99designs has become the largest online design platform in the world. The firm has positioned itself as the first global community that connects freelance designers with small companies that need the creation of a new design for their website or other types of graphic material for brochures, packaging, etc. But as in all areas, this is not the only option that designers have to offer their creations. Therefore, if you are looking for the best 99designs alternatives for any project, here we will offer you 7. Check below!

1.- UpWork – 99designs Alternatives

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7 Best 99designs Alternatives

There is no doubt that this platform is widely recognized worldwide by freelance designers looking for clients online. And it is that UpWork is very successful due to the security it offers and because it puts you in direct contact with large companies that are looking for good design professionals for their brands, one of them is the renowned Airbnb and of course, freelance designers charge very well.

The good thing about this platform is that jobs are published daily so if you work from home and want to be your own boss, this is a good alternative.

However, UpWork takes special care in the entry process. In other words, at the end of the registration, your application will be reviewed by a platform specialist and they will contact you if your profile is approved or not. In most cases, the reason why a profile is not approved is due to an excess of freelancers in the area.


  • Daily job posts.
  • It allows you to send and receive files.
  • Receive good feedback for your job.
  • Mobile app and desktop access.
  • Payments are done in US$.
  • Find clients from around the world.


  • Some users complain about its interface look.
  • The platform is just in English.

2.- DesignCrowd

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7 Best 99designs Alternatives

If you are a designer (web, graphic, industrial, etc.) and you want to work in Design Crowd, you can register as such and start working from this platform, which is undoubtedly one of the best if you are just starting and want to have experience.

Registering on the platform is quite simple, you just have to go to Register and choose the option I’m a Designer I want to submit designs. The boxes that you will have to fill in will be: your name, your email, and your password, you can also choose to register with your Facebook account. Finally, they will ask you for payment details such as a PayPal account.

On the next screen, you will have to choose what types of designs you want to make. Namely: logos, business cards, websites, icons, brochures, t-shirts, parcels, banners and advertisements, illustrations, and posters or WordPress layout. It’s easy and it is a great opportunity to be in contact with big companies.


  • It is a specialized platform for designers only.
  • Gain a lot of experience and create a work portfolio.
  • It is a simple platform to use.
  • Allows you to filter job offers.
  • It has a friendly and understandable interface.
  • It is a safe platform.


  • DesignCrowd charges a 15% commission for each job you do (99Designs does not charge a commission to freelancers).

3.- Fiverr

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7 Best 99designs Alternatives

This platform is also well known for being a freelance job market where you can offer your products and services (called Gigs) from $ 5 to $ 500. That is, you can offer a simple service for $ 5 and charge an additional amount for each extra gig you add to the offer.

Many companies and brands also use Fiverr to find good designers at a very good price and the best thing is that the platform is in 7 different languages. So if you want to sell your logos or other designs, here is another good alternative.

Keep in mind that after creating your Gig, it will be in the review stage, which means that the editors of Fiverr will review it to be sure that it meets the parameters of the platform. But don’t despair, it doesn’t take long.


  • You can earn more than $ 5 in one day.
  • Get regular customers.
  • It offers different services.
  • Receive feedback on your work and create a portfolio.
  • The platform attracts big brands and buyers.


  • Fiver keeps a 20% commission.
  • You can’t work outside the platform with your clients due to its policy.

4.- Crowdspring

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7 Best 99designs Alternatives

Crowdspring is another alternative well-known by designers where entrepreneurs, small businesses, emerging companies, large brands, and agencies that need personalized and creative designs find their place in this freelance platform. More than one hundred thousand professionals from all over the world are registered on this platform, providing design services on demand.

The most innovative feature of this platform is that its professionals work under certain innovation business rules that focus on making buyers choose among the most competent designers according to the characteristics of the published project.

You need to know that, you will not be able to access projects labeled as PLATINUM, since these are reserved for professional design freelancers who already have a track record and a score greater than 80 within the platform.

However, you should also know that when you register on the platform, it assigns you a score of 70, which goes up or down depending on your performance within it. With this score, you will be able to access projects published with the FEATURED, SILVER, or without any label.


  • It is very easy to use and with an intuitive interface.
  • The net earnings of each designer are usually high.
  • The platform does not charge a commission when you process your payments.
  • The platform offers more than 52,000 clients from around the world.
  • The platform offers live chat for customers.


  • It does not have a phone app.

5.- PeoplePerHour

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7 Best 99designs Alternatives

This platform is very similar to UpWork or Fiverr in the sense that if you are a designer, here you also have space to offer and sell your creations. That is, it is possible to offer a service for a certain amount of money, called Hourlie, or apply to be hired by the hour or at a fixed price.

As you can see, while on Fiverr your services are called Gigs, here they are called Hourlie where you can add several complimentary services and you have the option of charging a little more for the express service, i. e., for delivering the work before the estimated date. Use good images for your hourlies and add detailed descriptions, so there is no doubt what you are going to do.

Once you have optimized your Hourlie and published it, you can go in search of your first job. You can filter job postings according to criteria such as popularity, budget, most recent, and early completion. When submitting a proposal, you can do it in two ways: the first is to send a general proposal with a single budget. The second way is by dividing your proposal into several items to arrive at the estimated budget.


  • Find potential clients from around the world.
  • Choose your own price rate.
  • It is a secure platform.
  • Earn a good reputation.
  • It offers a phone app.


  • The fees are high.

6.- Design Pickle

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7 Best 99designs Alternatives

This platform offers the opportunity to sell your social media images, brochures, banners, t-shirts, and make existing image edits, etc. Here also you can make infographics if all the data and statistics are provided. Definitely, this is another great alternative to 99Designs because the platform helps you be close to more than 2000 clients.

On the other hand, Design Pickle has a very good reputation as many clients claim to have found on this platform many original, high-quality designs made by freelance designers who seek to make their path in this online world. Customers are willing to pay very well for unique images and designs for their business.

The difference between this platform and 99Designs is that Design Pickle is not a platform where you send your work proposal to the project that you like the most, accepting the client’s budget or offering your services at your own prices. Here you must apply by sending your CV and if you are selected, you must give an interview by video call as you would with any other job.


  • Great work environment.
  • You can be trained.
  • The company organizes events and meetings.
  • Have health insurance.
  • Work remotely without any contract.


  • Some users qualify its interface as poor.

7.- Dribbble

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7 Best 99designs Alternatives

If your professional career is in the area of design or the visual world, you have to know Dribbble, a community of creatives, graphic artists, and designers specialized in different areas, where you can make your work known, showing it through a complete portfolio, and Also, you can connect with people in your sector and access job offers with exclusive advantages for freelance profiles or people who want to work for foreign companies remotely.

Its clients include large companies in the digital context, such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Slack, Shopify, Airbnb, among many others, so it is not surprising to find creative vacancies from these companies within the platform.


  • Platform designed for designers.
  • It is ideal for experiments and UI projects.
  • You can quickly share a photo without worrying too much about layout or size.
  • It allows you to create a customizable portfolio.
  • You will have the possibility to obtain well-paying jobs through the website.


To sell your work you must have a Pro Plan.

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