10 Podcasts for Graphic Designers That Are Worth Listening To

Chock-full of information, do-able tips, and relevant information – can you guess what are we talking about?

So, what are they?

We are talking about ‘Podcasts’, of course. Dubbed as the ultimate alternative to written copy and video, podcasts are a form of ‘radio talks’ that you can have them right on your phone and tablet – usually loaded with lots of information, you can listen to them anywhere, plus you can also take them anywhere with you.

As for the graphic designers, they are truly spoilt for choice – many blogs focus especially on podcasts and are considered gems for graphic designers.

The Logo Geek

If you are a budding graphic designer or even an entrepreneur, then, the ‘Logo Geek Podcast’ is for you.

Hosted by Ian Padget, this podcast comes loaded with interviews of successful designers and entrepreneurs. That said, they will also take you behind-the-scenes and will share some of their secrets as to what made them successful, so that you can also follow in their footsteps.

Topics such as how can you establish your design studio, logo design, branding design are a few of the interesting topics that have been covered by the podcast till now.

Resourceful Designer

No matter what type of graphic designer are you – amateur, beginner or professional – the podcast ‘Resourceful Designer’ has it all.

Hosted by renowned graphic designer Mark Des Cotes, this podcast offers high-value content to all levels of graphic designers, as well as for web designers. As of now, this podcast has already covered more than 150 episodes and is considered a must for all home-based graphic and web designers for increasing their creative and business prowess.

Being Freelance

Chances are that if you are a graphic designer, then, you are either working full-time or freelance or maybe, you are working as a side hustle.

No matter what side you are on, you need to follow the podcast ‘Being Freelance’. As of now, this podcast has already covered eight seasons and focuses on the various aspects of freelancing in graphic design. Right from keeping yourself motivated to boost your creativity, and how to start your own business or studio – this podcast has it all.

AID Network

Aptly named ‘Adventures in Design’, and hence the name, ‘AID’, this podcast is renowned for its vast quantity of high-quality content. Acting more like a directory of everything graphic design-related, this podcast features everything – right from interviews to tips, trends to business know-how.

The podcast charges a subscription fee (monthly or yearly) for accessing all of its content because of its sheer volume, and no matter which subscription you choose, you will get access to all of the content in their archive.

Creative Playdate

Hosted by Michelle Kondrich, the podcast ‘Creative Playdate’ is a must for all those graphic designers out there, who want to extend their creative careers, while handing kids on the side!

This podcast – though more like a niche podcast – still has valuable content for graphic designers, from other walks of life – kids or not. As of now, this podcast has featured interviews, solid tips on how to run a graphic design business and such. If you have always wanted to balance your work while raising kids on one side, then this podcast will be right up your alley.

Graphic Designer Podcast

If you are a graphic designer and want to advance in your career, then, the podcast ‘Graphic Designer Podcast’ is for you.

Obvious from the straight-forward name, this podcast features solid information that is much needed for graphic designers who want to advance in their career – and the best part is that you are not going to find this information anywhere else. Right from graphic design, they also focus on freelancing and full-time work along with interviews of successful creatives and entrepreneurs.

The Futur

Hosted by Emmy-winning designer and director Chris Do, the podcast ‘The Futur’ is a podcast that is truly made for all.

If you have been in the design industry for quite a long time and has been thinking of starting a business, then, this podcast is for you. This podcast is known to feature creatives who have made it big in the world such as creatives who shows the way on what can you do with YouTube channels, entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, and those who have made their design start-ups a success.

That said, this podcast also features advice such as how to price logo design, how can you make a great first impression on your potential clients and how can get featured on platforms such as Behance and Dribbble.

Obsessed With Design

If you have always wanted to go beyond graphic design, there’s a podcast for that – Obsessed With Design.

Hosted by renowned brand strategist and author Josh Miles, this podcast focuses on in-depth content related to graphic design along with covering the very best of the design podcasts available on the web and in-depth interviews from personalities such as David Carson, Debbie Millman, Seth Godin and such.

Creative Honey

Hosted by Zachary and Maria, the podcast ‘Creative Honey’ features such that are relevant to graphic designers such as typography, branding, photography and such to both amateurs and professionals alike.

This podcast also features interviews from various successful creatives from the design industry and shows how can designers be empowered with points and resources by adapting it to their needs.

Grits X Grids

If you have wanted to get into the food industry, the podcast ‘Grits X Grids’ is for you – hosted by Joseph Szala, this podcast features topics that are based on design but are related to the food, restaurant, and the beverage industry.

One of the best parts about the topics is that they come in the form of conversations, which makes them easy to follow. Right from branding hacks to general graphic design, this podcast has it all.

In regards to design, we are so used to seeing them in either text or video form, that we have forgotten about how useful the graphic design podcasts can be. Not only about useful resources, but we can also find the trends and what’s going on in the world of graphic design and beyond.

So, does it makes any sense not to follow graphic design podcasts?

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