos
  • Access from any device

Price:                Free & Paid


ImgBB is a free image hosting site that allows you to upload and share images. Users can upload up to a maximum of 32 MB of images with ImgBB. One of the highlights of ImgBB is that you can drag and drop images anywhere on the site and start uploading. Users can create a free account using their social media accounts like Google, Facebook and Twitter etc.


  • Supports various image formats
  • Easily share uploaded pictures through email and social media
  • Easy to use

Price:                          Free


Photobucket is another hugely popular photo-sharing platform that lets you host and share images with your friends, family etc. It comes packed with extensive privacy settings to provide you complete control over who views your images.

Users can upload photos to Photobucket from any device. It also offers users option to edit and share photos along with printing wall art designs and décor etc.


  • Easy-to-use photo editor
  • Share photos securely
  • Add filters and other effects to photos

Price:                Paid version

                             Beginner               ($5.99/month)

                             Intermediate          ($7.99/month)

                             Expert                  ($12.99/month)


Next on our list of the best image hosting websites is ImageVenue. It is another free image hosting site that is specially designed for users to upload and share pictures.

It offers unlimited bandwidth and hosting, but the maximum file size is limited to only 3MB per file. The best part is that you don’t even need to register or login to the site. You just choose the file you want to upload and get the short URL for the picture instantly to share with your friends or use it in your social media channels.


  • No registration or login needed to upload
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited image hosting

Price:                Paid


SmugMug is a paid image hosting and sharing service that allows for the sale of digital media to professional photographers as well. Hence, using SmugMug you can also make some money out of your photography skills. With SmugMug, you can either sell, share or protect your digital media including images and videos. A free 14-day trial is provided for users to try the platform.


  • Free 14-day trial
  • Comes with a plan for every photographer
  • Unlimited traffic

Price:      Basic           ($7/month)

                   Power          ($11/month)

                   Portfolio     ($27/month)

                   Pro              ($42/month)


500px is another online paid photo-sharing platform that allows people to upload their photos and share it with others. It is basically a platform designed specially for photographers to showcase their talent and make some money out of it. Launched in 1009, 500px has more than 15 million users.

It also acts as a licensing body to provide licensing options for photographers. Members also gain access to Getty Images collection. With 500px, photographers can gain direct contact with clients to sell their digital media.


  • Online Photo-sharing platform for photographers
  • Members gain access to Getty image galleries
  • Gallery slideshow maker

Price:                $3.99/month (Awesome plan)

$6.99/month (Pro plan)


If you are looking for a fast and simple website to upload and share your photos for free, then checkout ImgBox. It is a completely free service and the maximum file size limit is set at 10MB per file. It also provides unlimited storage space and storage time for its users. The platform is extremely fast and provides an easy-to-use interface as well. Users can upload a wide variety of image formats including .jpg, .gif and .png etc.


  • Super quick upload service
  • Simple interface
  • Unlimited storage space and time.

Price:      Free           


If you are looking for a cloud-hosted image hosting and storage solution, then you can check out DropBox. It is one of the most popular file hosting solutions as it allows users to upload not only images, but all kind of files. Users can install Dropbox to their computers and have the folders synced and up to date all the time.


  • Secure file storage
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Up to 2TB of space for paid members

Price:      Dropbox offers both free and paid plans to its users

                   Standard               $12.50/mo

                   Advanced             $20/mo

                   Enterprise             Custom pricing    

Amazon Photos

Users who subscribe to Amazon Prime membership enjoy various benefits on the Amazon ecommerce platform. Apart from that they also gain access to Amazon Photos, where they can upload photos with unlimited storage.

Prime members can access Amazon Photos through the app available for both Android and iOS. They also have the option to stream their photos on TV, mobile phones or create beautiful slideshows and prints.


  • Powered by world-class Amazon security
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Create slideshows and order prints

Price:                          Free and Paid

Apple iCloud

iCloud is a cloud-based photo storage solution from Apple Inc. with more than 850 million users. It allows users to upload images, videos, contacts and other files. Users having an Apple ID can use it to access iCloud storage. It can be accessed only using Apple devices.


