Are you looking to sell your house?

Do you want to make your empty home look good for the buyers?

Yes, if you are looking to either looking to sell your house or thinking about it, you need to consider home staging. No one wants to look at an empty house. As a homeowner, you also need to showcase your house in the best possible way to get the best price for your home from buyers.


This is where virtual staging comes into play. But this is a challenging process, and you can depend on a virtual staging provider or use a DIY virtual staging software to get the job done. In this article, we’ll look at the top 12 virtual staging software for realtors.

What is a Virtual Staging Software?

With most real estate listings moving online, realtors must provide an excellent virtual staging for their properties. A good staging grandly showcases the property and helps bid to sell at a higher price.

This is where virtual staging software plays a vital role. It helps realtors to transform the look and feel of the property in a presentable way.

Virtual staging software creates a digital rendition of your property to enable your visitors to take a virtual walk-through of your property online.

Do you remember seeing a 360-degree tour of properties online where you can rotate the picture in any direction you need? Then it is virtual staging software in play there.

Virtual Staging software can help you in many ways, like changing the paint color on the walls, fill your rooms with attractive furniture and accessories.

Studies reveal that a virtually staged property can attract 30% more attention than a regular property. Hence, realtors are jumping into this latest trend of virtual staging.  

Top 12 Virtual Staging Software for the Realtors

1. VisualStager

When it comes to the best virtual staging software for realtors, nothing can beat VisualStager. It is one of the most popular and widely-used virtual furniture staging software used by realtors.

It is a browser-based software that can be easily operated from your PC, Mac and tablets. Home staging is pretty much simple with VisualStager. All you need to do is to upload the photos of your home, remove any unwanted details, choose from huge library of furniture and other interior décor items.


One of the major highlights of VisualStager is that you don’t need to download any software. Since, it is a browser-based software, realtors can access it anywhere, anytime quite easily.

Even though VisualStager is not available for free, users can test the demo version using the photos available in VisualStager. If you need to upload your own photos, then you need to make a payment.

VisualStager is hugely popular because it is highly affordable as you need to spend anywhere between $7-$15 per photo. Users can also buy credits and use them for virtual staging. If you buy 10 credits, the price per picture will be around $15, whereas when you buy 1000 credits, the price per picture will come down to $6.99.

Pricing:       $7-$15 (Per photo)

2. Spotless

Spotless is a highly-regarded all-inclusive virtual staging software. The agency also comes with an excellent turnaround time of just 3-5 days.

One of the major highlights of Spotless, it is impossible for someone to differentiate between real and staged interiors. Such is the level of professionalism offered by Spotless.


A virtually staged home is a boon for realtors as empty lifeless apartments won’t augur well for buyers. But a staged home will provide a great impression on the buyers and will largely help in the sale of the property quickly.

Virtual staging plays a vital role in the luxury properties market. It is estimated that virtual staging properties reduces around 50% of the time to sell the property when compared to normal properties.

Not only does it add some elegance and attracts interest from buyers, but virtual staging software can also increase the price of the property to a great extent.

Pricing:       Light                     –        $79 per photo      

                   Standard               –        $99 per photo

                   Premium               –        $199 per photo

3. VRX Staging

Next on our list of the top 12 virtual staging software for realtors is VRX Staging. It is another popular service that provides virtual staging at nominal prices. Apart from virtual staging of the home interior, they also provide additional services like blue sky, twilight and green gardens to make it more elegant.

VRX Staging

One of the reasons that realtors opt for virtual staging is to grab the attention of buyers when scrolling through a large listing of properties. Even though the price per image is slightly higher when compared to Visual Stager, the turnaround is pretty much quick.

Clients also get a free consultation for design ideas from experienced professionals and virtual staging experts.

Pricing:       $29 per photo      

4. BoxBrownie

BoxBrownie is another popular virtual staging software service that provides specialized visual staging. With BoxBrownie, realtors get a huge variety of home tagging and photo editing options.

Apart from visual staging services, BoxBrownie also provides real estate photography services, image retouching, photo editing and 360-degree services etc.


With BoxBrownie Visual Staging, realtors can be guaranteed to sell their properties 50% faster than normal. BoxBrownie also provides a fast turnaround as you get your home staged photos in less than 48 hours.

Pricing:       $32 per photo                

5. PadStyler

If you are looking for an affordable virtual staging software service, then you need to check out PadStyler. Unlike other companies, PadStyler offers unlimited revisions of their work. Yes, while most of the companies offer a grace period for revision, here you can get revision whenever you need.


The only downside with PadStyler is sometimes the quality is not up to the mark. But you can always get it redone if it doesn’t match up to the mark. Another thing that comes to some realtor’s mind is that we should not alter the image of the house too much.

There is even a distinct possibility of getting into some legal trouble if you do a complete makeover than what exists in real. Some visual staging software services provide those option, but that is not completely recommended.


Pricing:       $29 per photo      

6. iStaging

Turn your mobile phone into a virtual 360-degree camera with the iStaging application.  The fish-eye lens and rotator help you create a virtual tour of your property at affordable prices.


With iStaging, everything can be customized easily as you can easily add necessary accessories and furniture from their library and create a LiveTour quickly using the VR Editor.

