Flowers. Foliage. Pottery. Plants. Fences.

Can you guess what are we talking about?

Why, it’s gardens, of course – the bright colors and the calm landscape, they alone can spark your creativity.

Gardens can inspire anybody, and – do you know that the web is filled with some beautiful garden-themed graphics?

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the best ones that you will come across, and which you can use in your design projects – these garden-inspired graphics are best for giving a relaxed look to your business, or say, an invitation or even art prints!

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best garden-themed graphic resources.


Created by Bibela, this design set features a collection of garden-themed elements that consists of people, plants and cats and is perfect for posters, cards, and fashion.

This set includes both PNG and JPG files of objects, shadows, and backgrounds.

Neutral Botanicals

Featuring a neutral palette, this set consists of greens, greys, browns, and other pale shades, that make them a perfect choice for use on wedding cards, invitations, digital scrapbooking, branding, and stationery.

Digital papers, floral images, muted design elements along with watercolor brush strokes and textures are only a few of the goodies that you are going to find in this pack.

Inspired by nature, this pack is created by Momo Studio.

Be Delicious

What’s a garden without a garden-themed party?

With this pack created by Bloomart Webvilla, you are to going to find the same elements that you can expect at a garden-themed party. Cupcakes, pies, and slices of cake in the form of 4 seamless patterns, 20+ PNG and JPG files are what you can find in this package, thus making this set perfect for invitations, cards, weddings, branding, and posters.

Spring Garden

Created by Risiana Vasiukova, this set is perfect for product packaging, greeting cards, and apparel design as it features various garden-themed elements such as florals, buds, candles, cherries, watering can and such.

Plus, you also get access to a poster, 30+ floral elements, along with 6 seamless patterns that you can use in your design projects.


Created by Studio Edyth, this set features green leaf illustrations that are made entirely by hand and in watercolor.

Featuring various watercolor based garden-inspired graphics, this set comes with 30 hand-painted greenery leaf illustrations, 4 wreaths, and 4 greenery frames, thus making this pack a great choice for wedding stationery, logos and branding, web design, and even package design, to name a few.


Also created by Bloomart Webvilla, this pack features various collections of bright and lively clipart graphics that can be used in invitations, cards, wedding invitations, DIY projects, greeting cards, and logos.

Inspired by nature, this pack consists of a whopping 100+ floral elements that come in the format of EPS and PNG files.


Created by Ann Astro, this set features clipart that takes inspiration from the colors and shapes of the mango fruit.

Consisting of watercolor patterns and elements, this pack features watercolor mango trees with leaves, slices, and flowers, thus making it a fun garden-inspired theme to be used on wrapping papers, textiles, and even wallpaper.

Herbs & Spices

Created by Marina, this set features beautiful drawings of herbs and spices as well as backgrounds, that can be used in posters for food festivals, or any food-related blogs and websites.

They can even be used in marketing materials such as banners, invitation cards and such.


This set is quite unique from the others that are mentioned in this list – the reason being that the creator Turning Moss had made use of natural photographic elements from real daffodils to make floral and green elements to create realistic scenes.

A great choice to be used in graphic designs, banners, and even greeting cards, this set consists of 20+ floral elements and 10+ green elements.


Created by NekoShki, this set features cute garden-inspired elements such as home plants and which means, that you are going to find elements such as cactus and succulents!!

Consisting of 50+ graphic elements, 5+ seamless patterns, and 2+ illustrations, this set can be used for craft projects, stickers, card making, and even, digital scrapbooking.

Gardening in Watercolor

Right from a watering can to a seed packet, potted plants to a greenhouse, every element that is related to a garden – you are going to find in this pack.
Created by DigitalArtsi, this pack consists of 20+ transparent PNG images that can be used in stationery, greeting cards, scrapbooking, craft projects, to name a few.

Gentle Garden

Created by Uniyok, this set features gentle garden-themed graphic elements that are teamed with bold colors.

Consisting of seamless pattern with 50+ garden-inspired elements, this set is great for use on websites, invitations, product packaging, to name a few.

Chilling Garden

Inspired by elements that evoke femininity and love, this set is created by Jsolomatina, and consists of garden-inspired elements such as flowers, branches, cones, leaves, wreaths, to name a few.

The elements featured in this pack has the appearance of a frosty look, and hence, the name, and making it a perfect choice to be used on wedding-related design projects, and even textile design.


Inspired by soft and muted colors, this pack is created by Lokko Studio, and features dreamy motifs in the form of gardens and even, natural elements such as flowers, buds, to name a few.

This pack also consists of multiple collections of single elements as well as seamless patterns, thus, making it a great choice to be used in textile design, wedding cards and such.

Vintage Garden

Created by Olga Korneeva, this pack features a collection of bright and beautiful floral elements of every flower imaginable.

Inspired by modern flowers and plants, this pack has the appearance of a vintage-themed look and hence, it makes for quite a great choice to be used on design projects such as wedding cards, website headers, and greeting cards and art prints.

And thus, ends the list – now, that’s a whole lot of garden-inspired graphic elements that we have brought for you.

Go on, take a look, and get inspired to use them in your next design projects.


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