Every blogger would want people to easily find their blog posts. Most of the time users stumble upon your site through some sort of search engine or social media. If you want them to come back to your blog or become your fan, you must encourage them to subscribe to your blog through either a newsletter or RSS feed.

A blog post is a piece of content that can drive traffic to your blog and help you build an audience. A blog post is not the only way that people can find your blog, but it is a very effective way.

Subscribing to a blog through either a newsletter or RSS feed is a great way to ensure that your blog is easily found by all of your readers. RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a technology that lets you syndicate your content to multiple news outlets.

It lets you automatically notify users of new content on your site, as well as give them the option of reading full posts from their RSS readers if you’ve set a policy in place.

Why Avoid FeedBurner?

Alternatives To FeedBurner

FeedBurner was a popular RSS feed management provider. It comes from the world’s largest search engine, Google, and is free to use.

Although it is popular and backed by Google, it has many flaws. Google almost stopped any further development of this service. It already looks very outdated and Google is moving FeedBurner to maintenance mode from July 2021.

We already know the same fate happened to many other tools from Google in the past.

So, to save headache and frustration later point in time, you must think to migrate to a better service.

Here we compared 9 Alternatives to FeedBurner for you.

1. Feedblitz

Alternatives To FeedBurner

FeedBlitz is a web-based email marketing solution that allows you to create, send, and track email newsletters. FeedBlitz offers a free trial period of 30 days.

2. FeedPress


FeedPress allows you to import your existing RSS feed and offers advanced statistics about your feed’s subscribers as well as the ability to offer Newsletter subscriptions.

You can automatically publish your new entries on your social network accounts like Twitter, Facebook, App.net. & easily migrate from FeedBurner without losing subscribers.

It also has a mobile app for iOS and Android which is free to download.

3. Feedio

3. Feedio

Feedio is a great tool for bloggers on a tight budget. It has created a huge number of new email subscribers for bloggers who are struggling with the task of getting their content out there.

Feedio allows you to create an account and send your new posts to Feedio Email subscribers. You can also track the posts you send to Feedio email subscribers and who reads them. You can also view your statistics on your blog, which helps you see how many people read your posts.

4. Feedity

Feedity is a web-based service that enables users to easily create an RSS feed from any website for consumption on any platform. Feedity’s offerings include a browser plugin that allows users to quickly create an RSS feed from any page they visit, as well as a full-featured web service that allows users to create RSS feeds programmatically using any programming language or platform.

5. RapidFeeds


There are many tools out there to help you to manage your RSS feeds. But, for the individual blogger or website owner, they can be a bit too complicated. So, we created RadipFeeds – a free online RSS service that allows you to create and manage your RSS feeds in minutes.

6. JetPack


This service is owned by the same people who created WordPress. It allows readers of a WordPress blog to subscribe to posts or comments. Also, It is free.

7. Follow.it

7. Follow.it

Follow.it is a tool that lets you follow websites and get notified when they post new content. It is the perfect tool to follow a website like this one, as you can keep up with the latest posts without having to constantly refresh your browser.

8. MailChimp – Alternatives To FeedBurner

8. MailChimp

Mailchimp is a comprehensive email marketing service that allows users to send automated emails to their customers. It allows users to send emails to their customers by a variety of methods, including through their own website, through a web form, or by using a postal address. Up to 2000 subscribers are free and you can use this service to distribute new posts through email to all subscribers.

9. Nourish – Alternatives To FeedBurner

9. Nourish Alternatives of FeedBurner

It is a free newsletter service that converts any RSS feed to an automated newsletter your users can subscribe to. So if you are generating an RSS feed already then you can utilize this free service.

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