47 Best Apps & Tools for Accountant and Bookkeepers

Every business or company needs to keep a report on the salaries paid to employees and the compensation required to pay. Along with that, the information about the payroll of new candidates is equally important as well.

But maintaining such records manually increases the workload as well as the chances of mistakes. If you face such issues and search for a reliable solution, you have come to the right place. Mentioned below are some of the best tools that can help you overcome any mistakes or losses incurred.

1. WagePoint Tools for Accountant and Bookkeepers

Tools for Accountant and Bookkeepers

In this Wage Point application, you have a platform to fill up the salary amounts, deduction of exact quantities, create or file reports, and deliver the salary at the perfect time.

You can access this platform through its online as well as web interface as well. Also, the owners can handle any direct deposits and even deductions from taxes as well. This application helps form ‘W-2 forms’ when the user creates the statement at the end of the year.

This application charges 20 dollars for every bi-weekly and semi-monthly payroll with 2 dollars as the base fee for each added employee. For weekly salary list or payrolls, the application charges a cost of $75, along with the base fee of $10 base.

2. QuickBooks Online

In the second position, the Quickbook has remained the most favoured application by accountants and businesses between the best of these categories. This application gives the opportunity of accuracy to the small business by providing unique features.

This application’s cloud space helps you to create invoices, reporting, reconciliations, and so much. Even the accountant can connect with hundreds of other applications using third-party features to help the businesses run smoother without any issues.

A monthly subscription amount of this particular application is $26.95p.m. Also, the premier version of this application costs only $300 from the user.

3. Expensify

Expensify is one of the low cost and high benefit tools in the market that costs $5 per month. A business can scan receipts in just a single click by using this application.

The features like automatic workflow needed approvals, next-day automated reimbursements, and even auto-synchronizations

Like Forbes, Snapchat, Uber, and Pinterest, many successful companies use this application for the accounting process.

4. Xero

This application helps the accountants regarding the book-keeping and so many other stuff since the cloud access almost started. If there is any feature missing from this application, you can find it in the Xero Cloud present for the users.

With the base of 1.82 million users using this application, it has come up as a better option than many other applications. This option also gives the users a new benefit f automation, thus saving their time regarding sales tax, email templates, and group invoicing.

This application helps the company to connect with any number of users without any restrictions. Thus, it again becomes the best option to be selected when compared with others.

There are so many options available for the manufacturers like that of Xero Bill of Material. This application charges $9 for sing standard plan and $70 for using the user’s Premium plans.

5. Zoho Books

This application has so many unique features: book handling, sales order, invoicing, GST Compliance, E-invoicing, and so many others.

This application has other sister apps like Zoho Inventory, Zoho Expense, Zoho Subscription, and some plugins to make your work super straightforward. This application also joins Zero CRM so efficiently, that it gives the feeling that people are using their offline books.

Also, this doesn’t need any third-party integration as other applications as well.

6. FreshBooks

This accounting software works best while creating invoices for businesses. Along with this, this application also helps the users by reminding them about the payments automatically. Again, this application enables the user in tracking the sent receipt as well.

It also allows them to see when a particular user got the payment and when he read it. There are so many plans available for the people using this application.

In the Lite plan of this accounting application, the user can bill only five clients, using their bank accounts for 19$. Also, there are Plus Plans, where the person can bill 45 more clients than that of the Lite plan, i.e. 50 clients for $25/month.

7. Free Agent

This application is exceptionally reliable for users who wanted to monitor their payments, track their expenses, or sync their bank accounts. The data stored in this application backs-is automatically backed up in the user’s cloud account, so you do not lose it anyway.

This application also helps the users keep track of employee hours and manage timesheets because of the built-in stopwatch that comes with this application.

Also, the price of this application starts at $12.60 p.m.

8. Receipt Bank

This application helps the users go paperless by just scanning their paper receipts. This application automatically reads and fills all the details without additional typing and enables the user to efficiently process, collect, and even publish their invoices and receipts. This application has more than 10 thousand people in the world.

It comes with free trial features to the new users, and a business plus plan for £ 8 p.m. by the users who purchase it for annual uses.

9. Gusto

This payroll application is a technology-enabled HR service that helps the business set up compensation for their payroll and later manage them.

This application also helps track work hours and pay taxes by gathering data for the forms like W-2, I-9, and 1099 forms. Moreover, you can use this application from any part of the world.

You can integrate this application with any third-party applications like Aplos, Xero, TSheets, Ximble, Clover, etc.

