9 Free Website Templates That You Can Use for Your Online Store

WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Shopify – some of the most renowned e-commerce platforms, they have popularised the use of themes and templates, and with their help, you can make your online store look exactly as you want, and that too, without you having to know any knowledge of coding.

But did you know that you can also find various themes created with HTML and Bootstrap that you can use on any online store? And the best thing about them – they are free.

Whatever online store that you want to create, you can give the following e-commerce templates a try.


eShopper Free Website Templates

If you are looking for such a theme that is both simple and clean and leans more towards the minimal side, then, ‘eShopper’ is the theme for you.

Created with HTML, and powered by Bootstrap. The theme consists of a whopping 11 pages that make it suitable for any static or dynamic websites. Some of these pages include a blog page, cart and checkout page, product listing page, an AJAX powered form, to name a few.


Shop Free Website Templates

HTML templates are known for their beauty, and this template is no exception. Featuring a clean design, the template ‘Shop’ is a hub of scrolling animations and beautiful hover effects.

Made entirely out of HTML5, this template consists of a few pages, including the about page, services page, product page, and the home page.

If you plan to open a small online store with only a few products, then, this template is a must.


Prezzie Free Website Templates

Looking for a template that features a video slider header? Your search is over.

Enter ‘Prezzie’ – it’s said to be a stylish and extremely well-made template with just all the right features that you need to run an online store. As mentioned before, this template features a built-in video slider followed by beautiful parallax effects and gorgeous animation.


DarkLook Free Website Templates

If you are looking for a dark theme, then the template ‘DarkLook’ is the one you should go for.

Dubbed as one of the best free templates for online stores, this template features a dark look, and thus, makes for a great choice for online stores about either fashion or technology.

As for the pages, you will get pages such as checkout page, product detail pages, and blog post pages. One of the best-liked features about this template is that it puts a big emphasis on photography. So, make sure that you include high-resolution photos of your products.

Fashion Hub

Fashion Hub Free Website Templates

If you are looking to open an online store for your fashion boutique! then, the template ‘Fashion Hub’ is for you.

Made of Bootstrap, this template has everything that you will need. Like service list, slider header, a hub for Instagram, plus plenty of links that will point to your online store. That said, this theme also features a blog page, checkout and cart pages, order pages, and various product pages.

Sell Anything

To start an online store, in a template, you are going to need multiple pages. And the template ‘Sell Anything’ is going to provide you with all of that.

Made with HTML5 and powered by Bootstrap, this template features a simple and clean design that comes with various product sliders, along with other pages such as cart page, checkout page, product detail pages, and such.

If, however, you feel that you are in a pinch on how to use this template, then, not to worry! This template comes with numerous tutorials that will show you how to proceed with the template.


If you are looking for such a template to use it for your online store! that sells books, then, you are in luck. The template ‘BoiGhor’ is a template that comes with a clean design followed by beautiful animations. That perfectly suits online bookstores.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it for any other online store. With the design that it features, this template will suit any online store.

This template, though free, it also comes with a premium version – for the free version, you will get twelve pages, and for the premium version, you will get a few more extra pages, along with numerous variations of the available pages.

Toys Shop

If you plan to run an online store that features children’s products say, dresses, or toys, then, the template ‘Toys Shop’ is the one for you.

Built entirely in Bootstrap framework, HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery, this template features a clean and simple design that consists of numerous pages such as homepage, about page, services page, product listing page, and contact page. That said, this template also comes with a banner slider, error page, and customer reviews page.


If you are looking for a small template for a small online store! then, look no further – the template ‘Shopper’ is perfect for you.

Featuring a three-color look, this template features a homepage, product list page, product detail page, checkout page, cart page, contact page, and register page.

If you want to run an online store in only a few steps, then, this template is a must. As it lets you open an online store to the world in only a few minutes.

When creating an online store, there are many choices for you to opt from – and one such are HTML templates; not only they save time, but they are also fairly easy to edit, plus, you also don’t need to know any code, but then, of course, even if you have limited knowledge, then, it’s also okay – you will only need to replace images and placeholder text. That’s just it.

Of course, you will still need to add other features to your online store, such as payment gateway to make the store functional, but with the help of the above-mentioned templates, you can save the hassle of having to design the online store, and start selling sooner.

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