10 Free and Trending Icon Fonts to Use If You Are a Web Designer

If you are a web designer, then, you will know just how the web fonts (that are open source, of course!) make your life easier – after all, they are the ones that let the web designers change their typographic styles and page designs.

And the best part is that some of these web fonts come in the format of icon sets that allows web designers to bring the vector-based icons into CSS.

But the only problem is that they come with a hefty price tag. Life, huh?

But that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world – after all, there are free ones too, and some free ones are they!!

Free ones, they may be – but they are nothing less than the pricey counterparts. So, then, where are they?

Thankfully, they are not hard to find – and here’s a list right for you to go through; plus, they are trending too!!

Take your pick!!


If you are looking for simple icons, then, ‘TypIcons’ can come to your rescue. Having the appearance of rounded corners complemented by simple outlines, the set of icons provided by TypIcons is perfect for any website.

Made completely free for you, this pack of icons consists of 300+ unique icons. What’s more – you can even make the icons work for iOS with code snippets and some minor adjustments!!


Looking for something even more generic without you having to do any work?

Enter ‘ZondIcons’.

Also free, plus they are completely a breeze to work with – any web designer can add these icons into any website with ease. And if you want a few pointers on how to best use these icons, then, you can take a look at their demo page, where you can pretty much see many examples of how these icons are used.

Captain Icon

If you are looking for something completely different for web fonts, then, we have got you covered.

Heard of Captain Icon? And no, it’s not a person, rather, it’s a pack of icons designed by Mario del Valle. Hosted on GitHub, this set of icons is unique in the sense that they are all drawn by hand from scratch, thus making them stand out from the crowd.

If you have wanted to incorporate a hand-drawn look to any project, then, this is it – you have found your match.


Did you know that GitHub recently released their pack of icons? Yes, and they are called – you guessed it – OctIcons.

As of now, the pack is released under version 5.0 and consists of numerous icons as well as some basic symbols.

And you know what?

The pack of icons is pretty simple and lightweight – and so much that they can be used just about on any interface that you can think of.


If your focus is more on the technology side, then, we can say with confidence that ‘DevIcons’ is what you should have in your arsenal.

Since this pack of icons are focused on tech, so, you can get any icon that you can practically think of – Google, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Python – these are only a few ones that you are going to find.

Plus, this set of icons also consists of newer ones such as Medium and Ghost!!

Font Awesome

Now, if you are a web designer, and if you haven’t heard of ‘Font Awesome’, then, we can safely assume that you have been living under a rock all this time.

‘Font Awesome’ is the original – or you can say, it is the original web font that has been around for quite a few years, with it being the personal choice of BootStrap itself. And it’s for good reason – despite it being years old, it was the first major open source icons font and it is still quite frequently updated.

As if that is not enough – this pack of icons is made to be scalable and can be maintained directly in CSS, plus, you also get options on what color, background gradients, and even shadows can you change – and all of this with only pure CSS3!


If you are a newbie web designer, and hadn’t much chance to use web fonts, then, ‘IonIcons’ is your safe bet.

This pack of icons is super easy to set up and can get you understanding on web fonts in only a few minutes.

For the more experienced users, this set of icons too can come in handy – in fact, it has been a favorite of many web designers who focus on mobile apps. As usual free, and made available on GitHub, this set of icons can be added to any website by using the stylesheet’s CDN version.

Material Design Icons

Working with Google’s material guidelines?

We have got you covered.

Opt for the ‘Material Design Icons’ – they are perfect for those who have to work with Google material guidelines. It is only recently that the material design of Google has brought on a new approach for UI/UX on the web, and this, in turn, has led to many new resources and frameworks, and one of them is the ‘material design icon font’.

Made available on GitHub and completely free to access, this pack consists of over 1000 icons that cover a wide array of interface features, plus you can also reuse the icons in any other projects and even customize them if the need arises.

MFG Labs

Hosted on GitHub, and made completely free, the pack of icons from MFG Labs is new to the fray.

Each icon in the set is made completely unique to each other and comes packed with web font formats that use Unicode PUAs in CSS, and this, in turn, makes the icons fully semantic in all the known browsers and helps to reduce clashes against other CSS code.


When it comes to freebies, the pack of icons from ‘EnTypo’ has always lead the way, and rightfully so.

Made with a unique style, these icons are simple yet beautiful in their way, plus they are quite easy to access. As for the pack itself, new icons are added now and then, so, you are never left with the old icons.

Whew!! That’s a whole lot of freebies that we have stated for you – it’s up to you which pack of icons you want to go for based on your requirements. And no matter which one you end up going for, we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed!

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