10. HubDoc

This application extracts all the information from the paper invoices, receipts, and bills and then converts it into the data form. It works in three steps for getting the work done, the first one is Snap, the second one is forward, and the third is upload.

Then, this data is uploaded in the user’s cloud account as well; thus, it helps the user escape from storing paper bills and receipts.

11. Wave

This application has proven to be the best application for small businesses looking for book-keeping software. Like other applications of this list, this application also helps the user create quality receipts, payments, and invoices.

The main differences this application makes between others is that t accepts the mobile payment as well. Thus application accepts credit cards and bank payments for the company to make its operation go faster.

Also, for this application’s POS system, the user needs to pay a little money. Each transaction by credit card costs 0.30 dollars, additional to 2.9 per cent charge (of total amount).

12. AutoEntry

In this application, the user needs to capture and then submit their documents to get them in data form, but also they can forward any emails sent by the suppliers. This application’s data is stored and hence remembered for quite a long time, along with Category rules and Tax Codes.

There are various plans available for the users like the Bronze plans which have 50 credits and costs $12. The second plan is the Silver one, which has 100 credits with $23.

13. Need a Budget

Need a Budget is one of the most trusted and used applications for small businesses. The business that focused on real cash flows more, to survive in the market, use this application a lot.

It helps in planning and also tracking down the expenses by the company. Thus it helps the company get a clear picture of the cash they have for the busy seasons and cover their basic needs.

This application also helps the business if they didn’t have enough cash by creating a budget for them. And for that, it considers the bank reconciliation statement as well.

14. Datamolino

This application allows users to get automated data by capturing their receipt picture and uploading them, exactly like other applications. But the top and best part about this application is that the user can bind it with QuickBooks, GetApp, and Xero marketplaces.

This application does rank on the top of all the list applications because of the customer reviews. Also, this application offers seven days of trial account with such a requirement of credit cards.

15. Nutcache

If a small business is looking for an application that gives every option needed in a book-keeping source, this is a perfect choice. This application allows users to place their logo, create invoices in unlimited numbers, and numb incomplete bulk to many users.

This application also helps the users enjoy the features like reporting, expense sheet creating, and all getting only payments. The pro plan of this application costs $ 5 p. m. when paid for a year at once.

The second plan based on Enterprises costs $12 for every user per month, but only when the entire a

16. ApprovalMix

The workflow system of this application works on cloud approval. This application allows users to connect it with QuickBooks or Xero. It replaces email-bases and paper-based approval routing, along with the complete automated multi-tiered and multi-role work. The whole workflow of the application controls the expenditure and regulates financial services and internal accounting compliance.

17. Kashoo

This application is for those who are entirely new to book-keeping and recording. In this application, a set of videos are provided to the user to get a complete outlook.

The user can purchase yearly or monthly plans to get premium features with seven pre-formed invoice-templates and let them form the rest according to their need. The application doesn’t contain any hidden files and costs $19.95 p.m.

18. Entryless

Entryless is the industry’s first solution for all the book-keeping issues. It is a complete automation program that helps the user from billing receipts based on any format to paying them through electronic medium till invoice closure.

This tool makes billing completely easy for every business. Thousands and thousands of companies like Deloitte, Mc Donald’s, The Economist, Subway, etc., use this application. This application offers a starter plan for $14.99p.m. and a premium plan for $29,99 p.m.

19. MileIQ

If you are tired of tracking and storing your expenses on a business trip, this application is best suitable. It allows user to do their stuff without any issue.

It tracks the user’s driving part and records every trip they have had; thus, it helps in a tax deduction. The application runs in the background and always keep track of each mile the user drive.

Also, after the track, the user is expected to make a decision here. For business drives, they need to wipe off the tracking history to the right side, and for personal drives, they need to swipe it to the left side.

20. Tallie

Tallie is the number one expense recording software and the quickest pathway to be followed by the user to jump from preparing receipt to getting balance sheet.

The user should enter all their expenses in the application and approve them according to where they belong, and the whole accounting part will be done by itself.

There are various videos available to make the user understand it better. This app offers a basic accounting plan which costs $50 p.m. and a cash control plan for $95 p.m.

21. Vyapar

This application is the simplest method of recording Inventories, preparing Invoicing, and using accounting software. It has a friendly user-interface, which makes working fast.

Also, it helps the small business to go for complete paperless. This application also allows the user to track down the cash-out, cash-in, cheque payable/receivables, etc.

Also, it doesn’t need an internet connection for processing. The starting price of this application is $27.76, according to the device per month.

22. Procurify

This application gives so many features to the person like track purchases, streamline approvals, purchase insight, and many more. It also helps the user in expenditure control and accessing through remote means.

