14 Free Trending Graphic Design PDF Books to Download

In the design industry, simply being creative and innovative won’t do – okay, they are important, but what’s more important is the knowledge.

Yes, we are talking about design knowledge – after all, they are the basic foundation in one’s journey that leads them towards success. That means, you need to have a good grasp of the most basic design concepts of design.

And that means, books – of course, we are talking about eBooks.

Today, we have brought a list of eBooks that you need to go through if you want to master the basics first.

So, come and let’s take a look at some of the best books that are sure to ake your design expertise to the next level.

Practical Responsive Typography

One of the most crucial elements in design is ‘Typography’ – this book will teach you the basics as well as a few of the advanced ones.

You will get to know how to optimize the screen spaces to choosing the right fonts for your design projects. The best part – this eBook is free!

The Design Funnel

Ever had a client that only gives you vague instructions on the project and then, expects you to create magic?

Well, this book focuses on that issue and will teach you how to turn those vague instructions into a meaningful approach – this approach will allow you to create designs that match with what the client wants.

Time Management

No matter how much a designer will say that cramming is good for getting those creative juices flowing – but in reality, that is only an excuse for not admitting that they have a time management problem.

This eBook focuses on addressing this very issue – remember that the better that you are at time management, the more projects you will be able to take on.

Breaking the Time Barrier

Working for pennies is not done – you have to know your worth. Well, this eBook addresses that issue – you will get to know how and what you should charge for your work, and above all, you will get to know your worth.

Graphic Design for Non-Profit Organization

Now, the title for this book can be misleading – yes, this book focuses on how to best design for a non-profit organization, but the lessons that you are going to learn from this book pretty much can be applied anywhere.

Even if you are just a beginner in the design field, this book is still worth a read, for its approach is very straight forward, and you will be able to grasp the concepts quite easily.

How to be Creative

Now, don’t you go arguing that you are already creative enough, and don’t need a wise-man to tell you otherwise!

But are you really?

Are you really using your creativity the right way? Has it even been unlocked to its full potential?

And that is what this book focuses on – there are many tried and tested tips in this eBook that you can try it yourselves to train your creative mind.

The Creative Aid Handbook

All of us go through creative rut at some point in our time – and while, it’s not easy to deal with, it certainly can be managed.

This book will tell you how – boosting your creative intellect and nurturing your creative well-being has never been easier with this book. If your creative health is at a low, no amount of expensive tools will get you anywhere – this is why you need a creative aid whenever you can, and hence, this eBook.

The Vignelli Canon

Massimo Vignelli is one of the greatest designers, but that doesn’t mean that he keeps all his secrets to himself – this book, penned him, will give you a wide spectrum of knowledge that will help you in various field of design such as graphic design, product design, corporate design, and such.

Everything there is to know about Logo Design

The moment you start working as a designer, your very first project will most probably be to design a logo.

A logo is not just about choosing a random image that looks nice, and pairing it up with the business name – there so much that goes into beyond creating a logo. This eBook focuses on the above – how a logo can tell the entire story of a brand, if done correctly.

Design’s Iron Fist

This eBook is a collection of design wisdom – how you can think like a designer to helping you deal with fear and doubt, from pushing you to get out of your creative rut to giving you tips on how to market your business online, and such.

This book is a must for both beginners and professionals alike.

Flat Design & Colors

People have always loved minimalism – and it is the flat design that fully embraces minimalism to its fullest extent.

This eBook discusses the best ways that you can use flat design and colors to make your work simple yet exceptionally appealing.

The Shape of Design

While most eBooks will simply tell you how and what to do – but this eBook takes a completely different look, that is, it will tell you why you are creating your design.

This eBook will allow you to understand the spirit of every design aspect and element, and as long as you don’t understand what you are doing, then, you won’t be able to become a great designer.

Brand House Book

If you are a designer, then, you must know branding – and this is what the client place as a top priority.

It is branding that shows how a design is formed and what story and personality it has. And without a clear understanding, your design will not match with the brand; and this is what this eBook focuses on.

The Freelancer’s Bible

Isn’t the title enough?

This eBook is perfect for all those designers out there, who are either working for an agency or are employed the traditional way. This eBook focuses on topics such as how can you market your business, how to license your work, how to effectively communicate with clients and various other things that could help establish you as a real professional in your field.

And the list finally comes to an end – that’s a whopping 14 eBooks that we have listed for you.

Go through them – we assure you that you are going to enjoy learning about the topics that these eBooks focus on.

Go on, hone your craft and become the great designer that you are meant to be.

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