15 Free Hootsuite and Buffer Alternative Social Automation Tools

When you have a business that is growing, either by yourself or with people in your charge, it is difficult to do everything alone. You do not have time to be with your clients on social media and this can be a bit distressing because you know that they are there and your business does not stop and there are too many things to do.

To help you solve this problem is for what automation exists. Automating a process means doing your tasks without you being in front of it and, in this way, you can save that time for other equally important and simultaneous work.

In the world of social media, many tools are there to provide various solutions according to our needs. Hootsuite and Buffer, both are very popular to automatically post updates to various social media sites. So basically they allow you to schedule your social media posting at the time you want, which is a huge time saver for social media marketers. Even though they are very popular, that does not make them perfect. So it is worth taking a look at some awesome Hootsuite and Buffer Alternative tools. With them, you can save time without losing presence in your marketing with social media.

Start From the Beginning

But first, we must start at the beginning and you must ask yourself what your profile is like? In how many social media do you have a presence and what are they? You must ask yourself because not all tools affect the same social media, and some specialize only in one.

Once you have that answer, you can find the tool that best suits your needs.

Suppose you have a single profile on several social media, i. e., your company’s account on Tweeter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., but a single profile on several media. You need a tool that has two things:

  1. That can host all the social networks you have.
  2. Let me program each of the accounts separately.

A schedule is not the same as another or the amount of text for one profile than for another, so the tools you choose must have this functionality.

15 Alternative to Hootsuite and Buffer

1. Sendible

Sendible Hootsuite and Buffer Alternative

This is an ideal alternative for those professionals who work in the marketing branches in a productive organization. It allows us to visualize several important aspects regarding the audience that interests us and the behavior or reaction they are having towards our content.

With this tool, it is possible to personalize the social communication channels that you want to include in the user’s inbox so that all content updates will be on a single platform so that it is easier to act through it.

All the reports that this great tool provides us are free and much more complete when performing a deep and more elaborate analysis.


  1. Feel free to post on different social media.
  2. It analyzes your marketing results.
  3. Also, it offers you a statistics system with a Google Analytics integrator.


  1. You have to pay a membership to use its complete features.
  2. Its configuration can take some time.

2. SocialPilot

SocialPilot Hootsuite and Buffer Alternative

With this Hootsuite and Buffer Alternative, we can manage all the publications in our different social media from a single central panel, it is capable of supporting social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and much more.

Only with this tool, it is possible to customize our appearance on digital platforms such as Facebook. Also, it offers smart suggestions for your content, its elaboration, its context and what could help you increase your audience.

It has compatibility with RSS feeds, in addition to remaining a strong competitor against Hootsuite by being able to comply with all the features and much more, it has become the favourite tool of some marketers who like to add and control the content they add to social networks of an organization or a public figure.


  1. Connect with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr, as well as vk.com and ok.ru.
  2. It is an economic service.


  1. Its interface can be confusing for beginners.

3. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse Hootsuite and Buffer Alternative

This tool is mainly aimed at optimizing the publications that are carried out in your spaces on the web, more specifically those that are social media and that depends on an audience to become something useful for you or your organization or agency.

Normally it is considered “much better” compared to the Hootsuite, both in practical and programming aspects, due to the ease it brings us to use it to manage our social media.

It should be noted that it is optimized to be used in the most representative and important social networks of the moment: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram being these easier to manage through this digital tool.


  1. Its use is very easy.
  2. Create your post directly from Instagram.
  3. Also, you can edit each publication post.


  1. Its price.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social Hootsuite and Buffer Alternative

This is a very efficient and economical option for Hootsuite and Buffer Alternative, being of a much lower cost and good functions for the correct monitoring of our social media, having multiple plans for hiring and adjusting to the tightest budgets.

What makes it a good alternative for Hootsuite is its functionality to generate reports that support us for decision-making and content generation on the web, thus starting from a better perspective to start dynamic growth.

Something that may seem a great attraction for some of our readers is its optimization to work with large companies, this means that it is ideal for a much more stratified and complete use, thus becoming one of the best alternatives on this list.


  1. Offer service support to your customers.
  2. It allows you to schedule and post content on all social platforms.
  3. Free trial period.
  4. Its interface is simple to use.


