Also Before you know it, the summer season has already passed us by and we are faced with the days of fall – and that means, it’s time. What we mean to say is that it’s time for you to infuse rustic and warm colour palettes in your design projects and followed by welcoming typography.

The beautiful transformation of the leaves and the weather. They can themselves form the basis of your inspiration for your design experimentation. Let it be fonts, graphics, icons – your choices are many, though today, we will be focusing on the fonts, and hence, the following list.


Brought to you by ‘Arterfak Project’, the font ‘Newston’ is a serif font. It dubbed as one of the most elegant and stylish fonts of our time, this font is an epitome of minimalism.

Available in four styles, namely – italic, regular, outline and inline, this font is made with medium strokes and thus, it makes for quite a good choice for any design projects relating to luxury, editorial and vintage, and such.

Consisting of both uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters, punctuation marks, and symbols, this font is priced at $11 at FontBundles.


Just like its name, the font ‘WonderFall’ is crafted to evoke the falling leaves of autumn. Just like the season itself, the font too comes with beautiful ligatures and detailed glyphs in various options. That range from simple to classic to natural to fresh!

That said, this font also comes with beautiful word art and ornamental underlines. Created by Rose, this font is priced at $16.52 and can be found on Etsy.


If you have always liked the 60s, then the font ‘Eudora is right up your alley – dedicated to the fall season of the 60s, this font is inspired by the branding of the yesteryears, and hence, this font is made to consist of vintage special characters and ligatures that will make you feel as if you have transported back in time.

Priced at $150, this font is created by Runsell Studio and can be found on Creative Market.


Priced at $25, the font ‘Magesta’ is a script font and has the style of an antique letterpress. Inspired by the rustic feel of the fall season, this font has different line weights that are made to stimulate the ink lines. And which in turn, will allow you to misalign and add texture that will infuse a feel of vintage in your design projects.

Created by Ryan Martinson, this font is made available in four formats – light, regular, bold, and mix, and is found on Fonts.


Why can say no to a cup of hot latte with their favourite flavouring – and inspired by that, the creator ‘Piñata’ has designed a font ‘Expresso’. Priced at $15, the font is a hand-drawn one, thus being able to capture the rustic feeling of the autumn season.

Can be found on Creative Market, this font also includes its counterpart – ‘Espresso Bold’.


Ever wanted to infuse a playful tone in your design projects yet maintain that rustic and quaint feeling of the fall season?

Enter ‘SilverFields’ – brought to you by Rawberry Strubarb Ink, this font comes in three varieties, namely script, italics, and all-caps. Infusing the textures of crayon and watercolour, the font is a must if you love hand-drawn fonts.

As if that is not enough, this font also comes watercolour images and crayon-textured illustrations of crunchy leaves, fun pumpkins, decorative vines, to name a few. Priced at $6, this font can be found on ‘You Work For Them’.

Autumn Spice

Looking for an exquisitely detailed and intricate font that captures the spirit of the Fall season? Then, look no further than ‘Autumn Spice’.

Created by ‘On The Mark Designs’, this font is a display and full-body font, and hence, it makes for a perfect choice for use on headers and large displays like a PowerPoint template.

It is priced at $8 and can be found on Design Cuts.


When it comes to the Fall season, it always brings out the best. The same can be said of the font ‘Natural’.

Created by ‘FontDRoe’, this font is a script font that fully captures the beauty of the fall season. Made available in five styles, this font includes numerous swashes and ligatures. Thus giving you full flexibility on how you want your design projects to look.

Priced at $10, this font can be found on ‘The Hungry JPEG’.

Autumn Embrace

Created by Anna Markovets, the font ‘Autumn Embrace’ is a beautiful font that will remind of you the autumn season. Made available in the ‘regular style’, the font also comes along with its ‘floral’ counterpart and followed by ‘extras’.

If you are looking for a font that’s beautiful and can capture the attention of a reader, then, this font is the one, you should opt for. Priced at $19, this font can be found on Creative Market.

Endura Rough

Looking for a simple-enough font but is well-done? Then, you can’t go wrong with the font ‘Endura Rough’.

Created by Peter Hulce, the font has the appearance of a textbook-font style. And thus making it the go-to choice for them who are into a no-fussy look for their design projects.

Can be found exclusively on Creative Market, this font is priced at $14.

Thicket & Thatch

Designed by Callie Hegstrom, the font ‘Thicket & Thatch’ is a rustic font that incorporates the theme of the fall season in its letters. Made available as a handwriting font, flowing script and a sans-serif headlines font, this font when used in your headline. Be it a blog or a portfolio website, it can grab the attention of the reader.

Priced at $16, this font can be found on ‘Kreativ Graphic’ – and oh yes, don’t forget that this font. It also has numerous illustrations of the autumn season in its collection.

Autumn Feel

If you are looking for a brush font to incorporate the look and feel of the fall season, know this that nothing comes close to the font ‘Autumn Feel’.

Priced at $13, and can be found on ‘Creative Fabrica’, this font is created by Gleb Guralnyk and is a dry-brush font. Consisting of beautiful and long swashes and ligatures. This font is a must if you want to add a fun and a hand-drawn look to your design projects.

Dolce Caffè

Looking for a font to remind you of the fall season? Opt for the font ‘Dolce Caffè – brought to you by the ‘RSZ Type Foundry’. This font is an all-caps font and a hand-drawn sans-serif at that.

Inspired by the board menus of the cafes that are written in chalk. Also, this font can be found exclusively only on Creative Market and is priced at $41.

Santa Barbara

What is fall without a dash of romance? Go for the font ‘Santa Barbara’ and you will be reminded of just that!!

Created by Jen Wagner and priced at $12 at Creative Market. This font is crafted especially for that reason, thus making it a great choice for design projects related to weddings, and will look great on signage, envelope addressing and invitations.

The font consists of both uppercase and lowercase letters, followed by punctuation marks and numerals.


Created by ‘Ornaments of Grace’, the font ‘Thankful’ is a serif font and comes in two styles. One is the ‘regular style’ while the latter is the ‘engraved style’.

Priced at $22, and can be found exclusively on Creative Market. This font is known to mimic the letterpress style, and hence, comes with beautiful, elegant and decorative ligatures. Additionally, it consists of both lowercase and uppercase letters as stylish sets with the inclusion of other special characters, punctuation marks, and numerals.


That’s one whopping list of 15 fonts that we have scoured around for you that you can use in the fall season for your design projects, and we can bet that some of them have even become your favourites!!

So, which one are they?

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