The best benefit given to this application’s users is the end-to-end workflows for purchasing something, customized approvals, managing vendors, and expenses.

23. Concur Travel & Expense

This application works as a complete package of expenses integration with travelling booking of all the business trips. This application also helps the user in getting an expense claim as well.

This application maintains the data source’s integrity by considering all the e-receipts users got from any supplier, credit card transaction, and cash advance management.

24. Expend

Expend is a kind of application that helps maintain track of all the employee expenses and credit card charges along with the limits. Also, this application proves helpful in various industries like structure, architecture, communication, etc.

The charges of this application start with $6.99 p.m., but there is a free trial version available for the users to get a hold of it.

25. Horizon ERP

This application comes with complete modules for the user to understand the method of using it. Along with that, there are various accounting modules available for it.

These applications suit those businesses that have more than 100 deals at one particular time. This application gives the user the option to make it comfortable, letting all the primary and secondary players perform their tasks.

You can buy this application using a one-time payment of $191.75.

26. Fraxinus Books ERP

This application is an integrated program of all the functions like stock management, accounting, GST filing on the advance level, and so much more. This application works on both the website as well as the mobile form as well.

This application’s price range starts at $180.56, paid only on a time basis for lifetime use.

27. Shoeboxed

This application is so much to the next level to what we talked till now. It helps the user in scanning and generating paper receipts to the online data format. This application also assists the user by sending them prepaid envelopes in which the user has to fill all their paper receipt and send it back to the company.

Then the Shoeboxed company does all the rest of the work by themselves. They do make the life of an accountant so much easier. Also, there are offers given by this application for additional features as well. This application’s startup plan costs $ 18 p. m., while the professional plan costs $436p.m.

28. MProfit for Accounting

This application offers the best platform for the management and accountancy techniques used by traders, investors, advisors, family offices, corporates, and even the Chartered accounts to manage its stock.

You can access this application by placing a request through its website or application.

29. Vic.ai

Vic.ai is one of those kinds of applications that keeps bringing new features to their system, making the process transparent. This application is soon going to launch an Artificial Intelligence-based architecture.

This application is a platform for enterprises finance as well as for accounting firms.

30. Profit Books

This application is one of the best solutions for the fastest work programs of small business. This software helps the user store the information in both online and offline software solutions available.

The starting price structure of this application is $83.32 yearly.

31. Practice Ignition

Practice Ignition is one of the most favoured applications of all the accountants and businesses. It helps the firms in creating proposals and sending engagement letters in just a few seconds.

This application also helps all the invoices generated by the company to get stored in the cloud storage. This application user can request the payment information from any of their clients and gain acceptance.

You can make the client payments and automatic collections using this application. The starter plan of this application charges $75p.m., and the professional one charges $149 p.m.

32. Busy Accounting Software

More than 6 lakh people living in 20 countries, with sectors like Industry Vertices, Geographies, and customer segments use this software.

The user belonging to the Retail segment, FMCG, Services, and trading is mainly focused while preparing this application. The starting price of this application is $100p.m.

33. Harvest

The free trial of this application is 30-day long. Isn’t it lovely? This application is for time tracking and robust tracking of every information and the online invoicing of streamlined flow.

This application also helps keep track of all other members’ timing and get a complete record of them. This application charges nothing for the Free plan which has the option of 1 seat and two projects attached with it.

If someone wants to have the pro version of this application, they are e to pay $12 p. m. according to the per seat with the allowance of unlimited projects and seats as well.

34. MARG ERP 9+ Accounting Software

This application helps small businesses and enterprises by keeping hold of their present invoices. Many people praise the ERP function of this application.

This application tracks a complete journey from planning to purchase to create a Balance sheet for the company. This application also charges $112.5 from every user to give them the full license of prevailing all the features.

35. Invoice 2 Go

This application comes with various time-saving features, packed with it like it takes a few minutes to get estimates from your professional invoices. This application accepts card payments along with Paypal as well.

This application sends business insights to the user every month through their email id, showing their expenses throughout the month and the number of Invoices they made throughout.

The user can also collect reviews and customer feedbacks by using this application. Also, these platforms offer four plans to the user. The first one is based on Lite in which there are options of 50 invoices, and the users have five clients and various other benefits.

The second plan is of standard one with 200 invoices and 25 clients. The third one allows the user to connect with 100 clients and 400 invoices. The fourth one is the unlimited plan this application offers, which contains endless offerings and five users to access.

36. Oracle NetSuite ERP

This software has everything needed from accounting software like revenue-tracking, financial planning, financing, accounting, and even the modules reporting.

