No matter how advanced our English is, we are bound to make mistakes here and then – we are human, after all, and human error is a mishap, seen often in the workplace. That’s why, taking the help of artificial intelligence is a highly welcome change in this area, and which comes in the form of spell-check and proofreading tools.

With the spell-check and proofreading tools at our disposal – they make our life so much easier, and let us focus our attention on the content; these tools are a must if we are prone to making grammatical errors.

That said, there are many spell-check and proof-reading tools out there, and you should know that not all of them are created equal, even though they have a premium version of themselves. While some are better, some not-so-much, but the following list has the best ones in the industry.



When it comes to spell-check and proof-read content, the very first name that comes to people’s minds is ‘Grammarly’.

Dubbed as one of the best in the industry, this tool has been in the top three – with this tool, you can check your content, that is, you will need to either upload the document (where your content is, obviously) or you can simply copy and paste the content on to the platform, wait for a few seconds for the tool to go through it, and then, in a matter of a few seconds, whatever parts of your content are wrong, it will mark those in red.

All you need to do is to correct those wrong content by taking note of the suggestions that the tool will provide on the right side.

That said, this tool also has a plugin that you can install on your browser, and it will automatically check whatever you write on your document, provided you open the document in that particular browser, without you having to go to the tool to check your content.

Grammarly comes in two versions – trial version, and premium version – that is based on your needs, though, the trial version is enough for simply spell-checking and proofreading your content.



Ginger is almost similar to Grammarly, save for one feature which is not supported by Grammarly. With the tool ‘Ginger’, you can check your content, even if it is not in English, and can even translate your content to more than 60 languages.

As for the other features, Ginger is quite similar to Grammarly – it too offers in-depth scanning of the content and provides recommendations for both grammar and punctuation marks, in regards to the written content.

That said, Ginger also comes with a premium version, aside from its free version.



Powered by the tool ‘Ginger’, ‘Reverso’ has almost all of the features from the tool ‘Ginger’ and which means it too, can translate languages to over 60 different ones including Italian, German, Spanish, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, and more. That said, this tool can even be used by the non-English writers to learn English.

The best part about this tool is that it is free, plus it comes as a plugin too.


Hemingway editor

It seems that Ernest Hemingway’s writing was good enough to be taken as the basis for the readability of online works, and hence, the introduction of the tool ‘Hemingway’.

As far as this tool goes, it is more like a digital editor, compared to the spell-check and proofreading tools, but don’t worry – it still brings out the errors in your content by highlighting them in red and offering suggestions.

The tool is free to use for the online version, but if you want to use the offline version, there’s a desktop version for that, though it’s a premium one.

After the Deadline

After the Deadline

If you have a blog, then, you will know just how important the content is – and that’s why, spell-check and proofreading tools are a must. But why do you need to go to online tools when you can spell-check and proofread the same in the blog itself?

Heard of the tool ‘After the Deadline’?

It’s a spell-check and proofreading tool for WordPress, and as such, it’s a part of the JetPack plugin. Want to make a quick change in your blog’s content – opt for this tool.

The best part about this tool is that it’s free, and it gets updated every often, just like WordPress does; plus its accuracy is up to point too.



Quite similar to Grammarly, the tool ‘ProWritingAid’ is considered to be an affordable version, though only limited to American and British English. That said, this tool incorporates the ‘Flesch Reading Ease’ and is the same one that ‘Yoast’ uses for WordPress, making it a must-go-to tool for spell-checking and proofreading content.

One thing to note about this tool is that apart from having a premium version, it has a free version, though it lasts for only two weeks.



The tool ‘WhiteSmoke’ is one of the most widely used tools for spell-checking and proofreading – you can even say that it can match up with Grammarly and Ginger, and as such, will spell-check and proofread your content, while offering suggestions, as well as offering synonyms for many words.

It has a free version as well as a premium version and is pretty much affordable with the premium version starting at only $6.59 per month. That said, there’s one drawback to this tool – it’s much slower than Grammarly and Ginger, though.



If you want a fast and hassle-free to spell-check and proofreading tool for your content, then, ‘GrammarChecker’ is your best bet.

Since it’s free, the tool only comes in the browser form, and while it can’t match the pace of Grammarly, it is much more convenient if you are looking for a quick solution, and not looking to overhaul your writing style as the tool ‘Hemingway’ does.

In spite of all the spell-check and proofreading tools out there, there’s one and right at your fingertips, and which is the trusty ‘Microsoft Word’. Tried and trusted, you can use this tool for writing your content, and while it will show you the basic errors, you can still check your content with the above-mentioned tools for a more thorough go-through after having done so with Microsoft Word.


Writer is an AI-driven tool that can help you simplify your language for more precise writing, suggests ways to improve readability, and checks for repetitive language.

It also allows you to create a personalized style guide to make your own rules and make corrections based on your own messaging and terminology. This feature is excellent for businesses with multiple writers creating content for their site because it can create one consistent tone for your brand.

Writer’s free grammar checker will help you make your text clear, error-free, and easy to understand. The great thing about Writer is that it is available for free in all web browsers and can be integrated with dozens of popular apps.

So, you see, there are various tools out there for you to use for spell-checking and proofreading your content. Go through all of them, and based on your needs, you can opt for anyone, or two, or as many as you prefer, though many opt for at least two tools to cover their needs.

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