With the ever-increasing popularity of Youtube and the explosion of new video content in Youtube, sometimes total watch time in Youtube and other online services like Netflix overtaking traditional TV channels.

We all know that YouTube is the most famous and arguably numero uno channel viewed by millions of people. Content producers from the whole world are now uploading their videos on their Youtube channels. Those who have their own YouTube channel on some subject prefer to restrict their videos due to various reasons. You might have seen that many available videos do not have a ‘download’ option. So, one can only watch but cannot download it. Or sometimes you may get the message “Not available in your country“. This is part of the restriction. Many videos are locked and restricted which you cannot access. Some other videos need permission to open and watch, especially with adult content.

Such a restriction on YouTube videos can be unlocked with the help of proxies. The proxies help you to watch the videos though they are restricted. So, let’s learn about such proxies that can bypass the restriction and allows you to access them.

1. Shifter Proxy

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12 Best YouTube Proxies

It is one of the largest proxy networks with the latest private proxy services. They are integrated with high-quality HTTP/S and Socks protocol that helps seamless and error-free scraping. The Socks proxies allow you access to Residential and Datacenter IP addresses.

Once you put in a request your orders will be automated. Shifter proxies are quality services, dedicated, and SEO enables.


  • 2 times faster platform for professional service
  • non-sequential IPs authentication proxy website
  • multiple subnets with high anonymous proxies


  • The proxies are not so reliable
  • Complications are more.

2. Storm Proxy

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12 Best YouTube Proxies

Storm proxies support both IP authentication and username: password authentication. This proxy service provider offers greater than the sum of its parts. The notable thing is that the service provider knows its limitations and does not hide them just for marketing. They portray themselves as small-time scrapers and not as a one-stop solution for all your proxy needs.

All three proxies have multiple plans with unlimited bandwidth.


  • Endless bandwidth technology for smooth surfing
  • Highest level anonymity to the users
  • High optimized 1 GB network functionality


  • Have too many limitations.

3. SmartDNS Proxy

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12 Best YouTube Proxies

Blocked website access becomes easier and faster with SmartDNS proxy service providers. The combined plan of SmartDNS, SmartVPN, and VPN gives you multiple benefits with over 400 support services, unlimited device access, download torrents, 5 simultaneous VPN connections, etc.


  • Allows unrestricted web browsing
  • The live support team helps with email and chat
  • Proxies work with all internet-connected devices
  • Versatile DNS unblocks restricted websites
  • Provides secure access to digital media


  • Collects user data
  • Few securities feature
  • Supports old and obsolete VPN protocols

4. Smart Proxy

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12 Best YouTube Proxies

It is the only decentralized data access platform among all major residential proxy networks. It provides easy-to-use data access solutions and proxy management tools.

With Smart proxies, you can handle huge data hoarding companies, competitors, and more techno companies. It gives access to over 40 million unique IP addresses in over 195 countries every month. The free tools offers help clients’ access data from any location across the globe.

The proxy management major solutions are an on-site dashboard, a public API, browser extensions, and proxy address generators.  


  • Avoids adblock and bans
  • Provides simple gateway address and access pools
  • Highest quality proxies for YouTube scrapping
  • Pre-checked proxies provide a quality experience
  • Unique IP addresses generate YouTube subscribers


  • A trial period is not provided
  • It has limited bandwidth

5. NordVPN Proxy

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12 Best YouTube Proxies

It is a good VPN service that provides you a secure and encrypted gateway for online access. While on public WiFi, it is the best service that does not allow anyone to notice you. Your personal information or work files are encrypted through NordVPN and keeps your appearance safe.

NordVPN is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. With this, you can secure as many as 6 devices at a time.   


  • Faster loading speed with no bandwidth throttling
  • No limit for streaming videos on YouTube
  • Blocks unwanted advertisements and pop-ups
  • High security for private communication across servers


  • Torrenting supports only a few servers
  • Slow app and server connections

6. Bright Data

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12 Best YouTube Proxies

Bright Data’s proxy provides a width of software solutions, customer service, and network size. It offers the most professional ad-security testing with Adsecure and is the most reliable ad network with ExoClick. The unblocker solution allows Red Points to extend more offers to customers and also help improve the service quality of current customers.

The Data Collector helps to outsource data collection efforts and get needed online data.


