Top 10 Exciting Ways to Earn Money Online

Sometimes we might need extra cash to handle our needs; we sit and wish for other sources of income while handling our daily jobs thinking that making money online could seem impossible or difficult to do, but they are proven ways to make money effortlessly online.

If you are looking to earn passive income online these proven methods are perfect for those looking to start an online business, working from home, those willing to make money passively online and also for individuals making it a full-time job.

Start Blogging

Create a website and talk about what you are good at, enlighten the public with your skills. Writing entertaining, interesting blog posts can generate cash for you through ads and other revenue options. Blogging success depends not only on writing talent but on commitment, consistency, creativity, and innovation.

You can start a free blog today and start making money it is pretty easy.

start blogging

Write for Blogs

Are u good at writing? But you have nowhere to utilize your talent, or maybe you are just in between places and have no extra time to maintain a full blog. You can write and contribute to websites and get paid. Just head over to any freelance website of your choice, create an irresistible profile, upload your portfolio and start bidding for jobs. You will start earning money in no time.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

you can get paid for marketing and selling people’s products online. Your percentage will be tied to how you sell and huge sales lead to huge profit. Many popular websites usually have an affiliate program and it’s pretty easy to sign up and start making money. A great one we would definitely recommend is Amazon’s affiliate program.

Logo Design


Learn how to make trendy logos and get paid. It just takes little time and persistence to learn and master some tools like Corel draw, Photoshop etc. There are tons of free tutorial videos on these topics on YouTube that you can start learning from now. After you master the skill just head over to a freelance site and commit to building your reputation and start earning money.

Write an eBook


Write about something you know and love and enlighten the public with your captivating knowledge and get paid for it. you can sell it on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram other ad platforms. The key to making great eBooks is to ensure that it solves a specific problem.

Fill your eBook with value, bundling it with practical information you have gathered and compiled on a common problem people face, create a book cover that captivates the viewer’s mind, promote your eBook smartly on the internet and you will start earning passively.


Web Development and Design (Website Creation)

Learn how to build a website from scratch and make money from creating for clients. You might be wondering how you could learn online, there are websites that offer free online courses on web development like; codeacademy, w3schools etc. it takes time to learn but when mastered there is a huge pay to it when the skill is fully utilized.

Online course

online courses

Do you have a skill that is desirable? you can start earning money by lecturing people online, sharing your knowledge and building your brand. The more your students or audience the higher you earn. You can even go a step further and create downloadable courses that require payment on download. This is where you really start earning passively. You may have to invest a little before your start earning though but once the cash starts rolling in it would more than cover your initial capital.



You love making videos but you don’t benefit or earn from it? YouTube is another platform that has made it possible for people to earn money online. Make the right captivating video, build your audience and get paid via YouTube content advertising system.

Please do make sure that your content is unique, useful and engaging. Also make sure to not to use any copyright image, audio or video clips in your video content. You may get a copyright strike from Google and your channel will be taken down. Try to be genuine while producing content. Get inspiration from other Youtube channels and determine what type of channel is good for you and stick to it. It is not easy and need patience and courage to build a good number of audience which eventually make you earn a decent amount of money in the long run.

Earn with Google AdSense

google adsense

Google ads are can be found in so many websites and sometimes when uses excessively it can make user-experience horrible. When used right it provides a substantial source of income for the owner. All you need is a website where you can place different kinds of ads. These ads are both user friendly and easy to setup.

Once your website can generate a substantial amount of traffic you can start earning passive income from the clicked ads. Sign up for a free Google AdSense account and follow all instructions. Setup the account and copy the given code to your website after which Google will automatically manage the ads for you.

Online Dropshipping


This business model is one with little or no startup cost but if done right can yield high amounts of profit in a short time. You don’t need any soft skills or what not. As far as you have the passion to do this you are set.

So what is drop shipping?

This is a business model where you sell products on a website without going through the stress of producing the product or owning the site (though this is optional) and when goods are bought the wholesaler takes care of shipping the product to the customer you get paid from the profits.

There are a lot of ways to make money online and the ones I have covered here are the best legal ways to do so. Using multiple ways, you can create a steady online earning strategy. But be informed that you should have a clear vision and dedication in order to do so. There is no shortcut and you need hard work. It may take some time and consistency to expect some decent income. But if you dedicated and consistent in your effort, I can promise it will be worth it.

Let us know if you have any opinion about the methods we discussed here or if you found some other great ways to earn.

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