  • Store all kind of file formats including photos, videos. Music, contacts etc.
  • Provides iCloud API for app integration too

Price:                Free and Paid       


Next on our list of the best image hosting websites is ImageShack, a paid service that also provides a trial period for 30 days. The image hosting platform comes packed with an easy-to-use interface and image uploader.

Users avail unlimited storage along with public sharing features as well. If you want to keep your photos private, you can mark it as private. Direct linking feature is also available with ImageShack.


  • Easy-to-use image uploader
  • Image Resizing options
  • Plans available from 10GB to 4TB of bandwidth per month

Price:                FREE to $99.99/month

Free Image Hosting

If you are looking for a free image hosting service to upload and share photos, you can check out Free Image Hosting. It is a completely free platform that allows you to host all your blog photos for free.

You can also host your auction photos or upload images that you want to share with your friends and family members.


  • No registration required
  • Completely free service
  • Includes a commercial photography section

Price:      FREE


Wix is popularly known as a free website builder. But do you that you can use Wix Photography to upload and share your photos online.

Not only images, you can even upload videos and create a maximum of 30 galleries on Wix. Users are allowed to set a watermark and password to secure their photos as well.


  • Watermark pictures
  • SEO optimization for images
  • Create 30 free galleries

Price:                          Free and Paid


Zenfolio is a website dedicated to photographers to showcase their photography skills. Users can upload their photos and make money out of it. Using Zenfolio, you can create a beautiful portfolio website in minutes.

You can also set up your own private galleries to showcase your photos and interact with clients. It also offers several pre-built templates to create exciting websites.


  • Create a custom portfolio
  • Built-in shopping cart

Price:      $5-$30/month                


SlickPic is another great image hosting website for photographers. Using SlickPic, users can create their own website. The site also offers a cutting-edge gallery to showcase their photos.

Every gallery can have an unlimited number of albums for each account. Every gallery is also securely protected and users can set privacy settings on every photo basis too.


  • Create unlimited albums
  • Create a portfolio website in minutes
  • Photo filter and enhancement options

Price:                          FREE to $24.95/month            


DeviantArt is one of the largest online art gallery and community showcasing works of many skilled artists. It is also an image hosting platform that contains more than 47 million members.

Users can easily upload, share and exhibit their photos in the website. Recently it was acquired by


  • Highly-acclaimed critic section
  • Active community
  • Easy to use

Price:                          Free

Free Images

If you are looking for a platform to upload your photos that has more than 300,000 images, then Free Images is your best pick. It is one of the largest free image hosting platforms with a staggering number of license free images. The sign-up process is simple and users can easily search for the images they want.


  • Simple upload process
  • Huge collection of stock images
  • Search photos by location and photographer

Price:                FREE


Next on our list of the best image hosting service is PostImage, a free image hosting website for forums. One of the highlights of PostImage is that it provides users with specialized links for various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter etc.

While uploading a photo, user can set the expiration date for the photo and specify a size to resize the image. It also provides a plugin to easily upload images to your social media and message board posts.


  • Special website plugins
  • Windows App provided
  • Set expiration date for images

Price:                          Free


ImageBam is another image hosting platform that provides users with unlimited uploads and downloads. The ImageBam servers are extremely fast and highly reliable and is easy to use as well.

When you register, you also get photo management tools as well options to organize your images and galleries. The site offers various upload options including basic, multi-upload, zip upload, video upload etc.


  • Highly reliable and fast servers
  • Unlimited uploads and downloads
  • Easy to use

Price:                          Free

People looking to upload photos and create beautiful albums from the photos can check out JAlbum. It is a completely free service that allows users to upload, create albums, name and order them quite easily.


  • Drag and drop image upload
  • Easily integrate your album with your website and blogs
  • Inbuilt templates available

Price:                          Free  

Final Thoughts

Hope the above list of the top 21 free and paid image hosting websites has provided all the information you were looking for. Please post all your comments and thoughts in the feedback section below.

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