  1. The monthly cost can be high if you are an independent user.

5. Social Report

Social Report Hootsuite and Buffer Alternative

Directed especially for users of the most popular image social media in recent years, Instagram that remains at the forefront of some of the online social media platforms is one of the most direct approaches that this great tool has.

This new option is optimized to schedule and control the publication, its time and the type of content you want to add, this includes that which corresponds to images or multimedia content such as videos.

It also includes a wide range of reports on the internet that facilitate the generation of intelligent strategies for the development of new and better content.


  1. Look for its nonprofit discount.
  2. Its use is simple.
  3. You can obtain a social media analysis.


  1. The interface can be a little bit complicated if you are new.

6. CoSchedule

This tool is ideal for those professionals whose income depends directly on digital marketing, although we know that pages and online platforms are no longer enough, we depend even more on social media, their reach and the management we have on the content we share in the same.

This Hootsuite and Buffer Alternative enables us differently, we have control of very popular and powerful growth social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among many others.

Also, it facilitates the task of knowing the current state of our presence on different social media.

It should be noted that it has a price that could be considered as an average, however, we perceive it more as an investment since this could be the alternative we were looking for at Hootsuite.


  1. It’s is great for a content marketer.
  2. It has an incredible amount of features.
  3. You can analyze your posts with its Write Better Headlines feature.


  1. It should improve its planning hours/scheduled posts.
  2. It can be hard to share the calendar with leadership teams.

7. MeetEdgar

This is a tool that manages social media at another level. Its characteristics are interesting and perhaps sufficient to be able to become a more than viable alternative to what Hootsuite offered us.

This tool is much more committed to managing the times and the agenda that we want to establish. Also, it is integrated with a calendar with which we can program the content manually or automatically. Thus giving us intuitive and dynamic functionality that works very well with the expectations we have.

Even though this option seems to be a complete solution and alternative, we cannot advise that it be used by advertising agencies since, despite the features that it has by default. It does not end up being one of the best focused on such an environment professional and complete as an agency is.

Possibly it is better directed towards a smaller scope, a freelance or even a potential influencer.


  1. Its configuration is very simple.
  2. The tool can publish content without you logging in.
  3. You can program the expiration of your promotions.


  1. Its cost can be high for some users.
  2. You cannot track and analyze your social media activity.

8. Oktopost

It is the complete and perfect set of tools for monitoring, scheduling and even generating the reports we need to know our current condition; the perception that users in the networks currently have of us.

This is a fusion of the different tools that are most useful for the management and administration of social networks, even their advantages go beyond Hootsuite in many aspects, making this option one of the professionals’ favourites.

However, and despite all the benefits that this alternative offers, its prices are still high and not very competitive.

Without a doubt, it is a Hootsuite and Buffer Alternative that is aimed at small growing agencies.


  • You can segment your posts by the campaign.
  • Its interface is easy to use.
  • You can keep track of your posts.


  1. Some of its icons can be confusing.
  2. You can lose your social profile’s connection without warning.

9. Loomly

Perhaps while being too predictable, its features do not propose something new or innovative, yet it remains a strong alternative to Hootsuite, with its multiple features for managing and controlling online content.

Something that may be a setback or perhaps a disadvantage when choosing this option as our alternative to Hootsuite is its incompatibility with the excellence multi-platform Google, this includes the Google My Business tool.

This is an alternative that is consistently flagged as “ideal” for those who are freelancers and growing small companies or agencies.


  1. It is easy and fast to post.
  2. It can set up one post/outlet all at once.
  3. Its calendar feature shows you everything that is planned.
  4. You can create outstanding ad campaigns.


  1. The boots can be annoying.
  2. It can be missing a few key features.

10. Zoho Social

Ideal for teamwork and compartmentalization, this option remains with the same type of functionalities that other tools have, with the difference of offering optimization for the work of several individuals on the same worklist.

Even with the ease it provides for work teams, this Hootsuite and Buffer Alternative is still directed towards growing small companies, so its operation is not suitable for more specific or demanding tasks.

This tool works very well with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among many others, perhaps its deficiencies end up balancing very well with teamwork that is developed efficiently.


  1. Its customer support is very helpful.
  2. You can try all its features with its free trial.
  3. Your company’s social media presence will grow.
  4. Its Smart Q feature helps suggest and schedule your posts.


