10 Best Fonts for Brochures and Flyers to Make Them Stand Out

If you run a business, then, you will know just how much attention is given to flyers and brochures – and rightfully so, for they are some of the most important tools that are required for any business to extend its reach; that said, flyers and brochures also plays quite an integral role in sharing information about the products and services that a business has to offer.

And that means, the flyers and the brochures – they will have to make use of the very best fonts that the font designers have to offer; the fonts should have a distinct style that should come with an easy readability that not only creates a memorable look but also captures the spirit and brand of a business.

So, what are the best fonts that a business can use in their flyers and brochures? Frankly, you will be spoilt for choices, but there are a few that have captured the hearts of many – with their style, uniqueness, and versatility.


Venice Fonts for Brochures and Flyers

Found at Envato Elements, the font ‘Venice Serif’ is designed by Unio Creative Solutions. Just like the name suggests, this font is a serif font. Modern, trendy and functional, this font comes in a variety of five styles, namely – serif, serif light, serif light italic, italic, and serif medium.

Want to catch the attention of the reader at first glance – opt for this font and consider using it in headers. With a fashionable typeface, and add to that a sleek structure, and you have got a winner on your hands.

This font also comes with 195 character glyphs along with uppercase and lowercase characters, punctuation marks and special characters.

Neue Einstellung

Neue Einstellung Fonts for Brochures and Flyers

On the hunt for a straight-forward font?

Enter – Neue Einstellung.

The font ‘Neue Einstellung’ – though may be simple and straight – it is made to be versatile. Because if it’s bold look combined with a straight typeface, this font makes it a perfect choice that can be included in displaying, advertising banners and promotional materials.

Found at Local Fonts, this font is designed by Hanken Design Co. and comprises of nine styles such as extra-bold, semi-bold, medium bold, normal bold, to name a few.

This font is priced at $20.

Visby Round

Visby Round Fonts for Brochures and Flyers

If you are looking for a font that is a bit round, but yet can still be used in flyers and brochures, then, this is it.

Designed by Connary Fagen, the font ‘Visby Round’ is one such example. It is a bold font, but is round and has a soft and smooth edge, thus, making it a great choice. That can be used on flyers, brochures, and any sort of advertising materials.

It comes with eight weights and obliques, and can be found on ‘You Work For Them’ and priced at $8.


GreyCliff Fonts for Brochures and Flyers

Tempered by softened edges and vibrant shapes, the font ‘GreyCliff’ is made to be warm and hearty.

Created with a versatile look, the typeface comprises of both uppercase and lowercase characters, followed by Cyrillic and Latin characters. Priced at $129, the font can be found at ‘Hype for Type’, and is also designed by Connary Fagen.


Futura Fonts for Brochures and Flyers

Designed by ‘URW’, if you are looking for a font that can infuse a futuristic look to your flyers and brochures, then, ‘Futura’ is probably it.

Priced at $21 and can be found on Creative Market, the font is influenced by the Bauhaus movement in Germany and has found its usage in many renowned corporate worlds such as IKEA, Volkswagen, Vuitton, to name a few.

As if that is not enough, this font features a whopping 24 styles for you to choose based on your needs.


Looking for a beautiful font to grace your flyers and brochures?

Look no further than the font ‘Tokyo’.

Designed by Jen Wagner Co., this font comes in two versions – first is the ‘solid font’ and the latter is the ‘outlined font’, and is dubbed as one of the most beautiful fonts to use on advertising and promotional materials.

One of the perfect choice to use for displays, posters, and headers, since this font comes in two styles. You can either use any one of the styles, or you can combine both the styles to create a layered look.

Priced at $15, the font can be found on Font Bundles.


Looking for a vintage-inspired font to use in your design projects?

Enter – Whiskey.

Designed by Hustle Supply Co., this font is a perfect fit if your design project is related to vintage style. It comprises of three styles, namely – aged, regular and regular, plus it also comes with a set of Western European characters, followed by special ones, punctuation marks, and numerals.

It is priced at $18, and can be found on ‘You Work For Them’.

Full Sans

Created by Bülent Yüksel, the font ‘Full Sans’ is inspired by two fonts, namely ‘Futura’ and ‘Avant-Garde’.

Dubbed as one of the best fonts that can be used for advertising and the like. This font is the result of a harmonization of width and height. That said, this font also includes support for Latin-based languages.

Priced at $19 and found on ‘My Fonts’, this font is a full sans type font. That can also be a perfect fit for wayfinding and signage.


Also designed by Connary Fagen, the font ‘Venti’ is a sans serif font. And that is priced at $8 and can be found on ‘You Work For Them’.

Dubbed as a font belonging to the ‘geometric font-family’, this font has an engaging and warm character. Made to be inviting and versatile, this font is designed with subtle imperfections. That makes it a great choice to be used in headlines, headers, quotes, and short text.

This font comes in eight styles and obliques for you to choose. It is followed by Latin and Cyrillic scripts.


Produced by Fontastica and distributed by Designova Studio. The font ‘Origin’ is priced at $39 and can be found on Creative Market.

Inspired by elegant typefaces such as Swiss Design, this font is a modern and trendy sans serif typeface. That best represents the element of minimalism.

Want to create catchy headlines? Go for this font – all you need to add some spacing between the letters and see the result for yourselves. This font consists of four styles that you can choose for your design projects.

See, there’s a whole lot of fonts for you out there that you can choose to use for your design needs – business included, and that means, advertising and promotional materials. You are practically spoilt for choice!!

Can we know which ones are you eyeing next to use for your business needs?

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