The 3D viewer allows you to view your property in an eye-catching 3D view to attract your buyers. One of the major highlights of iStaging is you instantly share your tour and share with your clients. Using the TourRing feature, realtors can connect with their clients and take them on a guided tour of the property remotely.

Hence, there is no need to visit the properties physically, when you can create lively and attractive 3D live tour of your property remotely. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Pricing:       Custom pricing

7. Cedar Architect

If you are a DIY fan and love to do things on your own, you can use the Cedar Architect app. This virtual staging app lets you create high-quality 3D models and imaging from your computer.


One of the most interesting features of Cedar Architect is that it provides highly realistic imaging. It also contains a huge library of texture and furniture to choose from. With just a few clicks, you can fill an empty room with all the furniture and interior décor you need.

Once you’ve added all the items, you also have the option to adjust the lighting n each object to make it look more realistic. One of the reasons, some realtors hate to use virtual staging software is that Sometimes the photos look fake and unrealistic. \

With Cedar Architect, you don’t need to worry about that as the images are highly realistic and of the highest quality. It also provides options to create high-quality 3D models and 360-degree tours for your properties too.

Pricing:       $59 per month (15-day trial provided)

8. Punch! Interior Design

If you are using a Mac and looking for a virtual staging software, then check out Punch! Interior design for Mac. Punch allows you to showcase your property with attractive interior designs.


Whether you need to renovate your house, remodel or home stage your property, Punch has everything for you. It comes with a huge library of interior décor and features to transform your empty room into a full-fledge home in minutes.

If you are averse to spending a huge sum of money to virtual staging services, this DIY software can get the job done for you. You can design the way you need and make as many revisions you want.

One of the interesting aspects about Punch! is that you don’t need any technical knowledge to home stage your property. If you are looking for an affordable option to home stage, then Punch is the best option for you.

Pricing:     $49 (software download)

9. Homestyler

Homestyler is our next virtual staging software that comes in the form of a free app. It is available for both Android and iOS and home staging is quite simple with Homestyler. All you need to do is capture a few photos of the property you need to stage, upload it to the app. Then choose the various interior décor items from the library and fill the empty space accordingly.


Finally, export the end result into an image and share it with your property listing page of your choice. This is a DIY virtual staging software. Hence, you need to learn the UI and features before working with the app. But it is not tough as while you spend some time, you can easily get accustomed with the software.

Pricing:    $19 – Per Month (Free version also available)

Pricing: $19 – Per Month (Free version also available)

10. Roomle

If you are looking for an AR-powered staging solution, then Roomle is your best pick. It is a free app available for both iOS and Android. Using Roomle, you can easily create floorplans and add furniture and other decor with a few taps.


Apart from 2D layouts, you can also create 3D floor plans and transform an empty space into a full-fledged house in just minutes. One of the interesting features of Roomle is that it allows you to design your own furniture.

With Roomle, you can create a complete immersive experience with a 3D tour of your property to attract interest for the buyers. Roomle provide various tools and you need to choose one that suits your requirements. For virtual staging, you can stick with their basic floorplan package.

Pricing:     €150/ month

11. Real Tour Vision

Next on our list of the top 12 virtual staging software for realtors is Real Tour Vision. It offers both a DIY software and a full virtual staging service as well. Hence, if you are good with DIY work, then you can choose the software.


But if you trust the work of experienced professionals, you can just provide the photos of your property to them and wait for a professional output.

For DIY users, their furniture removal tool in the software comes quite handy. You can easily remove all the existing/old furniture and replace it with attractive furniture designs.

Real Tour Vision is quite popular with realtors as it comes packed with a patented 3D rendering technology. Using the virtual staging software, you can create appealing staged photos of your properties to attract buyers.

Pricing:       $15 per photo      

12. IBD Luxury Home Staging

If you are into luxury homes real estate sector, then you will be dealing with high-end clients. Hence, you need more than a listing for your clients. This is where IBD Luxury home staging comes into play.


IDB offers high-quality and premium virtual staging services. No matter the property is empty or already furnished, you get a professional quality output in quick time.

Even though the service is quite expensive, it is targeted towards the high-end real estate agents and the luxury homes market.

Pricing:       $119 per photo     

Should You Hire a Virtual Staging Provider or Use a Virtual Staging Software?

When it comes to virtual staging, you can choose between either a virtual staging software or a virtual staging provider. Both come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

If you are just a startup and don’t want to spend too much money on home staging, you can opt for the software option. But remember, you need to spend some time with the software, get accustomed and design it.

But with the other option, even though the service is expensive than the software option, you don’t need to spend any of your time. You can just upload your photos, sit back and relax.

Moreover, with a virtual staging provider, they are highly experienced and provide a high-quality and professional output. With a DIY virtual staging software, getting a high-quality and a realistic output can be quite challenging.


If you are looking for the best virtual staging experience and not worried about the budget, then you can go with a virtual staging service. But if you want to cut costs and do it yourself, then you can choose the software option.

All the options provided above are excellent choices to transform your property and provide an immersive experience for the buyers. Please provide your comments and suggestions in the feedback section below.

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