Colors play an important role in every design project. Color schemes or color palettes are choices of colors which goes together very well and creates a great impression. We already know, some color creates a positive impression and others are not.

Do you agree? but lets face it, everybody is not a designer and not all have that knowledge to choose the best possible color combination. So it can be a bit tiresome in finding the right colors for your design projects, specially if you are not a graphics designer.

So a color palette can break or make your design project!!

So, today, we have compiled a big list of color palette generators that will help you to find the right and perfect color scheme for your design projects.
Let’s take a look at some of the best color palette generators we compiled, shall we?


A renowned color palette generator, Coolors lets you upload an image of your choice and create a color palette based on the colors that are found in that image – plus, it also helps that you can export the generated color palette in formats such as COPIC, PDF, PNG, SVG, and SCSS.

It’s available as an app for iOS and Android, plus, it also comes with a plugin for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Color Wheel – Adobe Kuler

It’s an official tool from Adobe that will help you to generate a color palette – it comes with two options with which you can generate color scheme, you can either upload an image and let the tool generate a color scheme for you or you can play with the color wheel and generate color schemes based on which color is chosen.

That said, you can also save the generated color palette in Creative Cloud library, if you have a subscription.


Paletton will let you choose one base color for the layout, and then it will display various similar shades in small boxes that match the color which you have chosen.

What’s more, you can also fine-tune your palette by choosing “adjacent colors” to your primary color and shades matching them, or a “triad” or “tetrad” option where you can create vision simulations for three to four color schemes. And as if that’s not enough, Paletton will also let you share the generated color palette by generating a link.

Color Palette Generator – Degraeve

This is a simple tool that will let you paste the URL of an image online, and then it will create a color scheme based on that.

Even though it’s simple, many designers love it, simply because it doesn’t come with many bells and whistles, and gets the job done – as easy and simple as that.


Choose any color from the color picker, and Colllor will generate a color palette based on the chosen color.

Shades/tints, tones, and similar color palettes – this tool can generate it all.

CSS Drive

Upload an image or put the URL of an image – and CSS Drive will generate color codes and color schemes, plus, it shoes color schemes in three ways, and thus, giving you dark, medium, and light color palettes.

Palette Generator

You can upload as many as 20 images with this tool, and you will be able to create a color palette – plus, you can also change colors using the slider.

Material Palette

This tool will let you choose two colors, and by which, it will let you generate a color scheme, plus, the generated color scheme can also be tweeted or downloaded.

Color Scheme Generator

Based on what base color you choose, this tool will generate a color scheme – note that this tool can also generate color schemes according to various color combination categories such as Monochromatic, Triadic, Complementary Color Scheme, Split Complementary, Double Complementary, to name a few.


Set RGB and HEX codes in the toolbar, and ColorSchemer will generate the color scheme, based on what RGB and HEX codes you have chosen.

You also get the option to lighten or darken the color scheme.

Color Palette Generator

With this tool, you can generate a color scheme based on a photo – you can either upload a photo or use one from supported services such as Instagram, Flickr, or DropBox.

The tool will then analyze the colors and generate color schemes from the uploaded photograph, plus, it will also provide the CSS code for the color scheme.

Color – Hail Pixel

This tool will keep on generating color palettes until you are done with the desired color palette – it will start with one color and will keep on adding the colors as you move your cursor on the screen; all you need to do is to simply click to save a color.

Color Wizard

Based on what color you select, this tool will generate a color scheme, with variations such as Saturation, Hue, and Tint & Shade, and thus, enabling you to generate color palettes in various categories like analogous, triadic, complementary, split complementary, Tetradic, to name a few.


With this tool, you can generate color schemes that are inspired by the photographs uploaded by the users on 500px.

All you need to do is to search the photographs using keywords, and Palettr will return with the search results, and which you can then, view the photographs along with the color schemes that they have inspired.


This tool will let you generate color schemes by clicking and adding the color on the screen browser, with each generated color having options for saving the color in various formats of your choice such as PNG, JPEG, and even PDF.

That said, you can generate color palettes in categories such as monochrome, monochrome light, analog, triad, quad, complement, to name a few, and with the generated color scheme having the option to be downloaded in various languages or types.

Color Blender

This is a great tool that will let you generate color schemes with shade transitions in two colors – you get various options such as the ability to choose any two colors and let them blend.

And the best part is that you can choose as many shade midpoints as you want between the chosen colors.

Color Palette Software – COPASO

From COLOURlovers, this tool has surely won the hearts of designers – this tool will let you create a rich color palette in three ways. You can either chose one based on your color choice, uploaded images, or say, by entering the HEX or CYMK values.

You can also save the generated color palette or can publish it for others by giving it a name.

HEX Color Scheme Generator

One of the simplest tools for generating color schemes, to use this tool, all you need to do is to enter the HEX code of the chosen color that you want as the basic color, and then, it will generate three colors that are either similar or that complement the base HEX color that you chose.


With this tool, you can generate color schemes in four different ways – website color import, color picker, CSS/HTML color import, and image color import.

Color Tool – Canva

Opt for this tool, and it will teach you everything that there is about colors and their meanings, color combinations and such, ad which is bound to get you inspired for your next design project.

All you need to do is to choose a color and you will get facts on how it’s mixed, how can you use it in your design, and so on.


This tool will let you explore a range of color palettes and then, you can copy their hex codes that you can use in your projects.

You also get to create and save your palettes for future reference by using their color picker, or by pinpointing specific colors in images that you upload.


This tool takes the help of AI to learn which colors you like and based on that, it will create limitless color palettes for you that you can use and save.

You get the option to choose a set of colors, and based on that Khroma will produce great combos that you can view as typography, gradient, palette, or custom image, plus, you can also view other people’s palettes if you need some inspiration.


If you are looking to add some visual interest to your design, take the help of color gradients.

This tool will give you a vast set of color gradients that you can copy and use them in your projects or you can simply create one of your own, if you so wish.

HTML Color Codes

This tool is more of a color picker that will give you HEX, RGB and HSL codes, color charts that you can use to find perfect combinations or gradients – you can also get a list of all HTML color names or say, a collection of HTML and CSS tutorials, that you can keep in handy.

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