10 Best Digital Marketing Tools?

Are you associated with the digital marketing industry? If so, then, you will know that how much the digital marketing tools help you in your projects – in fact, choosing the right ones can really make an impact, and it will help you in zooming past your competitors.

While some tools are downright phenomenal, allowing you to do numerous things like resting and sharing web forms, email marketing, analytical, and so much more, there are, however, many other tools which are much more advanced like the design tools, and keyword rank trackers.

If, you too, want to take your marketing strategy and leave behind your competitors, there are a few digital marketing tools that you should take note of.


It is a comprehensive tool that can rev up the traffic of your website. In fact, they have data for 150 million words in the United States alone, followed by 150 of the other countries.

A great tool for competitive analysis, it also allows you to check out who is linking to your competitors, which pages of their websites rank high and so on.

You also get the option to check out as to what are their top pages are, along with the amount of traffic that is going to the sites of the competitors.


The digital marketing ‘Proof’ connects to your website and make use of social proof to boost the conversions for the site. By ‘social proof’, it means that they use social proof messaging and will show us as ‘55 people are viewing this right now’ along with reviews, and videos that will be geared towards the targeted customers once they land on your website.

This tool also has the popular notification features such as ‘Live Visitor Count’ and the ‘Hot Streak’ – they help your brand get the much-needed exposure, and it also helps you as the owner of the brand by letting you see how others respond to your product.

Despite the tool is capable enough to perform such advanced functions, it is relatively easy to install – all you need to do is to copy and paste their pixels and put them on your website.


Considered to be a favorite among the digital marketers, with this tool, you can grow your business – it makes no difference as to what stage you are in.

When you are just starting out, HubSpot offers many tools for free – and with it, you are able to set up web forms, live chat software, and pop up forms, too, to name a few, for capturing your leads. After that, you are also able to send kickback emails along with piping all of your data into the free CRM, which will let you observe the behavior of the visitors of your site.

HubSpot offers tiered plans, and when opting for those, you can manage both your content as well as your social media posts to track emails, as well as connecting with your leads.


‘Yoast’ is a plugin that comes with WordPress and is offered for free, though it has various premium plans that you can opt for – based on how many websites you have.

Working with both Gutenberg as well as the Classic Editor, it is quite a popular plugin and comes off as quite an excellent tool that can help you in optimizing your content for the search engines.

Yoast will help you in choosing cornerstone content plus letting you focus on keywords so that you rank higher in the search engines, plus adding in internal links for getting an extra boost.

Survey AnyPlace

Want to reflect your brand on surveys? Now, you can do so with the help of this tool, plus you can even build your own. Want to formulate your own questions and want to add images to them? Great!! This tool will even let you do that.

Not only their surveys are quite simple but they are also quite well-designed and made to be compatible with any mobile devices.


Best for small to medium companies, ‘Slack’ is a digital marketing tool that operates in channels that are specially designated for certain information, so that business communication doesn’t get cut off due to distractions.

Made to be an excellent tool for facilitation and collaboration between employees and teams, this tool gives you the much-needed freedom that you have so wanted on either to join or leave channels as and when you need.

It is because of this reason that Slack has become such a popular channel for communication, with having numerous wide integrations with plenty of other tools. You can seemingly add an unlimited amount of integrations, and Slack will still be powerful as before.


This is one tool for digital marketers that has raised the bar for many. A content management tool that is used by many organizations for both brainstorming as well as for strategizing content, this tool is a favorite of many – the reason is that it is free for small teams and businesses – plus it provides a visual platform to brainstorm and plan content – no matter where your team is, remote or global.

So, you see that there are many tools out there which will help you to tackle your marketing problems – and if you plan to use one, it’s best to identify what the problem is at first, then decide on which tool will help you to focus on that problem.

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