Being a graphic designer has its quirks – you get to work on various projects, and one project is never the same with others.

And just like that – you land with a new project, a project that is outdoors-based. Now, while the project itself is not uncommon, but the resources for the above-mentioned theme is a bit scarce, as we found out.

Worry not, for today, we are going to bring a list of mountain-inspired graphic elements. From the minimal to the bright to the quirky ones, we assure you – there’s something for everyone!

So, come and let’s take a look and –

Take your pick.


Created by D. W. Zen, this set features a mountain range of realistic illustrations that are made entirely with watercolor and dabbed with an Asian-inspired aesthetic.

Somber and rich, the color palette is followed by teal highlights that are furthermore complemented by black shadows. This set also features various sensitive line drawings, with and without shading, and the best part is that all of them are compatible with both Photoshop and Illustrator.

Mystic Trees

Created by M. Dricot, this set features dreamy landscapes and forests that are entirely hand-painted in a subtle naturalistic palette, that is furthermore complemented by birds in the sky that are half-hidden by wispy clouds.

This set consists of five beautiful landscapes, followed by two backgrounds, three seamless patterns, and 29 individual clip art illustrations.

Forest Mountain

Stunning, soft and precise – that’s what can be said of this package. Consisting of 16 different mountains and 43 tree and forest scenes – all of the graphic elements are intricately sketched, thus making them a great choice for online publications.

This set is created by Bea & Bloom.

Mountain Shapes

Created by Jekson Graphics, this set features a whopping 42 individual mountain silhouette shapes, along with three vintage adventure labels, followed by a tee-shirt illustration.

Right from abstract peaks to realistic snow-covered slopes, all of the graphic elements are scalable to any size that you wish; and the best part about this set is that all of the elements present in it are available in both normal and letterpress effect, and thus, contributing to the old-time design aesthetics.

Vector Mountain Badges

Are you on the lookout for mountain graphics that are sophisticated yet eye-catching enough to catch the attention of the viewers?

Enter – Vector Mountain Badges.

This set features logo-type designs of mountains that have a slight vintage look but they can also be customized as one wishes to suit their design projects. Plus, they come in Vector AI, EPS and JPG files.

Zen Mountain

Created by Carrie Stephens, this set features a little mountain universe that is made up of isolated images that you can combine.

This package consists of appealing renditions of mountains, trees, clouds, moons, and much more. As of now, this package has included a new feature, and that is – all of the elements in this package come off as scalable vector images.


Created by watercolor Nomads, this set features cuddly clouds and snow cone-shaped mountains in cute seamless patterns.

If your design project is related to children, then, these mountain-themed graphics set is a must.

Mountain Ranges

Created by Ghostly Pixels, this set features illustrations of mountain scenes that are created entirely by hand and comes in three styles – solid shade, contour ink, and woodcut.

That said, all of the illustrations are fully isolated in dark grey on a transparent background.

Mountains & Climbers

Made entirely by hand, this set is brought to life by Alyona, and features intrepid climbers in retro costumes that bravely fight the elements, with their efforts that are set against a background of landscapes based on K2, the second-highest mountain in the world.

Mountain Lodge Frames

Created by Kluge + Gran, this set features a rustic aesthetic of mountain lodges, and hence, it consists of antlers and twigs, berries and even evergreen fronds, that you can use to surround your image or message.

This pack consists of twelve frames with transparent backgrounds in both layered PSD and PNG file formats.

Mountains & Adventure

Created by Alex Rockheart, this set features 7 art prints with some additional adventure elements and 5 different sketches of real-world mountains.

Each of the elements is full of intricate details, thus, making this package a great choice that can be used in any mountain or outdoor-inspired design projects.

Mountains Map Set

Created by Kalinin, this set features winsome trees, simple animals, and rural buildings — all in clean and simple line drawings that you can assemble into creating your own personal kingdom.

The pack consists of both EPS and JPG file formats.

Vintage Mountains

Created by Barsrsind, this set features the imaginary world of the creator – with each of the dreamy features in the form of seamless patterns in two color schemes that make them suitable for any purpose from textile design to stationery or websites.

Call of Mountains

Created by Irina, this set features a collection of playful line drawings of geometric mountain shapes, with each circular image including a light-hearted sky feature, such as abstract snowflakes or a shooting star.

The graphics are available in black and white or in a simple color scheme, with one set featuring a textured background.

Watercolor Mountains

Created by LibreBird Studio, this set features a geometric fantasy landscape that is set against a star-filled indigo sky, and with each mountain face being rendered in flowing blues and purples.

Because of its delicate palette leads to a dream-like aesthetic, this package is a must for any creative project, that is sure to wow your clients.

And this is the end of the list – we have featured 15 outdoors or mountain-based graphic elements that can be used in your design projects. Right from dreamy palettes to minimal ones, there’s something for everyone.

So, which one turned out to be your favorite? We can bet – there are many!!

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