Are you going to make a website to have a profitable online business? If yes, then you can never ignore the significance of good and informative content. Any form of online content that adds value to readers or potential customers is considered good provided that the text is presented properly and no grammatical errors.

These days, many organizations hire freelancers or outsource writers to meet content writing tasks. There are times when content comes with an error of grammar, spelling, sentence structure after initial writing. But when the content passes through grammar checker tools, it gets quality with a high readability score.  

 When content goes through the grammar checker tools, it provides your website with a good rank in the google search engine. Even the readers feel easy to understand while they read the content. For high-quality content, you should always make the right use of the best grammar checker tools that are available in the market.

What is Grammar Checker Tool?

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11 Best Grammar Checker Tools

Grammar Checker Tool is effective software that checks the content on various parameters such as grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, sentence structure, and proper punctuation. The tool also goes for checking style, tone, syntax.  Ultimately, the tool helps you scan the text and find out the errors (if any) and make content flawless. 

What functionality we must check in grammar checkers?

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11 Best Grammar Checker Tools

Grammar checker allows you to check much more functionality in need of error-free content that makes website content look more impressive and fruitful to grab traffic. The tool comes with many more functionalities that are mentioned below. Just take a look to grab the information:

  • Correction for spelling mistakes
  • Sentence re-wording
  • Punctuation fixing
  • Evaluating the text for style, tone, and readability
  • Checking plagiarism
  • Submission alternative words

If you are one of those writers who require meeting the bulk content order and delivering error-free content then here are few important grammar checker tools that you must get familiar with:

1. ProWriting Aid

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11 Best Grammar Checker Tools

Pro Writing Aid has become one of the most popular grammar checker tools in the present situation. With this tool, undoubtedly, the content gets a high score from its readers. Even it brings great confidence and satisfaction in you.

This tool checks for cliches, repetition, redundancies, and more writing mistakes. The application is an exact one for Mac and Windows and has compatibility for Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. It can run with Microsoft Office.

The software is effective for grammar checking, style suggestions, repeated words, and detailed explanations. You can gain its access and use this software with a paid version that goes for $ 63 per year.


  • Provides report regarding grammar errors
  • Offers good readability score
  • Suggest suitable words
  • Compatibility comes for Gmail, MS word, outlook mail, Google Chrome, and Google Docs


  • Suitable for Mac and Windows
  • Provides punctuality
  • Almost user friendly
  • Paid & free version available


  • Not applicable for mobile

2. Grammarly

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11 Best Grammar Checker Tools

Now you are getting in touch with one of the best grammar checker tools than the previous one. It comes to be active on Firefox, MS Word, or Google. The tool is undoubtedly suitable for Mac and Windows and one can use it on a computer or laptop. For mobile use, you can go for iOS and Android.

Generally, it allows you to check grammar, punctuation, plagiarism and it brings high readability to the content. You can use this tool simply and it saves your valuable time.

Free & paid versions of this tool are available. If you go for a paid version, you have to pay $29.95 per month. You can make use of both free & paid version online.


  • Capable for detecting spell mistakes and suggests for right pair of words
  • Designed for plagiarism check
  • Enabled for MS-Word, MS Outlook


  • Easy to use
  • Saves your time
  • Compatible for mobile
  • Free & paid version available


  • The free version comes with minimum features

3. Ginger

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11 Best Grammar Checker Tools

Ginger is one of the oldest grammar checking tools. The tool works better to check the content in quick time. Both Mac and Windows users feel easy to use this software. You can use this particular software on your mobile-based Android and iOS app.  This tool makes your content free from grammar issues.

  This particular software includes a Grammar checker, Sentence rephrases, Text reader, and Translator. It is undoubtedly a low-cost tool in comparison to other tools available in the market. The premium price of this tool comes at $20.97 annually. The tool works effectively to make the content error-free from grammar and punctuation.


  • The tool has the capability for correction of contextual spelling
  • Identify the wrong grammar especially subject, verb, and their agreement.
  • Correct difficult sentence construction


  • Makes content effectively error-free
  • Free and paid version available
  • Installation and using are simple
  • Low budget oriented


  • Not works efficiently as Grammarly

4. White Smoke

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11 Best Grammar Checker Tools

If you are not satisfied with grammar checking tools for content checking, then once more time, you can make use of white smoke. The tool works for content in need of good grammar and spelling checking.

Generally, using this tool, you get the content with high readability along with superb perfection of grammar & spelling. The tool works better for MS word. Generally, the software works as a grammar checker, style checker, and spell checker. After all, the tool allows you to improve the quality of your writing.


  • Detect hundreds of errors
  • It has the power to redesign the layout for increasing efficiency
  • Rebuild the ground up just for improving performance


  • Works in 55 different languages
  • Any device works better with it
  • Functions cautiously for grammar & spelling checking


  • Limitation to check ten thousand characters only

5. After The Deadline

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11 Best Grammar Checker Tools

Are you looking for the best budget-oriented grammar checker software? If yes, then certainly you should go with this After The Deadline tool. This application works for many but it is special for free grammar checking. You should remember that the tool is not a feature-rich Grammarly checking tool but it has its specialty. The tool accurately corrects grammar errors, spelling errors, and even stylistic errors.

