With great quality free and premium options available, anybody can start offering limited entree content on their website to their memberships and subscribers. Whether you want to build a private communal or a premium online course, you should be capable to setup your website in a very short amount of time using one of these plugins.


Though the above plugins only signifies a minor sample of the several membership tools out there for WordPress, they should be sufficient for most user’s needs. Unfortunately there is no one size fits wholly best WordPress membership plugin, as though the above are all well rounded products, they have their own assets and weakness, not to reference price tags.



1st MemberPress up


MemberPress is the top complete WordPress membership plugin and comes with whole the structures you’ll need to make a influential membership website with simplicity. Different other plugins, MemberPress lets you alter your standing site into a fully-featured membership website without hassle.

All you want to do is install the MemberPress plugin on your existing website, enter your payment gateway details, arrangement your products, and start attractive your persons to join your membership website. With MemberPress, you can confine access to exact pages, posts, custom post kinds or any existing documents from your fixed visitors.

The plugin participates seamlessly with popular email marketing services, like AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, etc. MemberPress offers built-in provision for payment doorways like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net. You can also make dynamic pricing pages fast and simply. This popular WordPress plugin also arises with some pricing page templates to make a particular look.


Paid Member Subscriptions

1st Paid Member Subscriptions up


Paid Member Subscriptions is one of the greatest plugins to restrict product viewing, purchasing and offer superior product prices to definite members. Think of this plugin as proposing Amazon-Prime style eCommerce knowledge to your users.

With this plugin, you’ll be capable to succeed member subscriptions, grant and revoke entree to posts, pages, categories as well as custom post types based on your users’ subscription plan.

The best portion is that Paid Member Subscriptions doesn’t force you into a predefined structure because the plugin flawlessly integrates into your WordPress website and content. Setting up the plugin is so cool.

All you have to do is to stipulate your PayPal address to accept payment, set up subscription plans and protect your content via a metabox that performs in each separate post, page or custom post category.


WooCommerce Memberships

1st WooCommerce Memberships up


WooCommerce Memberships is an add-on for WooCommerce that agrees you to limit your content only to the registered members of your website. If you’re previously selling digital products on your website and want to sell memberships as well, then you should provide WooCommerce Memberships a try.

Keep in mind that it’s not a particular plugin solution for making a membership website. You’ll want to use the free WooCommerce plugin; but, for accepting recurrent payments, you’ll similarly have to install WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

The main advantage of the plugin is that you can restrict WooCommerce products so that they can be bought by members only. You can also deliver superior site-wide deductions for premium members. If you’re hopeless with your purchase, they proposal a 30-day money back guarantee.


aMember Pro

1st aMember Pro up


aMember is another complete membership plugin that has been everywhere for over a decade. Already you jump in, save in mind that aMember Pro is not a native WordPress plugin.

It is a membership website software built with PHP that also permits you to assimilate it with WordPress. Then this plugin was not explicitly made for WordPress websites, you might find compatibility issues with additional WordPress plugins.

Out of the box, aMember arises with all the features you would suppose from a membership plugin. It is transported with limitless membership levels, full-featured membership organisation, and 200+ payment schemes (including PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net).


Restrict Content Pro

1st Restrict Content Pro up


This is additional premium option, this period from Pippin’s Plugins. The admin user interface is well designed and it fits right into the arrival of the WordPress admin area, making a seamless integration on the backend.

Restrict Content Pro is very informal to use and there’s helpful certification displayed throughout the settings pages to confirm you’re capable to get started as fast as possible. This plugin is jam-packed with excessive features that provide you complete control over how your content can be opened. Restrict Content Pro is repeatedly improving and regularly adds new features to the list.

Upon install, this plugin provides you the capability to restrict access to your content in a number of dissimilar ways. You can restrict entrée to separate posts based on membership level or use types and tags to restrict access. Some additional features you grow with Restrict Content Pro.



1st MemberMouse up


MemberMouse is a best membership and eCommerce solution, which lets you make a membership website in minutes. The plugin is made with keeping non-techies in mind, and takes only 2 minutes to setup the website. Simply restrict or defend your website content using MemberMouse built-in password feature.

The MemberMouse plugin creates it easy to deliver your product and customize its delivery centred on membership level, duration of membership, referring affiliate and more. You can also setting what content is accessible to your members and what will be publication in the future through a content widget.

The plugin offers an excessive features and such feature is SmartTags – it agrees you to animatedly display content, member attributes, offers, upsells, downsells, and more using simple short codes. Put a conclusion tag on a validation page or thank you page and display applicable products after a purchase.


Additional features include – customer management, self-configuring checkout, share anywhere links, coupons, world-wide currency, group functionality, distribution auto-lock, prorated upgrades, social media integration, protected upgrades, overdue payment management, and much additional.

7 payment gateways are stayed currently – PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe, Auth.net CIM, Braintree, ClickBank, Lime Light CRM, and Coinbase. You can also sell bodily or digital goods, along with preserving a membership website.

