HARO, it stands for “Help A Reporter Out” and it’s basically a service for journalist around the world. It connect both the journalist & expert together in the issues that they are relevant to their reporting. HARO was founded as a Facebook group in 2008 but later on they changed into mailing list.

Do you know that many big medias like The New York Times, Time, Fox News are using HARO. It is one of the biggest source for journalist which has both free & paid packages.

When you signup in HARO you’ll start getting three emails, every day. With request for sources in specific areas (e.g. tech, health, politics) from writers and editors of online magazines and sites.

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Pro’s & Con’s of HARO


There are many advantages (Pros) of using HARO.

  • Quick response: Once you signup for HARO you will start receiving email’s. In HARO journalist start receiving their responses as they come into the HARO.
  • Easy to use: HARO is very user friendly. It has a simple layout which makes the process straight and let you go to the point. You does’t need to be expert if you have just joined it.
  • Regular update: As we already told that you will receive three emails everyday after you have successfully registered in their network. Those emails help’s you get updates regularly.
  • Backlink: If you have blog then you can get backlinks for your blog from websites whose DA(Domain Authority) is high. It can be a great way to get coverage & link for your blog. This will help your site rank higher in the search results.  Read more about backlinks from here: Backlinks

You can get publicity by using HARO. Check this video to get more info :

How to Use HARO to get Publicity


As we know nothing is perfect in the world, in the same was HARO also has some disadvantages (Cons).

  • Too long response: When a write opens up HARO he/she could see a entire page of text, with literally no formation. As we already knew “First impression is last impression”
  • Question as response: Journalist goes to HARO to get answer to their questions but sometime they get questions back which they were totally unaware about. You can also try this. Just signup as journalist in HARO and you will know this by yourself.

As per my experience & research there aren’t that much disadvantages of using HARO.

How to get started :-

  1. Go to HARO & click on Sign Up.
  2. Then fill your details and tick the box & click on Sign up.
  3. Go to your mail & check for activation link.
  4. Now click on “Update and add to your Account Details” to update your account.
  5. Now select your account type (Reporter, Source, Sponsor) and also fill other details like your name, email, address so on.
  6. Again go down and fill your preferences for HARO and also fill your other contact details and click on “SAVE & UPDATE“.


If your write articles for a blog, newspaper or anything and you want to write article on subject you are not very familiar with, then you can just go to HARO and post your question there.

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Never ask unnecessary questions in HARO. Always try to answer the questions that you are asked. Most of the HARO queries have a deadline for submitting yourself as a source, so always pay attention to the deadline.

If you have any question then fell free to ask us in the comment sections below, we will try to respond to your query.


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