12 Best Text Summarization Tools

As we know most of the documents require a summary at the end of them. A summary is short, meaningful, and covering the key points of the articles in few words. The longer the text document, the critical is the summary creation. Writing a summary for bigger project documents is not an easy task.

Best Text Summarization Tools

With the ever-improving technology, Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of it. AI has made 360-degree changes in the approach towards software. Automation of text summary is also such an innovative step. With the growing demand for online text data, it was imperative that this technology was going to play an important role.

Once we discuss the topic you will understand –

  • Examples of text summarization you will face every day.
  • The application process and sufficient knowledge about the methods for automatic text summarization.
  • What is the importance of text summarization while rich availability of texts online?

What is Text Summarization?

The availability of text material is huge and it’s growing every day. The internet has a lot of blogs, news articles, web pages, status updates, and many more. The data is in a scattered manner and we can only search what we need to get final results. A summary with specific features in a short and focused manner has to, therefore created. The task is nearly impossible to do if one tries to do it manually.

Hence, we can see below reasons why we need automatic text summarization –

  1. The reading time can be shortened.
  2. Automatic summarization increases the indexing effectiveness.
  3. Summaries help find selected documents faster.
  4. More number of texts can be processed if one uses automatic or semi-automatic summarization.
  5. Automatic summarization algorithm is not that biased like human summarization.
  6. Personalized information can be well structured with a question-answer pattern in personalized summaries.

What is Automatic Text Summarization?

Best Text Summarization Tools

When the text summarization is done by a human, they first read and understand the whole documents, understand the meaning of it, and then, create a shorter but meaningful summary.

On a similar note, initially, it was thought that it cannot be done through automation as a summary won’t have the quality summary like written by a human. However, this was taken care of by some tireless work on programming.

One can now get satisfactory results from the automatic text summarization. The hard work and research over AI had paid off well and one can get a good summary over his long papers effectively.

Let’s discuss some of the best text summarization tools here, shall we?   


Best Text Summarization Tools

SMMRY can get you the near best-desired results of a perfect summary. With its easy design, a lot of features, and advanced settings (URL usage), it can be a great match with the summary you might have written on your paper. It would give you the best web service with changes of words.

One can summarize the text with copy-pasting along with file uploading and URL inserting. The URL insert option gives an upper hand and is a special feature as the additional work of editing can be eliminated. The tool does not require registration and doesn’t have irritating ads.

2. Summarize Bot

Best Text Summarization Tools
Best Text Summarization Tools

Summarize Bot is an ad-free and easy-to-use tool that creates a quick and perfect summary. By compressing texts one can save time. The app works for various file types like mp3, doc, pdf, jpg, txt, etc., and supports almost all languages.

The only issue is if you don’t have a Facebook account and don’t install Slack, you won’t be able to use it.

3. Text Summarization

Best Text Summarization Tools

The website is free for this tool and it helps you put the text into the field or give a link to your source at the article location. You can then select how many sentences you want and after that, your text will be analysed and you will get the number of sentences you selected.

There will be ads that you need to disable and also you cannot import/export files from/to pdf, txt, or doctypes.

4. Tools4Noobs Summarize Tool

Best Text Summarization Tools

It is an easier tool with an article summarizer having a lot of settings. You can opt to reduce the summary relevant to a number of sentences with the help of the threshold function. You can also see the main keywords and highlight them. You can insert a link or give it to a URL to function.

The tool is ad-free and has a facility to donate money who wish to. It also gives helpful tools and calculators for students.

5. Split Brain Summary Tool

Best Text Summarization Tools

This app help summarize texts in as many as 39 languages. You can control the density of paraphrasing by setting it between 5% to 80%. The summarization ratio indicates the difference between summaries produced. Instead of text, you can insert a URL if you wish so. One cannot import or export the report in pdf, doc, or other formats.

The tool is ad-free and contains useful tools for students.   

6. Simplifly

Best Text Summarization Tools

One can summarize a scientific article with the help of this app. You need to install one free Chrome extension, open the website, and get a summary. The tool does not need registration, has no character limit, and is ad-free.

It works effectively for news websites and online articles but does not support pdf articles and science journals. Also, you can’t summarize the doc. or any other file.

7. Summary Generator

Best Text Summarization Tools

This is free open software for everyone to use, most used in college and university. Out of the two buttons, one helps you to clear the field and another lets you create the summary of a document. You will get the summary based on your article and you don’t have to register for that.

There is no option to summarize a URL or document, just export the result to the file type you wish.

8. AppZaza Article Summarizer

Best Text Summarization Tools

It is a very simple tool to create a summary for professional or academic needs. The app rewords a text which you need to type and paste in the article and select the ‘summarize article’ option. With well-narrated documents, you will get better results.

One, however, cannot import files or export summaries to any format. A major drawback is insistent ads.

9. Summarizer

Best Text Summarization Tools

You can summarize any online article with the Summarizer tool. On Chrome extension, click add-on, open the article, and click the ‘Summarize’ option and you will get a simple summary.

In your browser, a lot of texts including lengthy pdf articles will be processed by this software. You will get a summary of 7% of the total article. One does not need to read long articles to summarize them but the tool does not support import file or download result functions.

10. Autosummarizer

Best Text Summarization Tools

If you want a summary in quick time, this is the tool for you. With the set-up of 5 to 10 sentences, one will get short summaries with minimum functions. The tool does not need registration and is free.

However, you can’t summarize web pages or files. To avoid persistent ads, you must need an ad-blocker while you work on this tool.

11. Text Compactor

Best Text Summarization Tools

You can set the percentage of summary to get results from this simple summarizing tool. The website is ad-free and doesn’t need registration. The desired output can be set between 1 to 100%. Resetting of percentage is available till you get satisfactory results.

However, this easy-to-use tool has no support to import files or URLs.

12. Resoomer – Text Summarization Tools

Best Text Summarization Tools

It is a paraphrasing and summarizing tool in various languages. You can select the size of the summary in words and percentage along with the number of keywords.

A major flaw is, it works for only argumentative statements. It contains a lot of ads and does not support the import of files.

With the help of these tools, one can get the most appropriate summary for his papers and also save precious time. The results of these tools are widely accepted and now, it is a normal procedure to generate a summary through these tools.