Check out These 8 Free Illustration Sources for Your Design Projects!!

If you are either a graphic designer or a web designer, then, it’s a given that you will need to purchase illustrations for your project – but the main problem is that they can be quite expensive, and worse of all, they may not be in your budget or vision.

So, what should you do?

Fret not – no matter what illustrations you want, and even if you are not in the expensive-club, all hope is not lost; numerous beautiful yet free placeholder illustrations are there for free to use in any projects. Art, icons, vectors – you are going to find all of them!!


Looking for modern-looking icons?

Look no more than the collection from ‘DrawKit’ – licensed by MIT, DrawKit features illustrations from various categories, right from abstract to gaming, nature to education, there are no categories that you won’t find illustrations from.

Made available in either two colors (black and white) or with an array of eye-catching colors, the illustrations – though free – they are quite easy to edit in any vector editor, plus, you can also use them in any project.

That said, DrawKit also features three packs of premium illustrations that one can buy to add to their free collection of illustrations.


There are many types of illustrators – while some focus on patterns, some on portraits and so on. If you are an illustrator that focuses on ‘robot illustration’, then ‘Bottts’ is the library that you should opt for.

In other words, ‘Bottts’ is a free library that features a collection of parts of robots – this comes in handy if you plan to create a robot illustration on your own as the collection includes numerous head and body parts of robots, that you can use in your project.

The best part about this collection is that no two robots look the same. That said, this library is designed by Pablo Stanley, and you can opt to subscription if you want to be updated on when the next collection of robots is released.

Streamline Illustrations

Are you looking to infuse a cartoony-vibe to your projects? How does ‘cartoony icons’ sound to you?

Created by ‘Webalys’, ‘Streamline Illustrations’ features a collection of illustrations that are created with a cartoony-vibe – consisting of objects, people and technology, nearly you are going to find illustrations of all of the above-mentioned categories.

What’s more – all of the icons are available in three styles, that is, monotone, duotone and multicolor; plus they are also available in various formats such as SVG, PNG, PDF, and IconJar vector formats. As if that is not enough, these icons are compatible with Sketch and Illustrator.

If, you, however, want more illustrations, then, they offer a full pack, and which is priced at $199.


If you are looking for unique illustrations to amp up your design project, take a look at ‘Ouch’.

Brought to you by ‘Icons8’, ‘Ouch’ is a favorite of many illustrators and designers. Their library consists of numerous art styles that are again categorized by subjects. Some of the unique categories are ‘page not found’, ‘logged out’, ‘bad gateway’, ‘payment process’, ‘something went wrong’, to name a few.

All of the icons featured in the library are made especially for the non-illustrating designers who want to amp up their web page.

That said, the library also gives you an option for a subscription – you can opt for that option if you don’t want to link back the illustrations, the choice is yours.

Absurd Design

If you are looking for such illustrations that are unique and a bit imperfect, weird and quirky, then, you have come to the right place.

Hop on to ‘Absurd Design’ – created by Diana Valeanu entirely by hand on a digital tablet, all of the illustrations are beautiful, and surreal-like, and are composed of two colors – black and white.

As of now, Diana has released 1 pack of 11 illustrations (they are free!!) that you can use for your design project for either personal or commercial use, and she is known to be working on the next two sets of illustrations.

If you would like to be in the known on when she’s going to release the new set of illustration along with new updates, you have the option of going for the membership plan, that is priced at $57 per quarter.

365 icons

Created by Amy Devereux, ‘365 icons’ is something like an icon diary – featuring 365 icons, each of them comes in two formats – PNG and SVG. One icon was created in a day, and that continued for 365 days, with each one related to that day of the artist on which it was created.

If you are looking for cute and minimalist icons, then, nothing comes close to this – plus you are going to find a whole lot of stuff (icons!!) that are fun!!


If you are looking for illustrations that are more on the technology side, then, ‘unDraw’ is your best bet – created by Katerina Limpitsouni, the library of ‘unDraw’ consists of open-source illustrations that come in the ‘SVG’ format and can be used in any vector editor.

And the best part about this library is that you can edit the illustrations to match the colors of your brand.


If you are looking for illustrations, that comes in any imaginable categories, then, ‘FreePik’ is the source to head off to.

Featuring more than 292, 000 illustrations, their library consists of numerous illustrations and icons that are categorized in various subjects; and the best part is that they can be edited in any vector editor, plus you can download them in either ‘.ai’ or ‘.eps’ format.

Take a good set of illustrations, and they can make any design project pop out – and yes, while going for a professional illustrator is still the good way to go, but if you are on a budget, then, the free above-mentioned resources are the best ones that you can go for and give the illustrators a run for their money.

So, which resources turned out to be your favorite?

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