This application also gives the user to sync all the data in the cloud storage as well. The business also helps the users create cash balances daily and increased visibility in real-time through any web or mobile access.

This particular software’s price range is available and informed by the company when they request it.

37. GoCardless

This application helps the business collect the payments, with the help of pre-attached bank debits; you can also integrate this application with that of Xero to fill up a new plan to get more clients.

In this way, the clients’ new payments will be recorded by them automatically in this application.

This application comes with two charge options based on different places. For the UK and Eurozone, the charges are 1% of every transaction, while the International zone has 2% of every transaction.

38. Chargebee

This application involves billing solutions, with an exclusive security province of end to end requirement. Also, it helps the user in tax management, payment methods, preparing invoices, and even billing schedules.

The user can get features like Quote-to-cash, SaaS Analytics, Order-to-revenue, and even Revenue Recognition through this application.

The user can schedule a Demo by the company, to understand the working even better.

39. Chargify

Chargify is mainly for the firms dealing in business to business forms of SaaS companies. The usage of Billing and Events is through this application. This application comes with features like accounting, subscription management, and Analytics as well.

This platform is fully integrated, right for billing scenarios, exact for every payment processing, and onboarding quickly. This application offers the features of scaling as well for $299 p.m.

This application at $599p.m also provides the offer of a succession plan.

40. Recurly

This application gives the users “Request a demo option”, for making the user interface even more comfortable for them to understand. This application is perfect in case of any new plans for pricing, payment options, managing any new offerings regarding the product and the customer tactics.

The working pattern of this application also helps in maintaining proper decision making. The first plan offered by this company is Core, which charges $149 p.m. and for the second and third ones, i.e. for Premium and Elite one, the option of contacting the company is given.

41. Workflowmax

This application offers many features to users like scheduling, time tracking, quoting, reporting, and invoicing. Not just think, but the company can keep a complete track of time tracking, job management, lead management, Xero integration, Quoting, and Job costing.

This application offers a standard plan costing $45p.m. from the user, and offering them all the explained features. This application also provides a full 14-day trial for the users.

42. SimPRO

This application involves keeping maintenance and project management in mind. This application also gives the cloud-based platform for storing the files. This application also suits nicely with service management.

This application runs entirely on the web version and provides the user with more freedom to use it. The users can Quote, Estimate, Dispatch, Schedule, and can do so many other tasks.

This application gives the user more freedom by connecting with Xero and Quickbooks platforms. For the pricing structure, the user should fill up the Pricing Enquiry form provided on the website.

43. Karbon

If someone is looking for workflow management that can both collaborate, Karbon is the answer to that. This application combines discussions, emails, templates, tasks, contacts, and so many other teamwork just in one place. You can integrate this application with Tsheets, QBO, Practice Ignition, Zapier, Go Proposal, etc.

The application has various offers, like that of first is Team plan, which costs $49 p.m., along with business plan charges $69 p.m. but only when paid yearly.

44. Accelo

Accelo is a solution for increasing your productivity scale and profitability access. This application helps the user plan their projects, track the results, and deliver the needed client work.

It is a completely automated program for service operations. There are a total of 5 plans available under this application.

The first one is Project costing $39, the second is Sales costing $39, the third one is retainers costing $39, the fourth is service $39, and then the last all-in-one ServOps which costs $79. Each of these charges is based every month with additional features getting attached to it.

45. Clio

If you have a small business related to a law-based firm, this application is the niche leader. It helps the company manage the cases, automate the documents, organize all the clients, run the reports, get paid faster, and generate bills.

This application helps the users a lot in tracking their progress and securing their business as well. It allows users to attract more and more potential legal clients.

This application offers various offers to the user based on their need. The basis started a package of this application starts at $39p.m.

46. Insightly

This application includes the CRM platform, which helps the businesses and accountants align sales, marketing, and projects teams. This application helps in personalizing the marketing campaigns, and hence increasing the sales as well.

There are three pricing structures under this application, i.e. for Marketing, building own bundle, and CRM.

47. CollBox – Tools for Accountant and Bookkeepers

This application helps the company in getting a clear insight into their operations. As soon as you open the application, you’ll see unpaid invoices first, and then you will be asked to delinquent the invoices according to their own need.

You do not need to worry about this application’s pricing structure as it is entirely free to use.

So, this is a compiled list of the best tools an accountant or book-keeper can crave, and each of them has a list of different features and benefits. Moreover, almost every application has a free trial that will provide you with sufficient time to understand the user interface. The accountants must use such applications to escape any error and get a clear picture of their business profitability.

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