15 Best Dreamweaver Alternatives for Professionals to Design Websites

15 Best Dreamweaver Alternatives for Professionals to Design Websites

Do you require a powerful Dreamweaver alternative, which comes with free HTML tools for making websites? I’ve gathered powerful software you can utilize without huge costs.  About Dreamweaver Dreamweaver is a software to design websites and allows you to design and publish your website. You can also manage your website. Websites created using Dreamweaver can be uploaded … Read more

6 Best Docusign WordPress Plugins

6 Best Docusign Wordpress Plugins

Do you need to create immediate qualifying contracts on your website? Well, you are lucky, because now it is possible to sign contracts with WordPress using a form created with Docusign. DocuSign is a plugin that signs documents anywhere and from any device with a couple of taps on your Smartphone or tablet. Save time … Read more

The Best Image Compressor – Radical vs Kraken vs Tinypng

What Is The Best Image Compressor Out There

Do you wish to compress your images before uploading them to the internet? Optimizing your photos for your photography site can help your website load quicker. Also, better-speed loading times mean better rankings on search engines!  This article will discuss Radical, Kraken, and TinyPNG, the top image optimization tools to aid image compression. Many photos editing … Read more

50 Best CSS Background Patterns for You

Best CSS Background Patterns

You no longer have to settle for a plain page or section because CSS background patterns can easily make the areas look lively and lovely. Equally important, you get to make some sections stand out using this CSS trick. Suppose you want that and need a solution. Look at these 50 best CSS background patterns … Read more

21 jQuery Mega Menus – Awesome Examples

21 jQuery Mega Menus - Awesome Examples-min

In efforts to make navigation within a website as user-friendly as possible, a web developer may decide to consider a jQuery mega menu. That’s usually a smart move because it serves the purpose and saves time since it enables the developer to complete a project quickly. It is something good for the pocket but above … Read more

25 Awesome CSS Sliding Menu Examples

25 Awesome CSS Sliding Menu Examples

The menu is one aspect of your website that you can’t afford to overlook. After all, it plays a huge role when users navigate your site. That’s why many developers spend a lot of time creating them to ensure that they facilitate smooth navigation around the site. However, the following awesome CSS sliding menu examples … Read more

SCSS vs CSS – How They Differ?

SCSS vs CSS - How They Differ 2021

SCSS and CSS have changed how developers develop websites, especially layouts. It has used tables to create them, a thing of the past or rather a choice and not the only option. Nowadays, developers are at liberty to use other designs, including gradients and round corners, without relying on background images for the effects. The … Read more