10 Tools for Social Media Analytics to Use If You Run a Business

Have you wondered – what’s the best time to post Facebook? Or what posts should you post on Instagram to generate encouragement amongst the audience?

If you are wondering about the answers to the above-mentioned questions, then, you haven’t used the ‘social media analytics tools’ – consider including these tools to your marketing strategy.

Today, the times have changed – social media is much more important than it was in the past few years, and with it, various tools, too, have cropped up, to let us keep up with them. Since the social media play’s quite an important role. It seems that now and then, new tools are being introduced to analyze them, but the thing is there’s so many of them, it’s become quite hard just which one is good or bad.

But as luck would have it, it seems many people have already started with the tools, and as per them. There are only a few ones that are worth mentioning.

Let’s take a look, shall we?


A tool that is best known as a social media automation tool – it provides the users with social media analytics. That lets them see which type of content performs best and on what platforms.

If you are looking for such a tool that combines both social media management and analytics, then, this tool is the one you can go for.

Google Analytics

There’s nobody who hasn’t heard of Google Analytics. It is known as one of the best ways to monitor your activities on social media. This tool even has the feature of measuring out your return on investment.

If you have a website, then, you can set up your Google Analytics in a jiffy (they have tutorials for that).

Apart from the above, this tool can give you a report on traffic that each of your social media handles generates to your website.


Don’t be fooled by the name – this tool can give analytics for Snapchat as well as for Instagram.

With Snapchat, this tool can let the users see just how is their content on Snapchat faring, and gives them details that allows the users to define what content to best post for maximum engagement.

With Instagram, it also does the same – but with an additional and unique feature. It lets the users schedule their posts in advance that will go live automatically.


Want to track everything on Facebook and Instagram?

Enter IconoSquare – with this tool, you will be able to see from where your followers are coming from. And what type of content your followers probably like, how the hashtags are performing, plus what filters are trending.

That said, this tool even has a feature that allows the users to perform audits on both their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Sprout Social

This tool is more suited for the big brands (it is priced at $500 per month!). It can allow the users to create social media calendars, schedule posts in advance, and even publish posts. As if that’s not enough, this tool also lets the users see what conversations are happening on social media.

Another liked feature of this tool is the offering of an agency program. That provides strategies and services, templates for reporting, and providing them to the brands who use this tool.


Despite the name is a common one, this tool provides quite a unique feature. Instead of looking at the social media presence or performance of a brand. This tool analyses how the content fares when it is shared from a website to social media.

Apart from this, this tool also shows the number of social shares that a piece of content gets. Along with the content that does best on what platform and at what time of the day.


Influencer Marketing is one of the most commonly used social media tactics for brands that happens on Instagram. So, it comes off as no surprise that a tool is needed to measure the influencer marketing analytics.

One of the most comprehensive and detailed tools available for influencer marketing analytics is TapInfluence. This tool allows the brands to research the prospective influencers that they want to work with, along with tracking their past campaign performances.

If you are looking to include influencer marketing as a part of your social media strategy, then, this is the tool that you need to go for.


Users benchmarking the performance against their competitors and reporting on the entire social media activities – that’s what this tool does.

That said, this tool makes use of Artificial Intelligence that lets the brands to identify who their target audiences are on social media and what are the influencers they most engage with.


Want to track and measure social media campaigns?

Enter the tool ‘KeyHole’ – with this tool, you can identify and analyze influencers and conduct market research by taking a look at what the target audience of your brand is talking about on social media.

That said, this tool will also show the brands the time of the day when the followers are most and least active, along with what type of content they like best for them to engage.


Specializing in Twitter, this tool will help you to compare the Twitter pages of your competitors, along with the followers that have the highest follower count.

It also lets us see when the followers are most and least active. Which tweets they engage the most, and where the followers are located.

That said, the above-mentioned social media analytics tools are the best in the business, and your brand, no matter whether you are small or big, they can help you in your task.

But remember when it comes to the tools, not all of them will suit your needs. It’s an all trial and error – your best bet is to see how you use social media for your brand. First, find goals and objectives for your brand. Based on that, it is advised to select the best social media analytics tools for your needs.

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