Graphic Design is my passion is a phrase that has acquired a significant amount of fan-following. If you have come across this expression recently and want an exploration, then you are in the right place.

Graphic Design is My Passion

This article surveys the phrase “Graphic Design is my passion ” and does a comprehensive discussion about it. It includes answers to questions such as-

When did it originate? How did it become popular?

This phrase was posted on 7th July 2017 after it was posted on Tumblr by user Yungterra. Huh! that might have been a tough year as the new invention created a storm on the internet.

The post comprises a green frog clip art with a grey background. The text “Graphic Design is My Passionis written in the Papyrus typeface.

Graphic Design is My Passion

This post became popular within a short span and got trending on various platforms gaining more than 352,000 notes.

Since 2014 these memes have been posted by various fun-loving people. The funny interpretations have been loved by many and created a revolution, gaining more than 352,000 notes.

Tumblr has been used and parodied as the sarcastic and sarcasm slogan for the clips and images featuring the clip art, cartoon object superimposed over the cloudy and dark background.

Since its invention, this phrase has gained multiple meanings and uses. You will know further how it has been popularly used in the self-advertisements by graphic design customers and visual artists, resulting in various memes, GIFs, and memes.

This article describes the statement “Graphic design is my passion” as not just a phrase. It can be used by someone who wants to show the power of humor and how variedly it can be presented. This phrase changes the meaning of sarcasm as the intention of these memes are full-on entertainment.

How the Phrase Graphic Design is My Passion became Popular

The concept of “Graphic Design is my Passion” was found funny and sarcastic since the first post. With each day, posts related to “Graphic Design is My Passion”  is continuously increasing.

In January 2015, Tumblr witnessed the next hype when a user, hatchergold, posted a meme or an image with the text “staff be like”. Within about eight months, it had gained more than 131,000 notes.

After four months, another Tumblr user, dreamyacorn, posted a picture of an updated Tumblr logo on the original image of Yunterra.

This post became widespread and gathered an upward rising of more than 130,000 notes after five months.

Later in June, there was an addition of the “Graphic Design is My Passion tag with various memes. In this way, the so-called virus “Graphic Design is my passion” spread all over the internet.

In June the same year, “Graphic Design is My Passion”- GIFs were launched.

The post got so popular that it gathered more than 144,000 notes, a number higher than the previous ones. It gave a clear indication that the phrase was becoming more popular as people got more involved in this culture of making memes and sarcastically presenting them.

In August the same year, another Tumblr user, Kykiske, submitted a text post comprising the text “Graphic Design is My Passion.” After a few hours, Tumblr launched a blog with the highlighted images and posts which reference that post.

In May, a Tumblr blog answered various questions highlighting the posts and the images of the phrase. 

Examples of “Graphic Design is My Passion” Memes

“Graphic Design is My Passion” Rainbow meme.

It is the most popular and trending type of meme. It has a rainbow background and a funny cartoon object on the white background.

This meme has epitomized to depict how you can poorly choose the fonts and work with the images.

image 1

“Graphic Design is My Passion” meme with different fonts.

This meme resembles a top-notch product of the paint editor on your computer. Can you remember how the paint editor appears to be when you first started using a computer?

This meme comprises a mixture of various incompatible fronts and a garish of color sets.

image 2

The text in this meme can have various text styles, font-weight, and text-shadow. It can also have many other techniques making it more visually appealing to the users. Moreover, the text can be changed to display different information.

The Top 10 Graphic Design is My Passion Memes

Dr.Phil is my Passion meme.

image 3

Writing Designers  Graphic Designer is my passion.

image 4
image 6

Graphic design rules world graphic design  meme

image 7

Graphic design passion meme picks design shack meme

Graphic artists and designers use this meme for self-advertisement purposes. It is a sarcastic slogan for all images that has clip art, cartoon characters with a cloudy and dark background.

image 8

Graphic design passion meme dombot memedroid

image 9

Burden pepe frog graphic design passion

image 10

Graphic design passion irl meme.

image 11

Graphic design is my passion gallery list view

image 12

Several Users created memes to show that they have “that” thing which people call humor, for instance-

A user named anomiris created this meme-

image 13

In the same way, a user, weenie-Kun, justified his feelings that anyone can create a meme by this image-

image 14

“The Graphic Design is My Passion” GIF

This GIF has various captions with different rainbow colors and letters of varying font sizes. They are strangely tilted and are made unique by the attached funny animations.

Everything in this GIF is usually animated to attract the audience, and it is easy to create them too.

