Top 10 Blogging Goals to Set For Your Blog

If you take blogging seriously and want to make it as a career then you must have blogging goals for your blog. As we know life without goal is nothing, in the same way blog with goal is also noting. So there for you must have some goal for you blog which you should achieve.

Following are few blogging goal’s every blogger should set for their blog.

1. Traffic goal
2. Increase subscibers
3. At least 2 post a week
4. Affiliate marketing
5. Attract new visitors
6. Article more than 1500 words
7. Making backlinks
8. Updating old articles
9. Plan content in advance
10. Making your site faster/ look professional

1. Traffic goal

Traffic goal- Webtopic

Traffic goal is one of the most important goal for every new blogger. You must have a goal about how many daily visitors you want in your blog in upcoming few month or in one year from you have started our blog.

Depending on your blog niche, you may get traffic. If you have micro niche blog about a particular thing, and that thing has high search volume then there is high change of you getting more traffic than other.

2. Increase subsciber’s

Increase subscribers - Webtopic

As a blogger increasing the number of subscribers must be another goal. Subscriber’s are very important for every blog. Because once a blog has good number of subscribers then they can get good number of daily views in their site and it help them very much to bring the visitors back to their site.

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You may have seen many blog which gives eBooks worth many $ in return of your email signup. From this also we can know much important is email subscribers for a blog. Many expert say you should aim to have 500 – 1000 subscribers by the time your blog becomes one year old.

3. At least 2 post a week

At least 2 post a week - Webtopic

As we all know “Content is King”. 

Why people come to visit your blog, there are millions of other blogs out there with the same content you are providing in your blog. So for the first year of your blogging, publishing at least 2 post a week should be your goal.

In one year there are approximatly 52 weeks & if you publish 2 post a week then in one year your blog will have more than 104 article’s which is enough for a newly made blog.

You should make your article 100% unique from other, and never copy paste from other blog’s, other wise your blog will be banned by Google if you keep doing that again & again.

If you can’t publish 2 post a week, then try to publish at least 1 per week, and make your article not more than 1000 words & try providing everything to your reader’s.

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing - Webtopic

Affiliate program means earning certain percent of commission by promoting others products. Like you find a product, you promote it & if anyone buys that product through you then you earn certain commission from each sale.

When ever anyone makes new blog, their main focus goes for getting Google AdSense approval and start earning from there.

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But you know that you can earn alot more from affiliate marketing than your are earning now from AdSense. If you are earning $10 a day from AdSense now then you could earn $100 a day from affiliate marketing.

So your goal should be doing affiliate marketing in the next year rather than just using AdSense to monetize your site. This will help you boost your revenue by 50% more.

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