The application is available as an add-on for WordPress, Firefox, OpenOffice, and Chrome. You will have peace of mind while using this one.

Key Features

  • Improvised and advanced level style checking
  • Ideal for contextual spelling check
  • Able to detect misused words
  • Provides errors tips for explanation


  • Free version available
  • Focuses on grammar errors

6. Hemingway Editor

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11 Best Grammar Checker Tools

If you are one of those fiction or non-fiction writer, then how can you forget about this tool. You can use the Hemingway Editor app to make the content correct. But one thing you should remember that Heming Editor does not correct the wrongs once it identifies. In that case, you or the users have to correct the mistake.

Generally, the tool eliminates passive voice, adverbs, long as well as complex sentences. The application comes with the price of $20 for windows as well as Mac. The most important thing is that you can also use the tool free of cost.

Key Features

  • Easy to use interface
  • No need for an internet connection
  • Allows you to break long sentences into small ones.
  • Improves the readability


  • Simple to use
  • Easy to find out mistakes
  • Free & paid version available
  • Most popular


  • Manually edit necessary

7. Language Tool

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11 Best Grammar Checker Tools

Language Tool is another most essential grammar checker tool that comes as best for editors as well as other professionals. The tool works comfortably for English, Russian, Spanish, French, Polish, and many other languages. You need online access to use this tool if you want to make your content error-free.

As it has a customizable dictionary, you will have an opportunity to add used words. It allows you to use its free version where you check 20000 characters in a single time. It is also available in the paid version that allows you to check 40,000 characters in a single attempt.

If you go for the paid version, you need to pay $19 per month and if you want to use the tool annually, then you just have to spend money costing $59.


  • Offers you a personal dictionary
  • Suggests for fruitful correction
  • Its keyboard comes with shortcuts


  • Support for Multi-language
  • Good for Firefox and Chrome
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Paid and free version available


  • Not good for plagiarism checking


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11 Best Grammar Checker Tools

Now we are making you aware of the most benefit-oriented grammar checker utility that comes with the name of It has got a lot of vocabulary enhancement features just to improve writing style. The tool makes easier the complex and confusing sentence. You can use this tool very easily and the content is not limited by the number of characters and words. You should know that this particular tool works only for grammar checking.

Key Features

  • Suggests effective words
  • Improves writing style
  • Makes east confused sentence


  • No hassle while using the tool
  • Shows the words, sentences, and paragraphs
  • Works as a good dictionary


  • Do not support any other language except English

9. Spanish Checker

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11 Best Grammar Checker Tools

Spanish Checker is another best and accurate grammar checking tool. It works for the Spanish language only. The use of the tool is very easy and effective. All that you need to do is just copy the text and put the content in the box mentioned there.

The tool works on the content very cautiously and quickly. That means, it brings the quality of work saving time.

The tool is available in the pro version as well as the free version but the pro version provides you with more feature than the free one.


  • Works only for the Spanish language
  • Saves time
  • Provides easy to understand sentences
  • Provides accurate words to make a meaningful sentence


  • Easy to use
  • Works perfectly
  • Time saver
  • Most popular


  • No facilities come for plagiarism checking

10. Writer

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11 Best Grammar Checker Tools

Now you have a chance to work with the superb and most popular grammar checking tool. This grammar checking tool comes with the name, writer. It is systemized with AI technology that allows users to check their content efficiently.

The users get a good guide while using the tool in need of placing phrases, clauses, words, or making a good sentence.  It works as a better writing assistant than a grammar checker. At your initial stage, you need to use this one just for checking. Overall, the tool gives an awesome benefit to its users undoubtedly. 

Key Features

  • Designed with AI technology
  • Makes the sentences meaningful by changing the suitable words
  • Gives importance to sentence construction
  • Works as writing assistant


  • Guides for multi-levels
  • Systemized with AI technology
  • Perfect for sentence structure


  • Comparatively more expensive than the others

11. – Grammar Checker Tools

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11 Best Grammar Checker Tools is one of the best tools and assists you to check your content. It includes CRM systems just to ensure brand voice among the team members. To connect with your clients using CRM, you can use this particular tool.

It is not only used for grammar checking either by individuals or students but the tool is an ideal one for companies. You can use this one with its free version but if you want to grab more features, you must get in touch with the paid version.

Key Features

  • Comes with a CRM system
  • Professional version
  • Suggests the appropriate words for the actual meaning


  • Facilitated with one-click responses
  • Saves time
  • CRM enabled
  • Works efficiently


  • Comparatively expensive

Grammarly’s correct content makes the readers satisfied with the concept of the information. Use the best grammar checker tools mentioned above and get error-free content.

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