  1. You can have some issues connecting a couple of channels to the platform.

11. eClincher

It is the administration tool for your social networks that extends as a good alternative for Hootsuite.

Investing more in the development of its functions for monitoring, publishing, and reporting, this is how this great option is seen as more than an alternative to Hootsuite, but as a direct replacement for Hootsuite. Its prices start from $50/month to $219/month the most advanced version.

One of its great attractions is the integration of the Pocket account, being able to convert everything we keep in that account into the material to share in our online accounts and social media.

Even though the time to get used to this system can be prolonged, the results are favourable for the effective growth of our presence on the most important social media.


  1. Publish your posts on different social media all at once to save time.
  2. This tool has is easy to use interface.
  3. You can set up it fast and easily.
  4. Its chrome extension is very useful.


  1. The interface is for experienced users.

12. MavSocial

Preferring those users who opt for audiovisual content, this Hootsuite and Buffer Alternative invests in the development of its functions to optimize the uploading and sharing of videos in the most lucrative online spaces; social networks.

Although among the social networks for which this tool is optimized, Twitter and Instagram, it does not leave aside the outstanding functions for social networks such as Facebook, for example.

It is a tool that also remains interconnected to our preferred email account for a constant feed of reports, however, it is exactly the sin of not having enough functionality in its reports, more specifically: its reports fail to present important information.

Apart from this drawback, we can say that it is the ideal tool for medium and small companies, which need a more dynamic presence on social networks.


  1. You can upload all your Social media assets to create posts.
  2. It offers a few unique features that other tools do not have.
  3. You do not need to download any additional software.


  1. Its interface can be a bit tricky for beginners.

13. Kuku

It is one of the free Hootsuite alternatives that you can use, as long as you are only a user. It will allow you to manage the most popular social media, with a sober design that will help you fully understand the tool, which is quite minimalist.

If its use is intended for more than one user, each of these will have an additional cost. So it is a good option for individual projects or for managing your accounts. Its main drawback is that Instagram still cannot be integrated into this tool.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Its appearance is very clean.
  • Easy to set up your campaigns and promotions.
  • It supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest


  1. Its support team is not so good.
  2. Its analytics should improve.

14. Stacker

With this Hootsuite and Buffer Alternative, you can publish your content on multiple platforms at once and also schedule future publications. On the other hand, you can communicate directly with users, so you can have more direct contact with them.

You will be able to see the statistics’ analysis of your posts’ reach and thus know certain activities such as the comments received, for example. Also, you will feel comfortable using its interface since it is attractive and very tidy that makes it easy to use.

If you are an individual user, you can use their free service or if you want to integrate a collaborator (you can integrate up to 5), you must access its payment plan. Still, compared to Hootsuite, this one is cheaper.


  1. You can connect with almost all social networks.
  2. Its free version is very complete.
  3. The interface is easy to use.


  1. Its optimization tool is missing.

15. SocialBRO

If you are looking for a powerful tool, then you have come to the right place, since this great option adjusts very well to what users are mostly looking for. You will be able to measure Twitter posts, so you can keep them constantly updated and active.

The use of this option is completely free and apart from its extension, its application can be installed directly. Its use is quite simple and complete despite being free.

It will only be necessary to make a previous registration and to enjoy a tool to which you can thank hours of rest and free time.


  1. It allows you to track keywords and hashtags.
  2. This indicates the busiest days and hours on twitter, which helps to know exactly when to make a presence with the accounts.
  3. Also, it allows to follow up en masse.
  4. A chrome extension is used to improve the use of the tool.


  1. It does not have an app phone.
  2. It supports just Tweeter.

Final Thoughts

Knowing these Hootsuite and Buffer Alternative and their functionalities will help you a lot to be able to spend more time running your business. Don’t be afraid to try and choose one of the 15 options to see if it meets your requirements. If you have used and tested it for a reasonable time (approximately one month) and it is not what you are looking for, change it for another one.

Scheduling social media also takes time, but you can put it on your work calendar. Dedicate a special day (or a few hours) and then you only have to check once a week to find out how everything went. Don’t forget the human touch, that is worth more than a lot of technical information.

We hope this information has been helpful if you are looking to have different options.

How many social media do you have a presence on? Do you automate the messages in them to save time?

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