Bored with ‘Safari’? Try These 9 Alternatives

In regards to security and stability, there is second none to Safari – and oh, just in case, if you are wondering, ‘Safari’ is a web browser, that is developed by Apple and is the default browser on all the Apple devices. Exclusively available only for the iOS and MAC, the ‘Safari’ browser is one of the best browsers that can rival with the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox.

But it does have its limitations too – the boring user interface, lack of a dark theme, platform restriction, there are many that one can think of.

And that’s when the third-party browsers come into play – in fact, there are nine terrific browsers that can truly leave behind ‘Safari’ in the dust.

Google Chrome

Of course, this list have to be started with the ‘Google Chrome’ browser – a go-to browser for many, this browser supports cross-platform compatibility, is able to sync data between numerous devices in a mere span of a few seconds, and is pretty much quite tight in terms of security, plus it is also great in terms of management of passwords.

And of course, not to forget are its pretty neat features such as voice-search, auto-translation, to name a few.

Mozilla FireFox

If there is one browser that can match up to ‘Google Chrome’, that would be ‘Mozilla FireFox’ – having support for multiple platforms with seamless syncing, the browser is developed by Mozilla itself, one of the very best known organizations for preserving user privacy.

The one thing that Mozilla FireFox beats Google Chrome is the feature of the mode – Mozilla FireFox comes with an in-built dark theme and night-mode. Apart from that, this browser also supports data management controls and anti-tracking support – something Google Chrome has not yet been able to do.

Opera Touch

It’s only a few months old, but it has already become a firm favorite of many – and that is due to single-hand use. In fact, this browser has been designed for that purpose only.

No matter what you want to do – be it performing searches, switching tabs, or even navigating the user interface, everything is very easy – and you can practically do all of these in a mere span of seconds.

The only thing that Opera Touch is lacking are the features of bookmarking and management of passwords, though it’s been said that these two features will soon be added to the browser along with a host of some new ones!!

Microsoft Edge

If you are a big fan of a clean and beautiful user interface, you are going to love this one – Microsoft Edge, that is.

Dubbed as a full-fledged browser, it comes loaded with a dark theme plus with the ability to whitelist websites and block ads. It can also sync data seamlessly to the Android and Windows-based devices.

Duck Duck Go Privacy Browser

If value privacy and is a concern for you, then, the ‘Duck Duck Go Browser’ will work wonders for you. This browser is built by the same great folks behind the DuckDuckGo search engine and hence, this privacy browser – as expected of them – is able to thwart the efforts of the web trackers. It also has the ability to block ads.

Oh, by the way, this browser can also rank the sites that you visit on how intrusive they can be. That said, this browser is also made to be quite strong in the offline aspects too – you can secure the browser by using either your Touch ID or Face ID.

Even after all that, there are a few features that you are not going to find – there’s no option for syncing with multi-platforms and for management of passwords, and that’s mainly due to this reason that this browser is privacy-oriented.

FireFox Focus

With FireFox Focus, you can be sure of two things – first, it will let you preserve your privacy, and second, it will let you focus on the one thing that you intend to do.

The user interface is quite clean, stripping off the unnecessities, aside from letting you having access to track your protection, biometric security and the one-touch option that will help you clear your browsing activity instantly.

Though, when using this browser, you need to take note of the fact that this browser doesn’t support tabs, thus letting you focus on only one page only – hence the name, ‘FireFox Focus’.

Opera Mini

If you somehow live in an area with a poor connection, or if you even have low bandwidth, then, ‘Opera Mini’ might just be the browser that you are looking for.

Built by the team behind Opera Touch, this browser will provide you a seamless browsing experience on poor connection with no lag with the help of proprietary compression algorithms. Not only will you be able to save a lot of bandwidth, but you will also get a whole lot of nifty features such as cross-platform syncing, night mode, ad blocking to name a few.

Brave Browser

Having quite an eclectic mix of advertisements and cryptocurrencies, the ‘Brave Browser’ has been gaining quite an attention.

Dubbed as a full-fledged browser that can also preserve your privacy, this browser can block ads, and can force HTTPS version of sites to load seamlessly. With this browser, you can even protect yourself from browser fingerprinting as well as secure your browser from unwanted authorities.

As if that is not enough, the ‘Brave Browser’ also supports the management of passwords, bookmarking management, and syncing between devices across multiple platforms.

Aloha Browser

The ‘Aloha Browser’ has a feature that is not supported by any of the browsers on this list, and which is ‘in-built VPN support’ and a free one, at that. Automatically connecting you to your nearest VPN server, it will not only preserve your privacy but will also allow you access to pages that are otherwise restricted in your country.

But as with life, you will need a premium plan – so that you can choose what server you want to join, but still, the free one will be more than enough for you. Features of ad blocking, background video playback, management of downloads, etc, are enough reasons to make you go for this browser.

When it comes to browsing on your iPhone, you have numerous choices, and you know what – you don’t have to go for the ‘Safari Browser’ every time; rather you can rely on multiple ones to do your tasks for you!!

So, which one is your favorite?

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