15 Best Productivity Websites To Outsmart Others

I am sure that like every entrepreneur you feel that you do not have time for everything. That is why you must want to find a way to carry out your tasks in the most efficient way possible. Thus, you can spend time with family or friends or do what you like most. For that, there are productivity websites that will give you many benefits.

When we say ‘productivity websites’ we mean applications that make your job performance more profitable. That is why we invite you to continue reading to find the 15 best productivity websites to outsmart others.

1. Slack

This website is ideal for setting up project spaces for your team. You can have online conversations with your team individually to clarify what is necessary or share files, etc. Also, this first option is worth it because it allows you to integrate different tools so your productivity will be increased.

2. Trello

This option is widely used by many entrepreneurs. With it, you can make different configurations to establish your project and add different tasks. In turn, you can decide who to assign them and when a task has been completed, you can mark it to let your team knows it. On the other hand, this website can connect with other tools with which you can interact like for example, Evernote, among others.

3. Asana

This website will make your tasks more productive as it gives you a whiteboard that makes your tasks easier. Another option that this site offers is the possibility of designing your project plans to have an overview of it. In this way, you can see the progress of your projects.

4. Teleport Sundial

This website is known for offering help to job seekers in different parts of the world. Its results are based on the comparison of the quality of life of the place, it shows the minimum salaries, etc.

But, apart from that, if you work with people from other countries, you will be able to have control of the working hours and their time zones. In this way, you can have more control over their activities and know why one of them, perhaps, does not answer your calls.

5. Skype

This application is widely used today to make video conferences. On the other hand, it is also very economical since it allows you to be in contact with your work team using the internet either through your phone or your PC. Keeping in touch with them is very simple and fast and you can even have a group conversation.

6. Google Docs

This is another of the options most used by companies and independent entrepreneurs. This application allows you to use spreadsheets and edit texts. Also, you can create texts, share them and allow your team to edit it or even add comments. The good thing is that if you are the creator of the text, it will also be in your hands to choose to allow someone else to edit it or not.

7. Basecamp

This is another option that you will find to increase your productivity. With it, you can create projects, add different tasks, send messages to your team, create a schedule of activities and send files to those you need. This application is very easy to use so you will not have problems.

8. Zapier

Looking to creatively connect? This website will help you do it. With it, you will be able to create workflows more productively since it has the possibility of connecting with other tools such as Google Docs and much more.

In this way, we can automate tasks and processes thanks to an action called “zap”. This is because Zapier allows the different tools to “communicate” with each other, to execute these tasks and save time.


It is one of the most popular portals when it comes to getting the most out of your social media and the different online services you use since it allows you to create automatic interactions and tasks with which you will be able to save considerable time.

You can think of it as much like iOS shortcuts, Google Assistant routines, or Alexa routines. It is about creating automatisms so that when you act with any of your applications, the other tasks you have assigned are automatically performed. It is a tool that can completely change how you use some services and social media.

10. Todoist

Thanks to this list of tasks, you can configure it to receive notifications with reminders of tasks that you must complete. In this way, you will create a habit to prioritize your goals. Likewise, the site also offers graphics that will help you see the progress of your tasks.

11. Pocket

It is an essential tool to organize the information we see on the internet, saving it quickly and having it accessible when we need it. It allows you to store all kinds of links, personalize the reading, listen to your texts, read them offline and various options that even the most frequent users may not know about.

12. LastPass

The Internet has devoured many facets of our lives, causing users to already be registered, sometimes almost without realizing it, in dozens of services that in most cases work through a web interface. This has a consequence: the tendency to manage a large number of passwords.

For that, you need this application dedicated to storing passwords in an encrypted database, which is protected by a master password. Its main advantage is that it saves time in management and improves the level of security.

13. Toggl

This site is used to accurately record the time we dedicate to the activities we carry out. It can serve both students and workers, especially freelancers.

You can record the time manually or by stopwatch. Each time record is accumulating and we can see them sorted by date and edit them.

14. RescueTime

At the end of the day or the week, sometimes we look back and ask ourselves. Where did the hours go? If that has ever happened to you, this site is for you.

This is a multiplatform application that registers the web pages, applications, and programs that you use on your different devices and allows you to determine the “productivity pulse” of a given day, week or month, according to the way you are using your time.

15. FocusBooster

Increase your productivity by taking small breaks in the middle of the development of your work. For example, work half an hour and rest five minutes, then start again. This last option that we offer you, although not the least important, is about to have a record of the amount of time you dedicate to your work and its progress.


You have many options to increase your productivity. Many workplaces nowadays uses websites to help coordinate their workflow and save time.

Here we offer you many options with what to improve your productivity in different ways. On the other hand, Slack is one of the most used sites. Feel free to combine it with other tools, and you will see how your productivity will skyrocket.

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