Top 12 IP Scanner Tools for Network Administrators

Network administration is not an easy job as you need to keep vigil all the time. One of the main challenges involves the daily activities of a network administrator is to manage IP addresses.

It gets messy when you are handling thousands of IP addresses in a large organization. This is where IP scanning tools become handy for network administrators. It mainly helps them in scan IP addresses, identifies loopholes and manages them easily,

In this article, we will discuss the top 12 IP scanning tools for network administrators.  

Solarwinds Free Port Scanner

When it comes to IP scanning, the SolarWinds port scanner tops the list as it provides a complete solution for network administrators. It is available completely for free and assists in scanning a range of IP addresses.

It also provides a list of all IP addresses currently in use. The free port scanner also provides an option for the network administrator to limit the scanning to a particular port range.

One of the best things about SolarWinds Free Port Scanner is that it uses multi-threading for faster IP scanning. SolarWinds is a renowned company for developing high-quality IT infrastructure monitoring software and solutions.


  • Schedule IP scans
  • Uses multi-threading
  • Save scan profiles

Price:                Free

ManageEngine OpUtils

Next on our list of the top 12 IP scanner tools for network administrators is ManageEngine OpUtils. It is a complete suite of network monitoring and management tools.

The tools available in the package includes IP address manager, switch port mapper along with a port scanning tool. It also provides a free version of OpUtils which doesn’t include the IP address manager.

It comes with handy network diagnostic tools, TraceRoute and some ping utilities too. There is a free trial period of 30 days available for the paid version of OpUtils. The tools are available only for Windows and Linux.


  • A complete suite of network monitoring tools
  • Easily manage your IP addresses and switch ports
  • Rogue device detection
  • Bandwidth monitor

Price:                Both free and paid version available (Free trial 30 days)

Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is another handy tool available for network administrators to scan and manage IP addresses in their network. It is a free network scanning tool available only for Windows.

Using the Advanced IP Scanner, network administrators can easily get a complete list of devices connected to the network including their IP address, MAC address, port number, manufacturer details and OS etc.

Another highlight of this tool is that automatically detected RDPs in client systems to help network administrators remotely manage and administer them.


  • Remotely manage devices using RAdmin
  • Get a list of all connected devices
  • Access to network shared folders
  • Find the MAC addresses.

Price:                Free

Free IP Scanner

As the name suggests, the Free IP scanner is available completely for free. It not only scans IP addresses, but also scans available ports as well. Not only network administrators, but normal users also can largely benefit from this tool.

Using multi-threading, this IP scanner allows network administrators to scan hundreds of devices in quick time. The Free IP scanner pings each and every device to see if it is active.

It also provides options for the network administrator to export the results in a text file.


  • Multi-threaded technology
  • Fully configurable port scan
  • 100% Free
  • Scan multiple targets at once

Price:                Free

Angry IP Scanner

Next on our review of the best IP scanning tools for network administrators is the Angry IP Scanner. People looking for a fast and effective IP scanner can check out this scanning tool.

It allows network administrators to scan any range of IP addresses and ports. It is a lightweight and cross-platform scanning tool.

One of the highlights of this tool is that you don’t need to install it. It is kind of a plug and play software. All you need to do is just copy the application in your system and run it immediately.


  • Lightweight and fast IP scanner
  • No installation required
  • Exports results in various formats
  • Uses multi-threading

Price:                Free

LansWeeper IP Scanner

Lansweeper is a fast and powerful network IP scanner that helps you scan all ports available and get all the information required. It offers both a free and paid version. While you can avail all the features in the free version, it only supports up to 100 assets.

If you wish to scan more than 100 assets, you need to pay 1€ for every additional asset. Additionally, you also get premium support from the team too.

Using Lansweeper you can either scan a specific range of Ips or a specific IP. You can get a complete list of all assets including routers, switches, printers, systems etc.


  • Auto scan IP ranges
  • Export results in various formats
  • Schedule scans

Price:                Free and paid versions available


Nmap (Network Mapper) is another widely used port scanners by network administrators. It is a completely opensource scanner and provides a great set of features and flexibility to the users.

The task of daily reconnaissance work performed by network admins are made completely easy with Nmap. Using Nmap, admins can easily create packets and point them towards a specific target and get the response.

Even though it may be a little tough for beginners at the start, it offers various scanning possibilities for the users.


  • Widely used scanner
  • Configure IP range effectively
  • Perform NSE scripts

Price:                Free


MyLanViewer is another popular IP scanning tool amongst network admins. It provides a complete suite of network utilities allowing admins to take control of their LAN (local area network).

Using the MyLanViewer, admins can easily track all IP addresses, MA addresses and other shared folder in the network. Admins can also remotely shutdown devices connected to the network.

Network admins can monitor every device in the network including hidden ones on your subnet. It also alerts admins when a new device is added to the network. It comes with an easy-to-use user interface and extremely easy to install as well.


  • Remotely shutdown and log-off devices
  • View netstat details
  • View shared folders
  • Find rogue DHCP servers.

Price:                Free

PRTG Network Monitor

Next on our review, we take a look at the PRTG network monitor. It provides network admins to take complete control of the network. During the installation, the scanner searches for all available IP addresses in its range and provides a full list once the installation is completed.

Hence, you can gain control right from the word go. It also allows network admins to receive alerts during any disruption in the network. With PRTG network monitor, admins knew exactly what happens within the IP Range.

It is available as a free and a paid version and 30-day free trial is also available for the paid version.


  • 360-degree safety
  • IP Sensor
  • IP Sniffer
  • Excellent dashboard and reporting tools

Price:                Free and Paid version available

SpiceWorks IP Scanner

Spiceworks IP Scanner is a completely free IP scanning tool that helps admins to scan for all devices in the IP range. The basic scan provides all details of the devices connected to the network including their IP address, active status, MAC address, open ports, OS and vendor etc.

The scanning tool is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. If you are looking for a tool to provide a quick lookup of all connected devices in your network, you can use this tool.


  • Auto scan IP addresses
  • Document your IT devices
  • Identify security holes in your network

Price:                Free

Network Scanner From Lizard Systems

Next on our list is the Network Scanner tool from Lizard Systems. If you are looking for an IP scanning tool to effectively scan large corporate networks, then this is the ideal tool for you.

It can easily scan hundreds of devices in huge network environments and can also be used for personal use too. It provides every bit of information including shared resources, connected devices and their details, FTP and other resources etc.


  • Easy to use
  • Customizable filtering options
  • Network resource audit

Price:                $79.95

ARP Scan

Last but not least, ARP Scan is an intelligent and quick packet scanner. It provides complete details about all connected IPV4 devices in your subnet.

Since the scanning tool cannot be routed, it works only within your local network (LAN). One of the highlights of this tool is its ability to find devices even behind a firewall.


  • Detects all active devices in the network
  • Detects even hidden devices behind firewall

Price:                $7/month

Final Thoughts

Even though open ports are considered a gateway into the network, it can prove to be disastrous if not managed properly. This is where these IP and port scanning tools play a vital role for network administrators.

Hope the above list of the top 12 IP scanning tools for network administrators has provided all the information you were looking for. Please post all your comments and thoughts in the feedback section below.

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