  • Highly advanced global data center
  • Powerful tool quickly solves network problems


  • Privacy at stake
  • Tedious KYC procedure

7. Squid Proxy

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12 Best YouTube Proxies

The Squid proxies come with guaranteed quality. The superfast worldwide servers are with over 1000 Mbps speeds, no configuration, unlimited bandwidth, multiple IP subnets, non-sequential IPs, highly anonymous, guaranteed access, monthly fresh IPs, and many more features.


  • Offers safe, easy, and fast configuration
  • High anonymity marketing proxies
  • Compatible with all browsers and supports HTTP/HTTPS proxies
  • Private proxies with multiple IP subnets
  • Provides enhanced web support and response time


  • Security of personal information is vulnerable.

8. HMA Proxy

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12 Best YouTube Proxies

HMA proxy is the business VPN service you can trust. It covers over 800 business units across the world and thus, became a Fortune 500 listed from a start-up company.

The three customized plans of this VPN service can cover up to 30 connections simultaneously. The plan includes services of all HMA servers, access to HMA apps, unlimited accounts, unlimited connections, volume discounts, and upgradable accounts for more connections.


  • Private networks secure online data
  • Web extensions protect privacy
  • Unblocks restrictions on access to YouTube
  • Works on any device
  • The encrypted connection ensures secured YouTube surf


  • Issues of past privacy
  • Slower servers

9. Instant Proxy

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12 Best YouTube Proxies

It offers private HTTP proxies that support high anonymity private browsing, high-volume content posting, and high-performance web crawling.

It’s a very fast proxy service with 99% network uptime and 24*7 live supports. It consists of features like unlimited bandwidth, advanced control panel, 100% compatibility, elite anonymity, subnet variety, worldwide locations, and guaranteed quality.    


  • Reliable tools generate more engagement and traffic
  • High-security YouTube proxies for marketing
  • The advanced control panel runs an online status check
  • Private proxies maintain a high level of anonymity
  • Enables scrapping to search duplicate content


  • Quite incompatible with many local servers
  • Identity or personal data at risk

10. Blazing Proxy – YouTube Proxies

- YouTube Proxies
12 Best YouTube Proxies

Specialized in web scrapping, Blazing Proxy made its name among many small companies, government agencies, and some Fortune 500 companies to help them scrap many unwanted websites and millions of products from an eCommerce platform.

The salient features of this VPN service include unlimited bandwidth, API support, residential and data center IPs. It has spread across 26 countries and has 9 ASNs, 34 data centers, 300KIPs, 20K subnets, 25 petabytes of bandwidth.    


  • Enables proxy locations from 9 countries
  • Gives authenticated IP addresses for browsing
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth and threads
  • Proxy providers support all internet protocols
  • A dedicated support team solves all queries


  • Issues with IP addresses
  • Customer support not up to the mark

11. YouTubez Proxy – YouTube Proxies

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12 Best YouTube Proxies

It is a cheaper proxy with both authentication and compatibility for other devices too. It helps to remain highly anonymous across any web browser, mobile phone, laptop or computer, tablets, and any other device.

The private proxies are also used for Instagram, RuneScape, Facebook, Netflix, and many other apps. The main features consist of the following –

  • Chrome and Firefox Extension  
  • Multiple IP subnets
  • No bandwidth limits, no logs
  • Multiple Geo locations


  • Encrypted proxies help bypass firewalls
  • YouTube web proxy hides IP and manages content restrictions
  • Quick and simple to use private proxies
  • Premium private proxies keep IP safe
  • Provides specific locations for automatic switching


  • Password protection becomes sensitive

12. MPP Group Proxy – YouTube Proxies

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12 Best YouTube Proxies

The Myprivateproxy is built to be a responsive and 24*7 customer support-oriented system through ticketing, email, and live chat. The network uptime and speed are incredible in the business. It offers the best products with competitive rates with the best focus.

Instant activation upon purchase, intimation of activation, privacy, and security are some of the major features MPP portrays. Usage while accessing Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more, is often evident.   


  • Specially designed for internet marketing industries
  • Innovative proxies and VPNs activates instantly
  • Provides network uptime and speed
  • Ensures security while browsing favorite sites
  • Shared proxies with multiple location IP addresses


  • The cost is beyond affordable
  • Subnets are often banned

These proxies help you to bypass the restrictions on websites and channels. You can access the YouTube videos with complete security and also work in other sections to protect your identity and work files.

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