It has letters popping up, zooming in and out, blinking, rotating, spinning, fading, and many other animations.

image 15

How to make or change the background of the “Graphic Design is My Passion” meme?

“Graphic Design is my passion” memes have been popularly known to have a grey background. However,

you can create a meme with a different background color or modify the existing meme’s grey background.

Do you want to create a “Graphic design is my passion” meme that will capture the attention of the viewers?

Then it would be best if you create a meme that is appealing and unique. You can also pick an existing meme and modify it to fit your needs and requirements.

To make any meme background, browse the “graphical design is my passion background,” and choose any you find fit.

For example, you can choose the rainbow background from the list and give it a “unique” appearance.

However, you can use an alternative option of using the meme generator, or you can also opt to use Adobe Photoshop to modify and create your meme.

What meaning does the “Phrase Graphic Design is My Passion” have?

Since 2004 this clinched phrase has become popular to many people, essentially the designers or visual designers.

However, the usage of this phrase is not limited to graphic designers only. Everyone across the globe has used it to convey different meanings like teasing someone sarcastically.

This section outlines the various meanings this phrase can have. It also highlights the instances where this phrase can be used.

People use it to make fun out of something or someone. When someone tells you that “graphic design is my passion,” that person is just making fun of you because of a mistake in your rookies.

This phrase is used to make fun, especially if you have some fun dressing code and designs.

You can interpret the phrase for kidding or joking, but try not to be taken lightly and defend sarcastically.

If someone has told you this phrase, you should understand that he/she is just kidding with you.

It is a social media phrase. This phrase has gained popularity and took on a different shape to its spread on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Now, it is used for creating memes to compare situations and provide a snarky feeling.

This phrase can also mean to be a typically sarcastic statement that can be used in reference or to justify a specific terrible design.

You can use this statement, mostly when you have made a poor decision, such as selecting and using comic scans. This phrase is typically sarcastic.

However, one should understand that this phrase is meaningful in both production and fun context.

The General Importance of Memes

Nowadays, we come across different types of memes on social media posts, various websites, and mobile applications.

They are among the most popular things to find on Internet platforms.  Their popularity has changed the impacts of these platforms on our daily lives. In other words, we spend more time watching and enjoying them.

Memes provide an excellent platform for packing the social norms and cultural ideas into various nuggets of messages.

They can be easily shared and are fun in nature. You can use memes and share them without really thinking about their origin or history.

Memes are used for embedding a fun element into a conversation or debate. They are easy to make- you need to make a funny picture or clip with some funny captions. Sharing with groups, peers, family, and friends lead to the gradual popularity of the memes.

The List of “Graphic Design is My Passion” Memes

Social media users, bloggers, and other internet users have been using these “Graphic Design is My Passion Memes” since their invention in 2014.

They love to use these memes because they are sarcastic, and they fit in various contexts during communication.

Since their invention, these memes have changed and evolved to fit various user needs and requirements.

Initially, these memes had a gray background, a green form, and some caption. However, these features got modified depending on the context in which they were used.

These memes’ original gray background changed into a meme with a rainbow background that looks more like a colorful “antique” created solely for the purpose of entertainment. However, it had similar inscriptions.

The original caption of these memes, “Graphic Design is My Passion,” has also been changed to match the user’s needs.

Through these transformations, you can realize that the “Graphic Design is My Passion” memes have become different.

According to Google Trends, the interest and demand for these memes have not subsided since 2015. The following list comprises of most popular memes.

Importance of the picture in the “Graphic Design is My Passion” meme

Have you ever wondered the importance of the picture in the “Graphic Design is My Passion” meme, or what role does it have in these memes? The function of these pictures depends on the creator of these memes and their objectives.

These images are inserted intentionally by the meme creators for the purposes of self-advertisement or passing a specific message.

These memes make use of the weirdest fonts, varying font sizes, and a strange combination of colors intending to emphasize the message, advert, or claim.


The phrase “Graphic Design is Passion” has become popular since it became a meme in 2014 and has caught the attention of many viewers.

However, it pokes fun at everyone who has a little understanding of this field, and in most cases, they end up misunderstanding the intention or the message of a meme.

Creating a “Graphic Design is Passion” meme does not require one to be a professional graphic designer. Therefore any person can create these memes or modify the existing memes to meet their needs and requirements.

This is the whole history behind the phrase “Graphic Design is my Passion”. The amusing and chucklesome meme indeed brings a smile to our faces. The various stages of its modifications show the innovative minds of today’s world.

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