Showcase Your Design Portfolios with These 15 Best Websites

What makes you one step ahead of the amateurs? The answer will surely be your portfolio. A beautifully designed portfolio is a must for every designer, be it web or graphic. In this era of digitalization, these beautifully designed portfolios will help you set yourself apart from others, attract clients’ attention, and showcase your skills. … Read more

52 Best Free Signature Fonts for Your Design

Signature fonts have become a trend nowadays. From social media posts to logo designs, people are using them everywhere. Their popularity is that signature font is created in a way that looks like a natural handwritten script. The unique handwritten feels make the posts stand out and more attractive to look at. They are an … Read more

7 Best 99designs Alternatives For Any Project

7 Best 99designs Alternatives

99designs has become the largest online design platform in the world. The firm has positioned itself as the first global community that connects freelance designers with small companies that need the creation of a new design for their website or other types of graphic material for brochures, packaging, etc. But as in all areas, this … Read more

55 Free T-shirt Mock-ups to Download

55 Free T-shirt Mock-ups to Download

A T-shirt mockup is a blank T-shirt template on which you can place your design. It can include models wearing the T-shirt so that the customers can envision how the T-shirt looks on a person. This visualization can be a big help when your customer is making a purchase decision. These ready-made mockups are a … Read more

55 Best Business Cards Examples for Designers

A Business Card provides a gateway to your services. Nowadays, every company has its business cards. Do you know why? It is not for promoting the business or organizations on social media platforms. Everyone should represent their firms physically to their customers. Therefore, designers design a simple, informative, beautiful, and attractive business card to represent … Read more

45 Incredibly Famous Logos With Animal

Logos with animal

Animal logos are a great way to bring some personality to your firm’s brand. Animal logos are often used as mascots, for companies that are aimed at children or animal lovers. While cute, animal logos can also be seen as inappropriate. So you need to be careful to find a perfect resemblance between the selected … Read more

Top 15+ Free ePub Reader For Windows and Mac

Top 15+ Free ePub Reader For Windows and Mac

In today’s era, technology is rampant, which includes apps, platforms, or software. One of the useful apps is the ePub reader that allows readers or users to view e-Books stored in various file formats. The following are the best 15+ free ePub reader that is accessible for Windows and Mac devices: 1. Calibre – Free … Read more

32 Best Victorian Fonts You Should know

Victorian fonts have their extraordinary  charm and generally trigger associations that can be used in communication and marketing. Join us on a bit of a journey through time through the universe of typefaces. When a typeface goes off the beaten track, it upsets habits and catches the eye. The attention gained in this way is … Read more