Best 13 Free Fonts to Use When Designing Your Wedding Invitation Cards

Isn’t wedding one of the most beautiful moments of your life, and of course, it goes without saying that if you are getting married, then, you would want to make it special, and that means wedding invitations.

You will need to think about wedding invitations – how you can make them unique? Do you know that you will need to focus on typography, after all, they are just as important as the words itself on the invitation card.

But when it comes to the real task – that is, searching for a font, it can quite daunting, but it need not be.

A list of beautiful fonts has been compiled just for you so that you can design a beautiful wedding invitation card; plus these fonts are free – what more do you need to make your wedding more special?


Want to add a touch of retro to your wedding invitation card? How about opting for the font ‘QuickSand’?

Designed by Andrew Paglinawan, this font is a sans-serif font. Also, it has a symmetrical curve and this is the reason why this font looks so clean and beautiful.

If you are looking to make your wedding invitation card elegant! Then, this font is the best option for you.

Alex Brush

Portraying a calligraphic look, the font ‘Alex Brush’ is a formal script font that has a great readability feature.

Want to make your wedding invitation card stand out? Go for this font as it will give your invitation card a hand-lettered vibe.


Impersonating the touch of handwriting, ‘Bright Ideas’ has designed the ‘WindSong’ font and it is a stylish and modern font.

If you are looking for such a font that can give you a ‘sketch’ kind of look! This is the font that you should go for. It’s clean, and hence, it turns out to be quite beautiful with the added benefit of giving a personalized and romantic look to your wedding invitation card.

FrenTe H1

Going all traditional is all good, but sometimes, that can get boring – how about spice it up by incorporating a modern look?

To your wedding invitation cards, obviously.

If you find yourself in the same boat, how about you choose the font ‘FrenTe H1’?

Designed by FrenTe, this font is the best option for someone who is looking for something artsy and modern. This font features an all-caps style, also it has a thin-block letter style with easy readability.

Coneria Script

A perfect font for any wedding invitation card. Mans Greback has designed this “Coneria Script” font. This font features an all-round style that gives an elegant and minimal look at the same time.

The best part about this font is that it comes in two versions – straight font style and slant font style.


Many people often cringe when they are faced with a script font – mainly due to the reason that they are often very hard to read.

But not with ‘ExMouth’ – designed by PrimaFont, this font gives off a sophisticated look that gives off one of the best readability script fonts as compared to other script fonts. It features a slanting style that makes it perfect for wedding invitation cards.

Aquiline Two

Remember those days when letters were used to be written with ink and quill? Well, the font ‘Aquiline Two’ will remind you of those days.

Designed by Manfred Klein, this font is a calligraphic font and is perfect to use on your wedding invitation card if you are looking to give off a calligraphic vibe.

Stylish Calligraphy

Just as the name suggests, the font ‘Stylish Calligraphy’ is stylish and elegant. Designed by Misti, this font features a modern look and coupled with a formal style. So, this font makes it the perfect choice for achieving the rustic look in your wedding invitation cards.

Want to achieve a timeless look for your wedding invitation cards? This is the font that you should go for.

SeaSide Resort

Don’t be fooled by the name – the font ‘SeaSide Resort’ is not just limited only to seaside weddings. Designed by Nick, this font features a retro style, and it can fit in any kind of wedding.

Above all, this font also makes it a great choice for bar menus or welcome signs.


Designed by Bright Ideas, the font ‘Riseling’ features curlicues, overlaps as well as an extravagant set of round and skinny characters.

Let your guests be transported back in the 1920s when you add this font to your wedding invitation cards; plus this font makes it a perfect choice to add a vintage and rustic look to your wedding invitation cards.

Some Weatz

Also designed by Mans Greback, the font ‘Some Weatz’ features a calligraphic look, having the touch of hand-ink craftsmanship along with pure artistry.

If you are planning to get a medieval look for your wedding invitation cards! Then, this font makes it the perfect choice.


Designed by LatinoType, the font ‘Sail’ at first glance comes off as quite a cheerful font. Featuring serif-style font, the letters in this font are quite plump, and thus, the look of jovialness.

While some may term this font as an exaggerated font, using this font on your wedding invitation card will feel like fresh air.

Great Vibes

Just like the name suggests, the font ‘Great Vibes’ when used on your wedding invitation cards, will instantly grab the attention of your guests.

Designed by TypeSETit, this font features a stylish yet modern look, further complemented by the bold curves, and with just the right spacing between the letters makes this font quite readable; and hence, it comes off as the perfect font for wedding invitation cards.

When it comes to choosing fonts for your wedding invitation cards, you spoilt for choices – it depends upon you on what look you want to achieve for your special day.

After all, it’s your day, choose what speaks to you best and add to that the combination of the overall layout and with just the right photos, make it a day to remember.

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