Altogether this functionality comes at a heavy price tag, however. An appetiser package comes at $19.95 per month only agreeing for up to 1,000 members. Up to 5,000 members — $39.95 for every month. MemberMouse is a high-end and exclusive plugin, but if you are preliminary an expert online and eCommerce business, this is the top membership option currency can buy.


Paid Memberships Pro

1st Paid Memberships Pro up


This is an excessive option that will cost you nothing to grow started with. Yes, this is a free membership plugin that you can begin using now in order to confine access to the gratified on your WordPress website to particular users. There are similarly two premium options for this tool.

The premium fee plans will give you access provision including certification, premium contented and members-only forums, but separately from that, it’s the same functionality. As for the plug in itself, it’s got an excessive feature set creation it a solid choice for anyone observing for a no-budget instrument.

Some of the standout features. While Paid Memberships Pro is missing the aptitude to drip content over time, out of the box, there is a free add-on that has been prepared for just this feature. The plugin has been out by the PMPro development team and is accessible from GitHub. Information about the other free postponements and add-ons can be create on the add-ons page.


Pros: The main attraction of this plugin is that it is allowed to use on as several websites as you want, it also comes crowded with features. The third party add-ons permit for easy addition with a range of other facilities you are possibly already using.



1st MagicMembers up


If you are watching for a solution that will allow you to deliver an online course, or necessity a way to drop feed content over time, instead of creation all your premium content accessible to your members in one go, then the content dripping aptitudes of MagicMembers are topmost notch. Although some other plugins feature this capability, excluding MemberPress, MagicMembers continues to draw praise for doing it the top.

However, that is not all this plugin does, additional top features include. The list of features is exceptional and is well-worth testing out. This is a premium membership plugin for WordPress, thus you will have to pay to grow access to it, but expectantly the revenue generated by your membership course will cover the price in no time.

There are three price plans to select from and every come with detailed provision to help you get up and running in no time at all. The only downside with this plugin is that the control panel doesn’t use the typical WordPress interface. This resources the settings have the texture of being tacked on to your WordPress dashboard slightly than faultlessly integrated. While this isn’t a main issue, it can create using the plugin feel fewer intuitive than it should be and might be somewhat to consider when organising MembershipMagic for clients.

Overall however, if you need a feature packed plugin that excels at content sodden and sequential course delivery, as well as everything else related with running a membership website, then MembershipMagic is an extremely recommended option.


Pros: The solid content dripping and sequential content delivery create this plugin ideal for those seeing for offer a premium or member’s only online course. Also provisions multiple payment gateways for creation it even at ease for your customers to sign up.


Cons: The interface usages a custom design, rather than succeeding the standard WordPress interface, which might be perplexing for some users.


Wishlist Member Plugin

1st Wishlist Member Plugin up


Wishlist Member is a premium membership plugin that is famous for being able to provide you lots of control over how your content is limited and made available, and to which members.

This similarly means that there are lots of options to explore, which can occasionally be mystifying for fresh users. Though, lots of settings and extensive menu systems are frequently the price you pay for this level of regulator over your membership website and premium content.

The plugin moreover arises with a good selection of provision material to help you get ongoing such as video tutorials, support guides, one year of limitless updates and one year of limitless support. Wishlist Member is accessible for $197 for the single website license, or $297 for the multisite license. Developers might need to provide this one a miss though, as the plugin code has been encrypted. 

This means you can’t simply dive in and create any changes to the plugin to support it better fit your wants. Also, it’s worth aiming out that if you are an standing customer of Pressable (formerly ZippyKid), or plan to usage their managed WordPress hosting service in the future, they do not agree use of the Wishlist Member plugin due to presentation issues.

The Wishlist Member plugin can be joined with your WooCommerce store expending a premium extension and there are also an insufficient other add-ons for the plugin accessible here. This WordPress membership plugin does have the whole thing you will possibly ever need when setting up and working a membership site or restricting access to content using recorded user accounts.


Pros: Lots of control over just how your membership website works, arises with a risk-free 30 day test and join in with PayPal and ClickBank.


Cons: Ineffective to view or edit the plugin code so creating custom revisions is not an option, not maintained by some managed hosting facilities.


Cart66 Cloud

1st Cart66 Cloud up


Cart66 Cloud agrees you to do several things with a WordPress installation, containing managing an eCommerce store which sells physical products or digital downloads. It also occupations as a membership plugin for WordPress, agreeing you to sell and restrict access to your website using subscription payments and recurring billing. There is similarly a 30-day no risk money back guarantee so you can proceeds Cart66 for a test drive.


Pros: Also features eCommerce functionality for multipurpose websites, works with lots of payment processors, multiple pricing plans accessible, options containing monthly or annual paymens, good-looking admin interface .


Cons: Purchase needs monthly or annual regular payment subscription which can quickly add up over period .