What Time-Tracking Apps Should You Use as a Freelance Designer?

If you are a freelancer, then, you should know that it’s quite easy to lose track of time, when you are working on your projects. If you are looking to make the most of your workflow, then, you should take the help of time-tracking apps – not only they can come in handy, but they can pretty much help in managing your work life.

As for the time tracking apps, there are many that you can opt for, but the apps from the below-mentioned list are probably some of the best ones in the industry that you are going to find.



When it comes to time-tracking apps, the very first name that comes to the mind is ‘Toggl’ – one of the best time tracking software, it is specially designed for any teams, regardless of size. With this app, you can get valuable insights on business statistics, plus this app supports a super-easy billing system, which makes billing ease.

That said, do you know that Toggl has a free version – this version will let teams use for free, though as of now, only five teams can use this free version.



Clean and simple with a beautiful interface. Free with no bells and whistles. What more do you need in a time tracking app?

One such app is ‘Clockify’ – made with a minimal interface, this app was created for those freelancers and teams who need an easy way to track their time.

Granted, it doesn’t have many advanced features that many other time tracking apps seem to have, but still, this app does its job well, and exactly what you need – time tracking, project tracking – it is a breeze.



If you have been looking for such a time tracking app that’s loaded with features, then, ‘Harvest’ is probably it. Dubbed as a powerhouse of features, ‘Harvest’ is a business-oriented time tracking app that is loaded with everything that you need to get your job done.

Want to track individual time? Done. Need to keep your team on target? This app can do that too.

As per the app, it will either let you set a timer or fill out a timesheet. With this app, managing projects and looking after how your team’s workload, you can do that easily, right from your browser, be it on your phone, desktop or tablet.



Looking for a free app that will let you track time? Look no further than ‘TimeCamp’ – coming in two versions, free and premium, the former version lets only one user use it, while for the premium version, multiple users can use it.

One of the best-liked features of this app is that the reports that you will get from this app – they are fully detailed, right down to the time when the desktop is switched on or off. As mentioned before, the free version is free for a single user forever, but to get a hold of more advanced features, you will have to go for the paid version as it will also let you get team support.

Billings Pro


Tracking time, invoicing and then getting paid – that is what the time tracking apps are supposed to do, and that’s what exactly the app ‘Billings Pro’ does – and it’s quite good at it.

Sending quotes to the clients, tracking the time while creating invoice – all of these can be done plus many more with the app. And you know what’s the best part – this app also has Apple Watch support!



Want to create a balanced work and life schedule? Then, look no further than the app ‘RescueTime’.

Download the app, and it will run in the background, and no matter what you do – be it on websites or games – this app will let you know the exact time that you have spent your time, thus identifying the distractions.

The app comes in two versions – free and premium. You should opt for the premium version since it will let you block websites as well as set up alerts.



Many of the time tracking apps out there don’t have the feature of letting you switch between timers – but with the app ‘Hours’, it has now become possible to do so.

With ‘Hours’, you can easily switch between timers without any glitch and if any mistake occurs while switching, then, you have the option of easily adjusting your logged hours to get accurate results.

This app can be used on any browser or in any device.



One of the best-known software for tracking time is ‘DropTask’ – it’s free, and is much more flexible than many paid options out there.

With this app, you can either work alone or with team members and track time, and if you need even more control with more detailed reports on each team members, you can go for the ‘business’ version.



If you are a freelancer and manages multiple teams, then, ‘HubStaff’ is great for you. With this app, you can track the time of each member that works under you.

The app ‘HubStaff’ is one of the best apps out there that are pretty much an all-in-one platform that consists of tracking time, invoicing, payroll, scheduling and such.

Time is money and if it’s gone, then it’s gone forever – when your projects are not getting done on time, it’s your turn to turn to the time tracking apps to learn how much time you have dedicated for your projects throughout the day, by removing all distractions. Cut on them, and see how can you stay productive throughout the day.

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